Ricotta Cheese Recipes

Ricotta is one of the most versatile cheeses on the planet. Our excellent array of recipes with ricotta cheese include savory vegetarian recipes, like ravioli, and dessert recipes with ricotta cheese. Yum!

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    Million-Dollar Spaghetti

    1 review

    Million-dollar spaghetti may not make you any richer, but this cheesy, layered casserole will win you the compliment lottery.

    Lemony Mushroom Lasagna Roll-Ups

    1 review

    I love lasagna and usually make it the traditional way, but I couldn't get the idea of a lemon ricotta...

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    Basic Cannoli Dip

    Cannoli dip comes together in just five minutes, using five traditional(ish) cannoli ingredients and your favorite scooping vessels. Save this...

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    Pesto Pizza

    Pesto pizza is a colorful (and delicious!) twist on a typical red-sauce pizza. Accentuate pesto's bright, bold flavors with a...

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    White Pizza

    White pizza turns your favorite food into a sauce-free, deliciously cheesy dish that uses olive oil instead of red sauce...

    Classic Almond Ricotta Cake

    1 review

    Everybody loves the fluffiness and moistness of a ricotta almond cake! The best news is that this recipe requires only...

    Lemon Ricotta Pasta

    3 reviews

    This pasta is a perfect weeknight dinner, especially during the spring and summer months because of the bright lemon flavor....

    Burrata Ravioli

    Using burrata cheese as ravioli filling is easy and really delivers on flavor. Instead of mixing up ingredients for the...

    Pistachio and Date Ricotta Crostini

    3 reviews

    My husband and I regularly have date night at home where we make a four-course meal. For appetizers, I like...

    Fried Lasagna

    3 reviews

    One of my favorite dishes at Olive Garden is their fried lasagna. On a whim, I tried to recreate it...

    Slow-Cooker Baked Ziti

    14 reviews

    I don't know one family that doesn't have some crazy, hectic evening. This recipe is a quick and easy fix...

    Pumpkin Cannoli Cake Roll

    My family has been serving this pumpkin roll every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. This last...

    Berries with Ricotta Cream

    Fresh, high-quality ingredients really make a difference in this dessert. If you don't have access to fresh-picked berries, use whatever...

    Air-Fryer Mushroom Roll-Ups

    This party appetizer was inspired by a dish I saw on an episode of Top Chef. I simplified the snacks...

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    Zucchini Roll-Ups

    1 review

    We love lasagna, but these zucchini roll-ups are a little healthier and a lot quicker! Using zucchini "pasta" also makes...

    Eggplant Roll-Ups

    2 reviews

    We love these easy Italian eggplant roll-ups stuffed with creamy ricotta and spinach. The fact that they are vegetarian is...

    Apple Pie Ricotta Waffles

    2 reviews

    I had apples and ricotta cheese to use up, so instead of making a pie I decided to do something...

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    Five-Cheese Ziti al Forno

    12 reviews

    After having the five-cheese ziti at Olive Garden, I tried to make my own homemade version—and I think I got...

    Spinach, Shrimp and Ricotta Tacos

    1 review

    I was looking for a new recipe for tacos, and this version was a perfect solution. With shrimp, green chiles,...

    Strawberry Ricotta Bruschetta

    3 reviews

    Here's an interesting spin on bruschetta. The creamy ricotta cheese spread is an ideal complement to the sweet, minty strawberry...

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    Yogurt-Ricotta Cheesecake

    3 reviews

    I have always liked Italian ricotta cheesecakes, but they have too much sugar for me. I made a light version,...

    Cannoli Dip

    2 reviews

    Ricotta is one of my family's favorite ingredients. I made up the cannoli filling and broke up some ice cream...

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    Baked Creamy Spinach Dip

    6 reviews

    I'm a fan of classic dishes but frequently tweak them a bit to suit my family's tastes. My cheesy spinach...

    Italian Cheese Wontons

    A cheesy filling gives wonton wrappers a taste-tempting, Italian twist. The hot and crisp snacks get gobbled up...no matter how...

    Asparagus-Mushroom Frittata

    6 reviews

    Say hello to our asparagus-mushroom frittata. It features an eggy, custardy base and is loaded with deliciously earthy-sweet vegetables.

    Orange Ricotta Cake Roll

    2 reviews

    I come from a big Italian family. When I was growing up, my mom cooked and baked many delicious meals...

    Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

    5 reviews

    These lemon ricotta pancakes are fluffy, bright and finished with a summery rhubarb syrup.

    Four-Cheese Sausage Rigatoni

    10 reviews

    To make this twist on traditional baked pasta, we start with creamy goat cheese and build from there with mozzarella,...