White Chocolate Recipes

Love sweet and creamy white chocolate? We’ve got delicious recipes with white chocolate, including lots of sweet treats.

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    Creamy White Hot Chocolate

    Craving white chocolate? If so, this silky white chocolate drink is for you. —James Schend, Taste of Home Deputy Editor, Culinary

    White Chocolate Fudge Cake

    15 reviews

    "This sweet cake, with its thick frosting and rich chocolate layer, is a big hit at office potlucks," writes Denise...

    White Chocolate Berry Muffins

    4 reviews

    Santa himself might stop by just to get a taste of these rich moist muffins studded with white chocolate chips...

    Gooey Caramel-Topped Gingersnaps

    2 reviews

    Making these cookies is therapeutic for me. And they are always quite popular at fundraisers. If you’d like, you can...

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    White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies

    45 reviews

    Friends sometimes ask me to make these for wedding receptions. For a fancier presentation, I cut the bars into triangle...

    Chai Tea Sandwich Cookies

    2 reviews

    You’ll love these cookies filled with a dreamy chai-infused ganache. They’re perfect after a meal, with a cup of tea,...

    White Chocolate Pumpkin Dreams

    12 reviews

    If you like pumpkin pie, you'll love these delicious pumpkin cookies dotted with white chocolate chips and chopped pecans. Drizzled...

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    Peanut Butter Snowballs

    55 reviews

    This recipe for peanut butter ball cookies is a nice change from the typical milk chocolate and peanut butter combination....

    Cranberry-White Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

    10 reviews

    A basket of warm cinnamon rolls is a sure way to impress family and friends. Add cranberries and chocolate to...

    Coconut Egg Nests

    1 review

    Looking for an Easter activity that kids will enjoy assembling and eating? Try these sweet birds nest cookies. They're a...

    White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

    42 reviews

    As a dairy farmer’s wife, I have experience making cheesecake. In fact, most anything containing milk products is tasty in...

    White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

    34 reviews

    Hawaiian nuts and melty morsels make a fantastic combination in these buttery white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. —Cathy Lennon, Newport,...

    Strawberry White Chocolate Tarts

    White chocolate paired with sweet, fresh strawberries is a match made in heaven. The shortbread cookies make a wonderful buttery...

    Elegant White Chocolate Mousse

    3 reviews

    Simply elegant is a fitting description for this smooth treat. Whipped cream teams up with white chocolate to make this...

    Vanilla White Chocolate Mousse

    2 reviews

    I needed a quick dessert for my daughter's bridal shower, and a co-worker gave me this vanilla mousse recipe. It's...

    Crunchy Peanut Bark

    7 reviews

    Cereal and peanuts add the crunch to these sweet and peanut-buttery treats you can whip up in no time. One...

    Dipped Cherry Cookies

    29 reviews

    Our seven children and four grandkids voted this festive, flavorful cookie a “keeper.” We gave a batch to our mail...

    White Chocolate-Cranberry Biscotti

    15 reviews

    The original version of this recipe was handed down from my great-aunt. Through the years, my mother and I have...

    White Chocolate-Strawberry Tiramisu

    24 reviews

    Here's a twist on a classic dessert that highlights another flavor combo my husband and I love: strawberries and white...

    White Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies

    2 reviews

    This is a cookie you will want to make again and again. I like to take it to church get-togethers...

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    White Chocolate Party Mix

    48 reviews

    You won't be able to stop eating this irresistible white chocolate party mix. The light, sweet coating is great over...

    Cranberry White Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake

    1 review

    My New York-style cheesecake has tart cranberries, white chocolate chunks and a smidge of yuletide red. It's an impressive addition...

    Raspberry Chocolate Puffs

    1 review

    This chocolaty, flaky dessert is one of my favorite show-off recipes because
    it makes a spectacular presentation. The best...

    White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake with Almond Topping

    18 reviews

    This luscious cheesecake from Phyllis Schmalz-Eismann of Kansas City, Kansas belongs on a pedestal. Just pour the spiced pumpkin filling...

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    Double Delights

    3 reviews

    You get the best of both worlds with these chocolate and vanilla cookies. They're an appealing addition to any cookie...

    White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

    91 reviews

    These sweet cookies feature white chocolate and cranberries for a delightful taste. They add a perfect holiday feel to any...

    Neapolitan Fudge

    71 reviews

    If you like Neapolitan ice cream, you will devour my fudge version of the vanilla, strawberry and chocolate favorite. It...

    White Chocolate Cream Pie

    This dessert earned a prize at our church picnic. It's a favorite with my husband— he can't get enough of...

    White Chocolate Star Sandwich Cookies

    1 review

    These dazzling cookies are sure to be the star of your holiday dessert tray. White chocolate and cream cheese form...

    White Chocolate Berry Dessert

    11 reviews

    I made this recipe up and after fine-tuning it a bit, I think I have a hit! One of my...