Salmon Steak Recipes

Looking for salmon steak recipes? Find salmon steak recipes including baked salmon steak recipes, grilled salmon steak recipes, and more salmon steak recipes and ideas.

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Poached Salmon

My husband, our kids and grandkids enjoy fishing on the Kenai River in summer, so we never have a shortage of salmon. I like this tasty recipe because it's so easy to prepare.

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Creamy Dill Salmon Steaks

The moist salmon steaks and simple sauce are cooked in the same skillet for each prep and cleanup. "Friends have...

Salmon Steaks with Dill Sauce

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I first made this recipe when we lived in Alaska and my husband did a lot of fishing. Dill is...

Salmon Steaks With Veggie Cream Sauce

I'm a grandmother and have had this recipe for over 30 years. Whenever company comes, it's a good excuse to...

Lemon-Garlic Salmon Steaks

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I always enjoy making this easy recipe for my husband, Jim. He absolutely loves salmon and garlic, and they go...