Feta Cheese Recipes

The Greeks may have invented philosophy and the Olympics, but we personally couldn’t live without feta! Our recipes with feta cheese will have you shouting “Opa!”

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Air-Fryer Lemon Feta Chicken

This bright, Greek-inspired chicken has only five ingredients—it's a busy-day lifesaver! And popping it into the air fryer makes it even easier. —Ann Cain, Morrill, Nebraska

Air-Fryer Spinach Feta Turnovers

These quick and easy turnovers are one of my wife's favorite entrees. The refrigerated pizza dough makes preparation a snap!...

Feta-Stuffed Kibbeh with Harissa

There are countless versions of kibbeh recipes throughout the Middle East. This is our adaptation of this delicious dish. You...

Lemon Shrimp Orzo

3 reviews

What I love about this lemon shrimp orzo is that it's so tasty and it can be eaten hot or...

Greek-Style Stuffed Peppers

1 review

The bountiful peppers found at the local farmers market in the early fall, combined with some standard Greek ingredients, create...

Bacon-Feta Stuffed Chicken

6 reviews

Chicken breasts are incredibly versatile, and I think feta cheese is so underrated. You can buy feta in so many...

Slow-Cooker Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

10 reviews

When I make this tasty chicken lasagna at home, I use a whole bottle of Buffalo wing sauce because my...

Italian Chicken Sausage and Orzo

5 reviews

Light, quick and tasty are my kind of recipes. There's a nice blend of Italian seasoning and a hint of...

Italian Sausage with Artichokes and Feta

2 reviews

To impress the guests, we serve Italian sausage and artichoke hearts with pasta. It tastes like a gourmet masterpiece and...

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Spinach & Feta Stuffed Flank Steak

2 reviews

If you need a main dish recipe from a slow cooker that offers an upscale feel, this one is a...

Mediterranean One-Dish Meal

11 reviews

I came up with this recipe one night while improvising with what I had on hand. I love to make...

Bacon-Feta Chicken Rolls

3 reviews

These pretty roll-ups are festive enough to serve for company. They're a tasty change from plain chicken breasts. —Tamra Duncan

Mediterranean Orzo Chicken Salad

1 review

On hot days, I pull out this recipe for a cool supper. The lemon dressing is so refreshing. If you...

Sausage & Feta Stuffed Tomatoes

3 reviews

I'm all about eating healthy. In fact, I'm a professional weight loss coach. My clients and blog followers love these...

Greek Feta Casserole

Cinnamon and feta cheese give this hot dish a special taste.

Chicken-Feta Phyllo Bundles

Making these delicious bundles requires just a few ingredients. I put the remaining pastry back in the freezer to use...

Feta-Stuffed Chicken

4 reviews

When my husband and I were first married, I only knew how to make a few meals that we’d rotate...


7 reviews

“I love spanakopita, so I made it into a wonderful creamy pasta dish. If you don’t have fresh dill, try...

Greek Chicken Pasta

40 reviews

This hearty main dish has great Mediterranean flavor. I left out the olives, and my family still loved it. —Susan...

California Quinoa

10 reviews

I’m always changing this salad up. Here I used tomato, zucchini and olives for a Greek-inspired salad. Try adding a...

Greek Chicken & Artichokes

5 reviews

Because it’s so easy and fast, this recipe was a perennial favorite with my friends during our college years. I’ve...

Mediterranean Vegetable Casserole

2 reviews

I created this recipe on a day when I had very few ingredients to work with. If you like, you...

Spinach-Feta Chicken Rolls

1 review

“This dish was inspired from a favorite Greek appetizer,” writes Linda Gregg of Spartanburg, South Carolina. It may take a...

Mediterranean Cod

1 review

My friends and I agree that this is one of the best things we have ever eaten. We each take...

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Lemon Feta Chicken

4 reviews

This bright, Greek-inspired chicken has only five ingredients—it's a busy-day lifesaver! My husband and I prepare the dish often, and...

Feta Tomato-Basil Fish

6 reviews

I rely on my husband for the main ingredient in this fuss-free dish. He fills our freezer after his summer...

Caesar Chicken with Feta

10 reviews

My tomatoey chicken is the perfect answer on those crazy days when supper has to be on the table in...

Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken

1 review

My chicken bundles are simple, clean and comforting. Serve them with wild rice and green beans for one of our...

Greek Orzo Chicken

5 reviews

Take your first bite and set sail for a dinner-table tour of the sunny Greek isles. Sprinkle lemon zest on...

Spinach-Feta Stuffed Chicken

2 reviews

Once the stuffed chicken breasts are browned in a skillet, cooking them in microwave gets them done quickly. Be sure...