Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

Make over your Super Bowl party with these light, healthy tailgating recipes

Fully Loaded ChiliFully Loaded Chili

Why It's Healthy: High protein and fiber to keep you filled up
Calories: 351
With lean ground beef, four types of beans and lots of seasonings and toppings, this Fully Loaded Chili is truly "fully-loaded." But those aren't the only heavyweights in here; every serving has 26 g protein and 11 g fiber.
—Cynthia Baca, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Refried Bean NachosRefried Bean Nachos

Why It's Healthy: Lower in calories and fat than traditional nachos
Calories: 310
Cumin and cayenne pepper jazz up homemade chips in these no-fuss Refried Bean Nachos. Topped with beans, cheese, tomato, green onions and salsa, the nachos make a satisfying snack or light meal.
—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Fresh SalsaFresh Salsa

Why It's Healthy: Can't go wrong with vegetables
Calories: 11
Mexican fare only gets better when topped with Anna Yeatts' colorful Fresh Salsa. She uses ripe tomatoes, crisp onion and a touch of serrano pepper, making it a great appetizer with crunchy baked tortilla chips!
—Anna Yeatts, Pinehurst, North Carolina

Calico Corn SalsaCalico Corn Salsa

Why It's Healthy: High fiber and protein with veggies and legumes
Calories: 107
A friend gave me the recipe for this colorful Calico Corn Salsa...and when I took it to a luncheon, everyone loved it. Double the ingredients for larger gatherings.
—Jennifer Gardner, Sandy, Utah

Mini BBQ Chicken PizzasMini BBQ Chicken Pizzas

Why It's Healthy: Low in calories, much better choice than wings
Calories: 157
Just add a salad to these Mini BBQ Chicken Pizzas and you have a quick week night dinner in under 30 minutes. It's very budget friendly, too.
—Deborah Forbes, Fort Worth, Texas

Saucy Asian MeatballsSaucy Asian Meatballs

Why It's Healthy: Lean ground turkey replaces traditional beef
Calories: 32
This Saucy Asian Meatballs recipe originally called for beef and pork and a different combination of seasonings. I used ground turkey and altered the seasonings for a healthy, fresh-flavored sauce.
—Lisa Varner, Charleston, South Carolina

Spiced PecansSpiced Pecans

Why It's Healthy: Get the snack mix flavor with healthy benefits
Calories: 161
My mother makes these Spiced Pecans and they're fantastic. If you arrive at her house late, there might not be any left!
—Audrey Stewart, Forest Hill, Maryland

Pepper Steak QuesadillasPepper Steak Quesadillas

Why It's Healthy: Protein packed and low calorie— a meal in itself
Calories: 252
I came up with this savory snack when my family needed a quick lunch before running off in several directions. I threw together what I had in the fridge to make Pepper Steak Quesadillas and it was a big hit!
—Barbara Moore, Farmington, New Mexico