Ground Beef Recipes

Looking for a new dinner idea? Beef it up with these family-favorite burger, meat ball, meat loaf, casserole, stuffed pepper recipes and more.

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Hearty Poultry Stuffing

This was my mother's recipe and is now a tradition at my house, too. My mother-in-law even preferred it to her own stuffing!

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Three-Bean Baked Beans

33 reviews

I got this recipe from an aunt and made a couple of changes to suit our tastes. With ground beef...

Ranch-Style Baked Lentils

2 reviews

The Palouse area of northern Idaho and eastern Washington is known as the "Dried Pea and Lentil Capital of the...

Beef-Stuffed Potatoes

1 review

This is a stuffed potato with a tasty twist. Teenagers like the flavor the green chiles and cheese add.

Black-Eyed Pea Casserole

16 reviews

This group-size dish is quick, simple and tasty. People always ask for "just a little more". I guess you could...

Apple ‘n’ Beef Bean Bake

Slightly sweet apples blend beautifully with savory ground beef and baked beans. You can easily double the recipe for a...

Fourth of July Bean Casserole

51 reviews

The outstanding barbecue taste of these beans makes them a favorite for cookouts all summer and into the fall. It's...

Hearty Baked Beans

20 reviews

This saucy dish is flavorful and filling, chock-full of ground beef, bacon and four varieties of beans. I've had the...

Beef and Potato Boats

6 reviews

Meet the Cook: Back when I was teaching elementary school (I'm now a busy stay-at-home mom to our two youngsters,...

Western-Style Beef and Beans

12 reviews

This hearty, crowd-pleasing dish doesn't take long to make but tastes as if it simmered all day. With bread and...

Fourth of July Baked Beans

25 reviews

We always choose this family recipe for July Fourth or any picnic because it's a meaty twist on everyday baked...

Cowboy Baked Beans

5 reviews

Baked cowboy beans are a perennial favorite at barbecues and potlucks. My meaty recipe uses a variety of beans and...

Three Bean Casserole

2 reviews

My husband and I are retired farmers. Our main crop was wheat, and we began growing beans when our son...

Pineapple Baked Beans

4 reviews

Tangy pineapple dresses up these hearty baked beans. Brown the beef while you open the cans and chop the vegetables—it...

Contest-Winning Cajun Cabbage

38 reviews

Looking for a different treatment for cabbage? Try this spicy cheese-topped dish that I adapted from a friend's recipe. I...

Arancini di Riso

1 review

In Italy, arancini balls are often served as a side dish, like bread. Our arancini recipe features a ground beef...

Special Herb Dressing

1 review

Here's a fabulously satisfying dressing with all the great tastes people crave: meat, fish herbs, earthy mushrooms, crunchy apples and...

Big-Batch Baked Beans

2 reviews

"All in the family" is how Kathy Herron describes her tasty baked beans. "My mom got the recipe from my...

Slow-Cooked Calico Beans

1 review

My sister-in-law gave me the recipe for these hearty beans that make an appearance at all of our family functions....

Ground Beef Dressing

As is true with most families, food is an important part of all our celebrations. That's why I know everyone...

Hearty Wild Rice

1 review

My father-in-law used to make this casserole in the oven. I switched to the slow cooker so I wouldn't need...

Portuguese Dressing

With beef and smoked sausage, this meaty dressing is different from many other dressing and stuffing recipes. It’s delicious alongside...

Cherry Baked Beans

5 reviews

Here's a perfect dish to bring to a family reunion or any get-together. It's fast and easy to prepare, and...

Cajun Cabbage

5 reviews

We love this dish at our house, and whenever I take it to a potluck, it disappears just as quickly...

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Southwestern Beans

Start with ground beef and add beans and seasonings. Then you have a great side dish for any meal! -Catherine...

Block Party Beans

5 reviews

—LaDonna Daley, Elyria, Ohio

Barbecue Beans

1 review

"I USED TO make Mama's beans from scratch, just like she did. But, one day when I was pressed for...

Stuffed Squash for Two

7 reviews

My husband and I love this recipe as newlyweds, and now that our children are grown, we are enjoying it...

Family-Favorite Baked Beans

14 reviews

Lea Ann Anderson

Here’s a quick and easy recipe familiar to most at reunions and other large...

Calico Beans

21 reviews

Packed full of beef, beans and bacon, this calico beans recipe is one of my favorites. Serve it as a...