Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mom will treasure these homemade gifts for Mother's Day, from hand-drawn cards to cute crayon crafts.

Mother's Day Presents That Kids Can Make For Mom

Mother's Day Presents That Kids Can Make For Mom

The gifts that Mom cherishes most are the ones hand-crafted by her own kids. When you present Mom with a mouth-watering breakfast in bed or a lovely lunch at the kitchen table, have the kids make their mark with a one-of-a-kind tray or table topper.

Make a Card

Instead of buying a greeting card, enlist the little ones to make a card at home. Or have them draw a pretty picture and place it in a frame. (Inexpensive canvas or paper-covered photo frames are available at craft stores.)

Fresh Flower Arrangement

Fresh-picked daisies bring a touch of spring inside…and a kid-crafted vase is the perfect way to display the bright bouquet!

While you start making the meal, have the kids hunt down some of their marbles and place them in a regular drinking glass. Tuck daisy stems into the marbles, then fill with water.

For an even more colorful arrangement, place a decorative ponytail holder around the marble-filled glass. Slide crayons between the glass and holder until the entire glass is covered.

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