How to Make Stuffed Burgers

Our grilling gurus share an easy technique for onion- and cheese-stuffed beef burgers.

Stuffed Burger

Step 1

Shape 1-1/2 lbs. of ground chuck into eight 3-oz. portions on waxed paper. Press each portion into a 4-in. patty using a fork.

Stuffed Burger

Step 2

Top four of the patties with an onion slice and shredded cheese. Cover with remaining patties, using waxed paper to help position the patty on top.

Stuffed Burger

Step 3

Seal edges with a fork. Grill to desired doneness.

Stuffed Burger

Step 4

Grill to desired doneness. Stuffed burgers grill up great over medium heat. This lets the filling heat through without the outside becoming overcooked.

More good stuff:

  • Try Swiss cheese in ground turkey burgers
  • Add crumbled bacon with your favorite cheese
  • Surprise them with a pineapple slice inside

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