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First Place Coconut Macaroons Recipe

First Place Coconut Macaroons Recipe

THESE COOKIES earned me a first-place ribbon at the county fair. They remain my husband's favorites—whenever I make them to give away, he always asks me where his batch is! I especially like the fact that the recipe makes a small enough batch for the two of us to nibble on. —Penny Ann Habeck Shawana, Wisconsin
TOTAL TIME: Prep: 10 min. Bake: 20 min. + cooling YIELD:18 servings


  • 1-1/3 cups sweetened shredded coconut
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 2 large egg whites
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • 1. In a small bowl, combine the coconut, sugar, flour and salt. Add egg whites and vanilla; mix well.
  • 2. Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls onto greased baking sheets. Bake at 325° for 18-20 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack. Yield: about 1-1/2 dozen.

Nutritional Facts

1 cookie: 54 calories, 2g fat (2g saturated fat), 0 cholesterol, 41mg sodium, 8g carbohydrate (7g sugars, 0 fiber), 1g protein. Diabetic Exchanges: 1/2 starch, 1/2 fat.

Reviews for First Place Coconut Macaroons

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dcscake_OH User ID: 228890 259331
Reviewed Jan. 7, 2017

"These macaroons turned out great, my family and co-workers loved them when I took them to work."

cajuncathy User ID: 4554738 258166
Reviewed Dec. 15, 2016

"This is great and easy! It tastes very similar to what we used to get a long time ago from a restaurant. I will definitely do it again, and probably fix five times as much! ! This will be a recipe that is made often....perfect with a cup of coffee! ( and egg whites were not beaten before mixing it together. )"

Bonnie Jasper User ID: 8985103 258086
Reviewed Dec. 13, 2016

"this is a keeper, they are soooooo good"

Anna User ID: 8953795 255435
Reviewed Oct. 14, 2016

"I am not reviewing this recipe yet, and I hope to make these soon, but in looking at the reviews I want to know are the egg whites supposed to whipped to soft peaks before mixing with the other ingredients. Please help!!!!"

sstetzel User ID: 158954 252760
Reviewed Aug. 16, 2016

"Hi Elsvgs,

Store these at room temperature for a couple days or keep them in the refrigerator up to a week.
Hope that helps!
Sue Stetzel
Taste of Home Magazine"

Elsavgs User ID: 8914360 252747
Reviewed Aug. 16, 2016

"How to store the macaroons and what is the shelf life ?"

Susanconnors User ID: 8881891 249636
Reviewed Jun. 20, 2016

"some recipes call for condensed milk and are too sweet. This recipe is perfect. Light and the coconut flavor wins out!!"

kaybh1958 User ID: 6737309 246561
Reviewed Apr. 4, 2016

"Really easy to make and taste great. After I made the first batch my husband looked at me and said can you make more? He wanted less sugar in it this time cause he said it was too sweet."

Suds996 User ID: 8808432 245586
Reviewed Mar. 17, 2016

"Yummy and supper easy to make. Will definitely make this recipe again!"

janetwatson1 User ID: 8659732 239266
Reviewed Dec. 12, 2015

"Super easy! I melted semi sweet chocolate chips in microwave, then dipped bottoms of macaroons after they cooled.. Beautiful and taste like Mounds candy, but in a cookie."

01tami User ID: 6316761 239120
Reviewed Dec. 10, 2015 Edited Dec. 13, 2015

"This is an accurate review. Made exactly as recipe was written. 5 stars!!!! Super easy to make and a fabulous tasting macaroon.

This one is a keeper!!!!
Thank you so much for this recipe. I can see why you won 1st place.

Capnden User ID: 8404019 227535
Reviewed Jun. 6, 2015

"The first time I made this recipe It didn't come out too well then I discovered that the recipe has omitted a step. You have to beat the egg whites to a soft peak before you add them to the coconut, then the recipe came out great."

vashla User ID: 6516536 227511
Reviewed Jun. 6, 2015

"These are a favorite of my 9 year old son (I use less sugar for him, he still loves them!)."

yogiash User ID: 8392965 227078
Reviewed May. 28, 2015

"These came out perfect. They did not run, I even whipped the egg whites not knowing not to. I did use a silpat liner on my pan maybe that's why they didn't run? They are lovely morsels!! I did only get 14 cookies though. Will double next time."

natzsm User ID: 8331555 224620
Reviewed Apr. 10, 2015

"These were too sweet for me."

maggiegaggie User ID: 8299238 223109
Reviewed Mar. 19, 2015

"Anyone looking for something quick and easy to do with those 2 yolks? Whisk them in a microwave-safe bowl, add a tiny drop or two of cooking sherry (optional) a knob of butter, a tbls or two of milk, whisk and microwave for 30 seconds; whisk again and microwave for another 15-20 seconds until the desired consistency is reached. On two halves of toasted, buttered muffin or bagel that makes a terrific breakfast or lunch for one. I've done it - you'll like it.

