Leg of Lamb Recipes

Looking for leg of lamb recipes? Find delicious leg of lamb recipes including roast leg of lamb, rosemary leg of lamb, Italian leg of lamb, and more leg of lamb recipes.

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    Leg of Lamb Dinner

    1 review

    Rosemary and currant jelly give this tender, juicy roast a wonderful flavor. Your house will be filled with the savory aroma of this dinner.—Ruth Andrewson, Leavenworth, Washington

    Rosemary Leg of Lamb

    Roast lamb is a treat for our family at Easter Time and on other special occasions. Before putting the meat...

    Roast Lamb with Plum Sauce

    1 review

    "Cloves of garlic inserted into slits cut in the meat are the secret to this recipe's success," writes Dorothy Pritchett...

    Best Leg of Lamb

    2 reviews

    When Julia Child visited my cousin's winery 20 years ago for a TV segment, she prepared a leg of lamb...

    Roast Leg of Lamb

    "A simple herb mixture on this roast provides irresistible flavor," relates Sharon Cusson of Augusta, Maine.

    Plum-Glazed Lamb

    4 reviews

    Fruity and flavorful, this wonderful glaze is simple to prepare, and its hint of garlic really complements the lamb. The...

    California Roast Lamb

    2 reviews

    This recipe is very easy to make and requires little attention. It goes well with any rice dish, and it's...

    Roast Leg of Lamb with Rosemary

    2 reviews

    Roast lamb is perfect for Eastertime or any special occasion. This succulent dish calls for a flavorful rosemary, garlic and...

    Rosemary Roasted Lamb

    1 review

    Who knew so few ingredients could result in such an elegant and savory entree? One bite will make this no-fuss...

    Leg of Lamb

    3 reviews

    My mother's baked leg of lamb, served with gravy and mint jelly, was a masterpiece! Our family always looked forward...