Colby Cheese Recipes

Colby is one of our top cheeses for cooking. Take a look at all of our most satisfying recipes with colby cheese or colby jack cheese today!

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      Crab Crescent Triangles

      1 review

      When friends who love crab were planning a party, I created this recipe just for them. These comforting baked bundles wrap up a cheesy seafood filling in convenient crescent roll dough. —Noelle Myers, Grand Forks, North Dakota

      Cheese-Topped Lemon Chicken Breasts

      4 reviews

      Looking for a new way to fix chicken? This easy recipe is a must-try! If you don't want to shred...

      Savory Grilled Cheese

      4 reviews

      A fast homemade herb butter gives these yummy sandwiches wonderful flavor.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Greendale, Wisconsin

      Bacon Mac & Cheese

      20 reviews

      Jalapeno pepper adds an extra kick to this bacon mac and cheese, giving it great grown-up taste. I serve this...

      Grilled Tomato-Cheese Sandwiches for Two

      1 review

      Give this classic an awesome twist! Turn plain ol’ grilled cheese into a bistro-like sandwich with a variety of cheeses...

      Antipasto Bake

      13 reviews

      Stuffed with savory meats and cheeses, these hearty antipasto squares would satisfy an entire offensive line! The dish comes together...

      Pine Tree Cheese Melts

      3 reviews

      Want to branch out from traditional grilled cheese sandwiches? Make 'em festive with cute winter-themed cutters like pine trees or...

      Cheesy Onion Chicken Skillet

      6 reviews

      My zesty chicken with peppers and onions is so versatile, it works when you serve it over rice, potatoes, noodles,...

      Ham and Cheese Omelet Roll

      10 reviews

      I’d always had trouble making omelets until a friend gave me this recipe. It’s
      so simple and versatile. You...

      Sausage and Cheese Stromboli

      One taste of this yummy sausage loaf at a Christmas party years ago, and I knew I'd be taking the...

      Ham & Cheese Pizza Snacks

      1 review

      “I remember having these yummy snacks as a child. They're fast and perfect as appetizers, a quick supper or even...

      Jazzed-Up French Bread

      1 review

      Fire up the grill right away for this tasty French bread. It takes seconds to prepare and then cooks away...

      Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with Bacon

      1 review

      I love grilling chicken because it's a healthier choice. I put my "Joe-style" twist on this sandwich with a spicy-sweet...

      Pecan Cheese Logs

      2 reviews

      Monterey Jack, Colby and cream cheese come together with seasonings to create these logs that everyone will enjoy. Roll them...

      Mini Chicken Empanadas

      3 reviews

      Refrigerated pie crust makes quick work of assembling these bite-sized appetizers loaded with chicken and cheese. I've made them several...

      Broccoli Chicken Skillet

      16 reviews

      You’re only 25 minutes away from a comforting, cheesy veggie-and-chicken dish that the whole family will love! And since it’s...

      Ham & Cheese Sandwich Loaf

      1 review

      This hearty stacked sandwich is full of great flavor. The crusty bread is filled with melted cheese, crisp vegetables and...

      Grilled Tomato-Cheese Sandwiches

      2 reviews

      Give this classic an awesome twist! Turn plain ol’ grilled cheese into a bistro-like sandwich with a variety of cheeses...

      Chicken Nachos

      4 reviews

      Everyone needs a go-to nacho recipe. Change this chicken version by using leftover shredded pork or brisket, and barbecue sauce...

      Chicken Cheese Strata

      12 reviews

      The spices in this simple strata with chicken, broccoli and cheese offer an extra special taste. —Taste of Home Test...

      Cheesy Vegetable Casserole

      4 reviews

      I am happy to share this 50-year-old Cheesy Vegetable Casserole recipe. It came from my mother-in-law, who taught me how...

      Bacon-Colby Lasagna

      13 reviews

      My grandmother added bacon to her cheesy lasagna, something she borrowed from carbonara-style pasta. I learned so much by her...

      Eight-Layer Casserole

      2 reviews

      My sister shared this original recipe with me, but I adapted it for my family's taste. I like that it's...

      Stovetop Cheeseburger Pasta

      18 reviews

      Cheeseburgers are delicious in any form, but I'm partial to this creamy pasta dish that seriously tastes just like the...

      Baked Ham and Colby Sandwiches

      6 reviews

      This yummy ham sliders recipe is a winner with friends and family. Not only are the warm sandwiches a snap...

      Duo Tater Bake

      20 reviews

      I made this creamy and comforting potato dish for Thanksgiving and it was a winner with my family. They said...

      Mexican Chicken Bake

      1 review

      A cozy comforting home-cooked meal doesn't have to take hours to make, writes Linda Humphreys of Buchanan, Michigan. "I've had...