The macaroons, by the way, are perfect and so quick and easy to make, I'll be having that scrambled egg with 2 yolks often. ?"

chaticatt User ID: 8273405 221888
Reviewed Mar. 3, 2015

"These were awesome:)"

greatwithoutgluten User ID: 6330173 221595
Reviewed Feb. 28, 2015

"These were great! I made them bigger than teaspoons and used rice flour to make them gluten free. They were so easy and tasty I am sure I will be making these again and again!"

lschmitt1 User ID: 8189424 216314
Reviewed Dec. 29, 2014

"This is definitely a first place macaroon recipe. It has the best color, taste, and consistency of all I have tried; including the one on the coconut bag. One addition I make is to sub in a almond extract (just because I like that flavor); 3/4 vanilla extract and 1/4 almond extract. It also works just fine to use cooking spray instead of Crisco to grease your cookie sheets. I quadrupled the recipe and it made 65 macaroons - using a teaspoon measure to scoop each serving. I live at high altitude in Denver and did not need to do any substitutions."

MiseEnPlace User ID: 8021922 37837
Reviewed Oct. 4, 2014

"Lovely recipe... the ingredients aren't enough for the amount that it says they should yield. I doubled the recipe in hopes of having a full dessert. I ended up with 18 decent sized macaroons."

MarcellaJeanette User ID: 7904605 17701
Reviewed Jul. 25, 2014

"Watch the size egg you use! After I mixed all ingredients, the batter was very runny. I noticed I had used jumbo eggs (that's all we had at the time). The recipe does not say what size eggs to use, but obviously not jumbo. I added more coconut to the runny batter and the macaroons turned out great. Next time, I'll use smaller eggs. Perhaps some clarification on the size of eggs to use would help."

KellyannCilio User ID: 6490539 71665
Reviewed Jul. 23, 2014

"Followed directions, as written, and everything turned out perfectly! We dipped them in chocolate ganache To add to the yum! Will make them again and again!"

sharonrose06 User ID: 1837628 44819
Reviewed Jul. 21, 2014

"These cookies are absolutely delicious! They are extremely easy to make on a moments notice. I like to half dip them in Wilton microwavable chocolate. Everyone loves them and they look beautiful as well."

babibear67 User ID: 7849434 34951
Reviewed Jun. 14, 2014

"Worked out perfect as is, I used shredded coconut, as that is what I had. I did microwave a couple handfuls of chocolate chips checking at 20 sec intrivals and stirring until just melted. Than dipped some of the maccaroons and places them on parchment. Tried to let them cool, but we ate them before that could happen. They are delis with or without chocolate. I would recommend using less sugar if your coconut is sweetened, or you are using lots of chocolate."

ljoberle User ID: 3520898 40557
Reviewed Apr. 15, 2014

"These cookies were easy to make and tasted good too. They turned out perfectly. Some of the reviews said they were runny. Mine were not. However, if egg whites stand too long, they do get runny. Maybe these cookies were mixed up, but not baked right away?"

aslan123 User ID: 7756649 41717
Reviewed Apr. 10, 2014

"these were delicious and very easy ....and to those who complain...I followed the receipt to the tee and had wonderful results....I find that when u change something then yu are bound to have something go wrong....."

CaspersLady User ID: 7747629 12555
Reviewed Apr. 3, 2014

"Best Macaroons Ever!

Found these in my TOH Cookbook and decided to make them for my BF as part of an anniversary gift (he sees baking for someone as a real declaration of love). He and everyone else who has had any has told me they were the best they'd ever tasted. Even my roommate, who doesn't like coconut, loves them!
The store bought ones don't even rate compared to these.
Must Try!"

