Kidney Bean Recipes

Kidney beans are a staple ingredient in chili, but they’re so much more versatile than that. Check out our recipes with kidney beans for creative (and easy!) ideas.

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    Vegetarian Chili

    Vegetarian skillet chili screams comfort food to me. This recipe makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and it's loved by both my vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends. —Casey Hill, London, United Kingdom

    Pressure-Cooker Manchester Stew

    While in college, I studied abroad. A vegetarian at the time, I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious and diverse...

    Pesto Bean Soup

    This is one of my favorite vegetarian recipes, especially on those cold winter evenings. I make large batches and freeze...

    Cannellini Bean Hummus

    4 reviews

    My version of hummus features a delightful nuttiness from tahini, a peanut butter-like paste made from ground sesame seeds. The...

    Marinated Vegetable Bean Salad

    2 reviews

    Canned beans make this colorful salad hearty...and bottled Italian dressing is an easy and tasty topper.

    Sweet Potato Kale Soup

    2 reviews

    If you're looking for a healthier dish with a difference, try this recipe from Tamar Holmes of San Diego, California....

    Tortellini Bean Salad

    5 reviews

    Beans will bring bravos when you present this pleasant pasta and veggie salad. "I first made it for friends who...

    Tuscan Bean and Olive Spread

    Wonderful flavors of garlic, rosemary and basil blend in this hearty spread! Lucky enough to have leftovers? Serve it with...

    Veggie Bean Salad

    A colorful blend of hearty beans and crunchy vegetables is what brings folks back for seconds after they try this...

    Tomato Bean Salad

    2 reviews

    This salad is packed with tasty surprises. Since it's dressed before serving, it's ideal for a help-yourself buffet.—Marilyn Janssen, Dawson...

    Zippy Vegetarian Chili

    3 reviews

    Hominy and garbanzo beans are interesting additions to this zippy chili recipe that uses canned goods from the cupboard. I...

    Curried Potatoes and Beans

    This recipe came from my grandma's collection. It's a meal in itself with hearty flavor.—Mrs. Lyle Rees, Darlington, Wisconsin

    Southwestern Bean Soup

    5 reviews

    When a friend needs a night off from cooking, I throw together this one-pot meal. I deliver it with tortilla...

    White Bean Fennel Soup

    11 reviews

    This filling soup is a favorite with our family and is often requested for company dinners. A hint of fennel...

    Hearty Vegetable Bean Soup

    1 review

    Chock-full of vegetables and beans, this hearty soup is sure to satisfy your hungry bunch on a winter night. Writes...

    Creamy Bean Salad

    This hearty no-fuss salad is perfect for a family gathering. Dill pickles bring puckery flavor to the kidney beans that...

    Garlic Bean Dip

    1 review

    There isn't a bean that my family does not like. In fact, I serve one kind or another almost every...

    Chili Bean Soup

    From Kingman, Arizona, Mary Felty sent this zesty soup. "It's quick to fix yet it tastes like it simmered all...

    Artichoke Bean Salad

    2 reviews

    "You can stir up this colorful bean salad in no time," assures Dixie Terry Goreville, Illinois. Two kinds of canned...

    Vegetarian Chili Ole!

    7 reviews

    I combine ingredients for this hearty chili the night before, start my trusty slow cooker in the morning and come...

    Basil White Bean Dip

    We're big fans of hummus, but my son is allergic. I came up with this bean dip, and it’s turned...

    Hearty Bean Salad

    I discovered this salad years ago when I was a teenager in a 4-H club. After I was married, I...

    Colorful Bean & Barley with Almonds Salad

    Jazz up any table setting with this tasty combination of colorful veggies, beans and nuts.
    Almond Board of California

    Colorful Minestrone

    Butternut squash, a leek and fresh kale make my minestrone different from most others. Not only do ingredients like this...

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    Five-Bean Soup

    1 review

    One of my family's favorite soups, this tasty recipe was one I discovered years ago. Served with a salad and...

    Mixed Vegetable Salad

    3 reviews

    Anita Gibson of Clinton, Illinois shares colorful, crunchy and slightly sweet Mixed Vegetable Salad.

    Three-Bean Salad for a Crowd

    Katie Koziolek of Hartland, Minnesota adds garlic to an old favorite and prefers a not-so-sweet dressing. "Since I freeze some...

    Three-Bean Veggie Chili

    I adapted a recipe that my sister gave me to suit my family's tastes. The bulgur has a nice texture,...

    Fancy Bean Salad

    5 reviews

    Bursting with a colorful crunch, this bean salad is a snap thanks to store-bought salad dressing.
    Iola Eagle, Bella...

    Macaroni Bean Salad

    4 reviews

    Two types of store-bought beans, a convenient can of olives and lots of cheese make this easy pasta salad, shared...