Hard-Boiled Egg Recipes

We love the versatility of hard-boiled eggs. Our recipes with hard-boiled eggs give you plenty of ideas, from how to make easy-peel hard-boiled eggs to popular egg salad recipes.

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      Creamy Herb Deviled Eggs

      2 reviews

      This variation of deviled eggs incorporates ranch dressing and Greek-style yogurt. The eggs fly from the serving dish at work....

      Curried Egg Salad

      11 reviews

      A curry kick gives this egg salad big appeal. We love it when the weather gets warm. —Joyce McDowell, West...

      Herbed Deviled Eggs

      2 reviews

      Wondering what to do with hard-cooked eggs when Easter is past? Field editor Sue Seymour of Valatie, New York makes...

      Dill-icious Deviled Eggs

      2 reviews

      A cute carrot garnish tops these dill-ectable deviled eggs that come together in a snap! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

      Greek Deviled Eggs

      1 review

      Want a zippy update on the classic deviled egg? Tomatoes, olives and a dash of yogurt turn this Greek version...

      Deli-Style Potato Salad

      5 reviews

      I was inspired by my grandmother to cook, and loved going to her house for Sunday dinner. She passed her...

      Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs with Dill

      My family is of Danish heritage, and my husband makes our smoked salmon. To use it, I came up with...

      Quick and Creamy Deviled Eggs

      6 reviews

      Cream cheese imparts a pleasantly smooth texture to these mouthwatering deviled eggs. Barbara Towler of Derby, Ohio shared the recipe,...

      Mexican Deviled Eggs

      15 reviews

      With two young children, my husband and I live on a beautiful lake and host lots of summer picnics and...

      Santa Fe Deviled Eggs

      3 reviews

      My deviled eggs have a zippy southwestern flair. The smoky, spicy flavor is a hit with my husband. —Patricia Harmon,...

      Zippy Egg Salad

      35 reviews

      Egg salad is a refreshing, tasty change from lunchmeat or peanut butter sandwiches. The touch of mustard and lemon juice...

      Salsa Dipper Deviled Eggs

      1 review

      Like a fiesta for your mouth, these fun salsa-topped eggs make any gathering feel like a party!—Peggy Woodward, Shullsburg, Wisconsin

      Wicked Deviled Eggs

      3 reviews

      This is my variation of a deviled egg recipe that I was given by my step-daughter. It was developed by...

      Old-Fashioned Egg Salad

      22 reviews

      Here's a pared-down version of a classic egg salad recipe. You can also add a little cream cheese for an...

      Bourbon Candied Bacon Deviled Eggs

      4 reviews

      At our house, it doesn’t get any better than deviled eggs with bacon—bourbon candied bacon, that is. See if you...

      Santa Deviled Eggs

      6 reviews

      I love creating special deviled eggs for parties. These little Santas are easier to make than they look, and everyone...

      Garden-Fresh Chef Salad

      1 review

      For much of the year, I can use my garden's produce when I make this cool salad. In spring, the...

      Egg Salad Pockets

      3 reviews

      “Here’s a delectable and filling sandwich that’s perfect for spring and summer
      outings.” Karen Ann Bland — Gove, Kansas

      Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs

      7 reviews

      I hope you'll agree that blue cheese and a hint of hot pepper in the filling put these flavorful deviled...

      Curried Eggs in Shrimp Sauce

      I like to dress up ordinary hard-cooked eggs with a special shrimp sauce. You can assemble this casserole the day...

      Shrimp Egg Salad

      5 reviews

      "My family loves this change-of-pace sandwich filling," says field editor Ruth Ann Stelfox of Raymond, Alberta. "It has a tasty...

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      Best Deviled Eggs

      35 reviews

      Herbs lend amazing flavor to these deviled eggs, which truly are the best you can make! The recipe includes tasty...

      Creamy Deviled Eggs

      4 reviews

      These deviled eggs are nicely flavored with a tang of mustard and a spark of sweetness from pickle relish. We...

      German-Style Pickled Eggs

      4 reviews

      I make them these deviled eggs and refrigerate them in a glass gallon jar for my husband to sell at...

      Turkey Giblet Gravy

      My mother used to make this old fashion, southern-style gravy every holiday for the family, and now I make it...

      Egg Salad Burritos

      4 reviews

      I visited Mexico last year and was inspired by the fresh flavor of the food. Tomatillos and limes were widely...

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      Pickled Pepperoncini Deviled Eggs

      3 reviews

      It's hard to resist these adorable deviled trees on our buffet table. The avocado filling has pepperoncini and cilantro for...