Milk Chocolate Recipes

Use up your milk chocolate bars, chips or kisses. These recipes with milk chocolate include cozy childhood favorites: cakes, bars and plenty of cookies.

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    Double Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

    This double chocolate pumpkin bread is a favorite. It's nice and moist, and it actually gets better as it sits! It freezes well, too. —Tami Malan, Draper, Utah

    Double Chocolate Espresso Pound Cake

    2 reviews

    Two of my biggest loves in life—chocolate and coffee—come together in this velvety pound cake. Grate some extra chocolate on...

    Kid-Made Cocoa Cupcakes

    I’m only a kid, and this is the first recipe I’ve created. I spent a year perfecting these cupcakes, asking...

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    Mixed Nut Chocolate Tart

    A buttery shortbread crust holds a delectable filling made with chocolate and a mix of chopped pistachios, almonds and pecans....

    Coconut-Almond Cookie Bark

    1 review

    As kids, my friends and I sandwiched Almond Joys between cookies. For our high school reunion, I re-created the idea...

    Chocolate Malted Cookies

    44 reviews

    These cookies are the next best thing to a good old-fashioned malted milk. With malted milk powder, chocolate syrup, and...

    Peanut Butter Lover’s Cake

    4 reviews

    My family thrives on peanut butter, so they just love it when I make this recipe.

    French Christmas Cookies

    85 reviews

    These moist treats will have everyone reaching for more. Folks tell me they enjoy these French Christmas cookies. In fact,...

    Million Dollar Pecan Bars

    7 reviews

    Who wants to eat like a millionaire? Invest 15 minutes of your time and enjoy a big payoff when you...

    Hazelnut Espresso Fingers in Chocolate

    I make these cookies for the school teachers and staff for Christmas and at end of the school year. They...

    Petit Pain au Chocolat

    I've had this recipe for over 20 years and it's still one of my most treasured. The presentation is just...

    Chocolate-Filled Cookies with Peppermint Frosting

    1 review

    Baking is one of my favorite traditions around the holidays. These special cookies draw you in with candy-topped frosting and...

    Yummy Cookie Bars

    7 reviews

    I received this recipe from a special co-worker at school, and it is always a huge success when I make...

    Oat-Bran Chocolate Chip Cookies

    While dabbing in the kitchen one day, my husband, Dale, came up with these hearty cookies. I begged him to...

    Milk Chocolate Bundt Cake

    7 reviews

    Try this recipe for a moist mild chocolate cake that cuts cleanly and doesn't need frosting. This scrumptious snack cake...

    Double Chocolate Treats

    2 reviews

    This recipe is for me because I can't get enough chocolate! I like to make these tasty cookies for my...

    Chocolate-Dipped Spritz

    4 reviews

    Some of my sisters and I get together for a weekend during the holidays to do nothing but bake cookies....

    Quick Chocolate Chip Cookie Pops

    1 review

    My family prefers milk chocolate to dark or semisweet chocolate, so I created this recipe. Baking the pops on a...

    Chocolate Oat Scotchies

    1 review

    "My mom found this recipe a long time ago, and it was a hit with our family," recalls Stephanie Helmke...

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    Mint Chocolate Cake

    11 reviews

    My husband works for a mint farmer, so I'm always looking for recipes with mint in them. I received this...

    Chocolate Caramel Wafers

    6 reviews

    To keep my holiday cooking quick, I've come to rely on fast recipes like this one. The crunchy-chewy tidbits are...

    Candy Bar Croissants

    6 reviews

    These shortcut croissants taste as good as they look. The rich, buttery treat combines convenient refrigerated crescent rolls and chocolate...

    Pistachio Brownie Toffee Bars

    3 reviews

    These coveted brownie bars are homey and chocolaty awesome. They've been a sought-after staple on Christmas cookie trays for years....

    Chocolate Oat Snack Cake

    4 reviews

    A sprinkling of walnuts and chips tops this subtly sweet treat from Bonnie Spaulding, Litchfield, New Hampshire.

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    Marbled Chocolate Bars

    7 reviews

    With only four ingredients, these scrumptious chocolate bars with pockets of rich cream cheese are perfect for taking to a...

    Oatmeal Chocolate Bars

    6 reviews

    "I made this dessert for eight ladies who recently stayed at our bed-and-breakfast, and they just raved about it," reports...

    Chocolate Macadamia Cheesecake

    1 review

    When one of my co-workers turned 50, I created this recipe for her birthday. There wasn't a crumb left on...

    Oatmeal Chip Cookie Mix

    1 review

    I like to give a jar of this oatmeal cookie mix, along with a cookie sheet, for a bridal shower...

    Chocolate Banana Split Cupcakes

    6 reviews

    My mom often made these cute cupcakes when I was young. They go over just as well now when I...

    Chocolate-Filled Meringue

    Joan Totton's favorite dessert for the Christmas season has a nutty, chewy crust and dark chocolate filling that's not too...