Learn How to Make a Baby Gender Reveal Cake

Unveiling a baby's gender is a sweet surprise for parents, friends and family alike. This step-by-step guide will show you how to make a spoiler-free gender reveal cake using expert advice from the Taste of Home Test Kitchen.

By Christine Rukavena, Food Editor and Nicole Doster, Digital Associate Editor

White frosted, polka dot cake with

There's nothing more special than having a baby on the way. Nowadays, expecting parents go to great lengths to plan over-the-top gender reveal parties for their bun in the oven. Some reveals involve popping balloons filled with colored confetti or unwrapping a tell-tale gift—but we prefer our surprises to be much sweeter.

That's why we asked our Test Kitchen to break down the best steps on making a fail-proof—and super sweet—gender reveal cake.

If you're a mother-to-be, share this recipe and your unopened test results with a trusted friend! This way, you'll be just as surprised when you take the first slice. (But if you can't resist the urge to know beforehand, we totally understand.)

Here's what you'll need:

  • Two 8-in.round layer cakes
  • Blue frosting (for a boy) or pink frosting (for a girl)
  • White frosting

To make this from scratch, follow our Gender Reveal Cake recipe.

In this recipe, we'll be hiding the colored frosting between the cake-y layers. Some recipes call for a tinted cake, but we find that changing the color of the batter can lead to discoloration. Think brownish hues—yuck! For best results, we recommend sticking to coloring the frosting instead of the batter.

Test Kitchen Tip: To give the most oomph to your frosting, color it using paste food coloring. This will help give it a nice vivid color without changing the consistency or taste.

Let's dive into constructing the cake:

Piping a single layer of white frosting onto a layer of cake on a serving plate

Step 1: Place one cake layer on a serving plate. Pipe a circle of white frosting around top edge of layer. If you don't have a piping bag on hand, that's OK; in a pinch you can snip a hole off the corner of a Ziploc baggie.

Just be sure to pipe a thick line of frosting. It's going to be the barrier that conceals the colored frosting inside.

Person spreading a cup of blue frosting into the middle of a thick layer of white frosting

Step 2: Next, carefully spread a single cup of the pink or blue frosting inside the white frosting. It's important to be precise so there are no leaky giveaways, but feel free to layer on liberally—after all, it's the most crucial part of the big reveal.

Step 3: Once finished, place the second cake layer on top. You'll want to cover the top and sides with a nice layer of creamy white frosting, too.

To replicate our decorations, use a #8 tip and white frosting, to pipe pearls around top and bottom edge of cake. Then, using a #12 tip, pipe blue and pink dots over cake. Lastly, inscribe a cute message on top using a #4 tip. Here we chose "It's a...", but feel free to be fun (and personal) with it!

More of a cupcake person? We've got a trick for that, too.

Person cuts a dome shape out of the center of an unfrosted cupcake with a knife. Also, a person piping blue frosting into the middle of the dome cut-out they made before

After baking a batch of cupcakes, use a small serrated knife to cut domes into their fluffy tops.

Test Kitchen tip: Grapefruit or paring knives work best.

Next, pipe the "reveal" icing inside the dome. You'll want to cover the tops with extra icing to conceal. At the party, you can pass a plate of these surprise cupcakes around and tell the room to take a big bite to reveal.

Three cupcakes with swirled pink and blue frosting with blue filling showing through one cut in half

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