Strawberry Recipes

Harvest flavorful strawberries in spring and early summer for these strawberry recipes, including chocolate-covered strawberries, strawberry pie, cheesecake, cobbler, cupcakes, smoothies, ice cream, jam and more.

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Strawberry Dessert Soup

3 reviews

From Sharon Delaney-Chronis in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin: When I first prepared this change-of-pace soup for a party, everyone called it a hit! My husband always likes it warmed up, but I prefer my soup chilled. Any leftovers, we drizzle over frozen custard for a fresh, fruity topping. — Sharon Delaney-Chronis, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Chilled Berry Soup

8 reviews

I sampled a cool strawberry soup while visiting Walt Disney World. I enjoyed it so much that the restaurant game...

Chilled Strawberry Yogurt Soup

4 reviews

I enjoyed a cool berry soup at a restaurant several years ago. The manager gave me some of the ingredients...