Ground Turkey Recipes

Looking for recipes for ground turkey? Taste of Home has the best ground turkey recipes from real cooks like you, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips.

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      Just-Like-Thanksgiving Turkey Meat Loaf

      16 reviews

      For a holiday meal any time of year, this tender turkey meat loaf is perfect. Complemented with a cranberry glaze, it’s a mouthwatering dish.—Mollie Brown, Los Angeles, CA

      Turkey Meatball and Vegetable Soup

      I made up this recipe myself to take advantage of the abundance of fresh vegetables available in our state. It’s...

      Roasted Veggie and Meatball Soup

      2 reviews

      I put together this appetizing soup almost every Sunday during our South Dakota winters. A variety of roasted vegetables and...

      Turkey Bean Soup

      5 reviews

      Substitute your favorite beans if cannellini and lima beans are not to your family's taste.

      Holiday Burgers

      Take one all-American patty and load it up Delaware-style topped with mayo, a spoonful of stuffing and cranberry sauce.

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      California Burger Bowls

      2 reviews

      Burgers are a weekly staple at our house year-round. Skip the fries, chips and bun—you won't need them with these...

      Cheesy Turkey Burgers

      1 review

      If you're tired of traditional hamburgers, give these tasty turkey burgers a try!—Margaret Pache, Mesa, Arizona

      Turkey Quesadillas

      3 reviews

      Loaded with garden-fresh vegetables, this Mexican specialty is sure to be popular with the whole family. Plus, it's a snap...

      Cheeseburger Skillet Dinner

      6 reviews

      This skillet dinner is doubly quick. The leftovers-if there are any-can be reheated to make a second meal as tasty...

      Turkey-Stuffed Peppers

      2 reviews

      Not all stuffed peppers have ground beef and tomato sauce. Ground turkey and a white sauce give this variation wonderful...

      Turkey Meat Loaf

      9 reviews

      I first made this recipe when my husband and I had to start watching our diet. Since then, I've been...

      Lasagna Cups

      1 review

      I love lasagna and garlic bread, so it only made sense to put them together in these fun little cups....

      French Onion Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

      6 reviews

      In this healthier version of a traditional recipe, I punch up the flavor of turkey with caramelized onions and brandy,...

      Herbed Turkey & Cranberry Sloppy Joes

      These deliciously different joes pile on the flavor with herbs, spices, cranberries and more. Keep the meat mixture warm in...

      Fiesta Turkey Burgers

      Turkey burgers don't have to be dry...and this one proves it. This one is moist and quite tasty. Add a...

      Makeover Sausage Pecan Stuffing

      1 review

      Nothing about this moist, pecan-topped stuffing says "lighter." Fabulous flavors! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

      Ground Turkey Stroganoff

      8 reviews

      I like to experiment in the kitchen. This stick-to-your-ribs main dish calls for ground turkey instead of the traditional beef.—Jeff...

      Turkey Burger Pie

      2 reviews

      "This recipe saved the day when I came home from the hospital after delivering our son," recalls Danielle Monai of...

      Thick Turkey Bean Chili

      1 review

      "When our daughters wouldn't eat the spicy chili beans I prepared, I came up with this milder, slightly sweet version,"...

      Turkey Taco Dip

      1 review

      I created this zippy snack when I had a craving for tacos, but didn't want all the fat and calories...

      Turkey Ravioli Lasagna

      8 reviews

      I came up with this "short-cut" lasagna one day when the dinner hour was fast approaching and all I had...

      Seasoned Turkey Burgers

      4 reviews

      This fun mixture of turkey and dressing from Viki Engelhardt of Grand Rapids, Michigan tastes almost like Thanksgiving on a...

      Turkey Meatball Salad

      For a tasty salad with a special meatball on top, try this recipe. The ground turkey mixture is so yummy...

      Asian Turkey Patties

      1 review

      I've shared this recipe many times over the years. Even folks who say they don't normally care for ground turkey...

      Turkey Spaghetti Pie

      7 reviews

      This turkey-based entree is a tasty change from traditional spaghetti. Its saucy goodness really comes through when it's reheated on...

      Turkey White Chili

      9 reviews

      Growing up in a Pennsylvania Dutch area, I was surrounded by excellent cooks and wonderful foods. I enjoy experimenting with...

      Juicy Turkey Burgers

      6 reviews

      My husband enjoys these grilled turkey burgers with their herb flavor and garden-fresh garnish. They make an ideal summer sandwich...