Colby Cheese Recipes

Colby is one of our top cheeses for cooking. Take a look at all of our most satisfying recipes with colby cheese or colby jack cheese today!

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      Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole

      1 review

      This Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole is an easy dinner for both you and the kids. Serve with carrot and celery sticks for a fuss-free feast. You can also stir in some spicy brown mustard if the adults want more zing. —Laura Wilhelm, West Hollywood, California

      Cranberry Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas

      1 review

      Whether canned or homemade, cranberry sauce delivers a healthy dose of vitamins to this dish. A little bit sweet and...

      Ranch Ham ‘N’ Cheese Pasta

      2 reviews

      Creamy, cheesy and comforting...This pasta casserole is all of these things and more! I adapted this recipe from Taste of...

      Bacon-Colby Lasagna

      13 reviews

      With both bacon and ground beef, this hearty dish is a real crowd-pleaser. The recipe came from my grandmother, now...

      Fiesta Cheese Ball

      4 reviews

      Whenever I bring this zippy cheese ball to church functions, showers and parties, folks always ask for the recipe. A...

      Creamy Ranch Mac and Cheese

      4 reviews

      I came up with the recipe for this creamy and comforting macaroni and cheese with a ranch-flavored twist. My husband...

      Ham Omelet Brunch Roll

      1 review

      For over 30 years we have hosted a New Years Breakfast for family and friends. The main attraction for years...

      Hearty Ham Mac and Cheese

      Kids—and adults—can't seem to get enough of macaroni and cheese. In fact, I created this recipe for a friend and...

      Onion Cheese Soup

      14 reviews

      I made a few adjustments to this savory soup recipe I came across in a community cookbook. It's rich, buttery...

      Contest-Winning Grilled Roast Beef Sandwiches

      3 reviews

      This fast favorite hits the spot when we're short on time. Roast beef, cheese, and sauteed onion, green pepper and...

      Tortilla Beef Casserole

      1 review

      When I first started making this casserole, I wrapped up the tortillas like enchiladas, but this way is much easier...

      Ham ‘n’ Cheese Bow Ties

      11 reviews

      Everyone who tries this yummy casserole lists it as a favorite from then on. Bow tie pasta makes it fun,...

      Onion Cheese Muffins

      These muffins are the perfect addition to brunch or a soup and salad meal. You can choose any block cheese...

      Zucchini Egg and Cheese Casserole

      1 review

      Whether I'm preparing a sit-down dinner at home or attending a potluck buffet, family and friends have come to expect...

      Special Sandwich Loaves

      These satisfying sub sandwiches are a study in simplicity. Try serving the seasoned mayonnaise on the side so guests can...

      Mashed Potatoes with Corn and Cheese

      1 review

      The cheese and corn add a boost of flavor to mashed potatoes. For more convenience, purchase refrigerated mashed potatoes. Heat...

      Deep-Dish Beef ‘n’ Bean Taco Pizza

      9 reviews

      My whole family enjoys this dish that tastes like a taco and looks like a deep-dish pizza. The thick tasty...

      Southwest Creamy Pasta Bake

      9 reviews

      “I like to cook a package of boneless chicken breasts in the microwave, then dice it up and store in...

      Nutty Fruit ‘n’ Cheese Tray

      Starting with packaged cheese cubes hurries along this lovely display. But trim your grocery bill by buying blocks of cheese...

      Ranch Mac & Cheese

      57 reviews

      I came up with the recipe for this creamy and satisfying macaroni and cheese, which has a special twist. My...

      Marinated Antipasto Medley

      Each year at Christmas time, the faculty and staff at my school has a Goodies Day where we bring all...

      Chipotle Cheese Sauce

      1 review

      Fans of Mexican flavor are sure to love this rich and smoky cheese sauce with a kiss of heat from...

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      Zucchini and Cheese Casserole

      19 reviews

      My daughter and I love zucchini, and this casserole uses plenty for a hearty fall side dish. For extra color,...

      Ham & Cheese Casseroles

      9 reviews

      I got this recipe from my mother and love it because it’s easy and I’ve usually got the ingredients on...

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      Apple-Cheese Coffee Cake

      This deliciously different dessert comes courtesy of Athena Russell from Florence, South Carolina. A rugged-looking cake, it's great for brunch!

      Kid-Tested Cheeseburger Pizza

      2 reviews

      The term "picky eater" may have started when small children began refusing offers of liver and onions while feeding their...

      Italian Noodle Casserole

      2 reviews

      Canned goods make it a snap to assemble this hearty Italian dish from Joann Hosbach, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

      Homemade Crisp Crackers

      1 review

      Store-bought crackers have nothing on these cheesy crisps. Make them in advance and keep them handy in an airtight container...

      Fruit ‘n’ Cheese Kabobs

      1 review

      The home economist in our test kitchen came up with this colorful combination. It's a simple, nutritious snack that's a...

      Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with Bacon

      1 review

      I love grilling chicken because it's a healthier choice. I put my "Joe-style" twist on this sandwich with a spicy-sweet...