Flea1 User ID: 7604318 12546
Reviewed Jan. 14, 2014

"easy and wonderful recipe. Its number one in my book!!!!"

easylyvin User ID: 7580819 17052
Reviewed Jan. 4, 2014

"Good Recipe, follow recipe exactly and it works! Ladyreader, this is to rate the recipe and to help other cooks decide whether to use the recipe or not. This rating system should not be used to correct spelling and grammar, unless it effects the recipe. Not helpful and unfair to the recipe rating."

shye anne User ID: 2545171 17050
Reviewed Dec. 18, 2013

"Really good and easy. I added chopped almonds and dipped the tops in chocolate. They were like Almond Joys."

ladyreader User ID: 3677278 14073
Reviewed Dec. 16, 2013

"Clicking on one star just so that TOH can correct something in the comment by the submitter of this recipe. As a resident of Wisconsin, the correct spelling of the town Betty lives in should end with an "o", thus, Shawano."

GrannyB62 User ID: 7435825 71653
Reviewed Dec. 7, 2013

"Awesome recipe!!!!"

Sinderela4 User ID: 7444572 17270
Reviewed Oct. 15, 2013

"I have made these several times and they are a hit every time. They are so easy to make and only once did I have to add an extra egg white and that could have been due to small eggs."

Lalehjan User ID: 7193421 71628
Reviewed Aug. 19, 2013

"Simple and delicious"

RumblyInMyTumbly User ID: 6542274 42497
Reviewed Jul. 25, 2013

"As a food blogger, my number one pet peeve is when somebody butchers my recipe by not following instructions and adding and substituting and then comes onto my blog and leaves a negative comment when it doesn't turn out.

If you follow this recipe exactly as written, and don't beat the egg whites, and don't add nuts and substitute things, it comes out five stars- a perfect macaroon.
I will say that I don't know in what alternate universe this makes 12 macaroons, because I doubled the recipe and still only got 10 out of it.
A real winner though, and I will make again."

saemmett User ID: 6452668 42913
Reviewed Jun. 30, 2013

"Crispy little bites of deliciousness!"

MsTanishaDT User ID: 7262340 44818
Reviewed May. 14, 2013

"My family really enjoyed these. In fact I dipped them in Nutella and it was a HUGE hit! I did want to say to fluff the egg whites until there are peaks, pour in the vanilla, mix some more then fold in the egg whites. NO all! They were absolutely delicious."

Terrizugzug User ID: 7260025 17243
Reviewed May. 12, 2013

"Almost Perfect recipe.. I made once the eggs ran. second time I used one egg white, half the amount of sugar and one more tablespoon of flour and ohh were they so perfect we gobbled them up immediately. Thanks for the recipe!"

MommaMich User ID: 7249935 34949
Reviewed May. 3, 2013

"OMG I had very high expectations and these cookies exceeded them. I've never made macaroons before and my absolute favorites are sold at Julienne's Restaurant. I made this recipe exactly as stated and they were perfect. I did use parchment paper as recommended. I also lightly beated the egg whites and vanilla to just blend, then added them to the dry coconut mixture. I used a cookie scooper that a friend gave me many years ago and the size was perfect, yielding exactly 9 cookies like the recipe states. The egg whites never ran. I did leave the cookies in the oven for an extra 3-5 minutes until they were more golden but not burnt. Oh, the cookie scooper measures appx. 1 measuring tablespoon. I loved them and will add to my recipe keepers!"

keverwann User ID: 1807985 42909
Reviewed Mar. 13, 2013

"The egg mixture ran all over the pan with the first batch - made just as instructed. The second batch I beat the egg whites until frothy and then added an additional Tbsp of flour - they ran less, but they still ran. I think I'll try a different recipe next time."

Twofatladies User ID: 7166219 17994
Reviewed Mar. 8, 2013

"great macaroons and so easy. Just make sure that you use parchment paper with these or they will run and stick."

usernamesalltakin User ID: 7150889 17239
Reviewed Feb. 25, 2013

"Too eggy, egg runs to center of Pan ,solution,only use unfrozen coconut,remove 1 egg, add a bit of condensed milk, ."

Mirandamom User ID: 7106615 41716
Reviewed Jan. 26, 2013

"I've made this twice and here's how I like it: I doubled everything except the sugar and made larger cookies (24 from a double recipe). And I baked them only 14 minutes."

loetotravel18 User ID: 7103728 17025
Reviewed Jan. 24, 2013

"Just made a batch of these for my kids and I. I added some cocoa to some of them. They are all excellent. Thanks for the recipe."

Nicolejanine User ID: 6593167 201828
Reviewed Jan. 12, 2013

"These were so simple to make and SO delicious. I will probably try adding some slivered almonds or drizzling some chocolate on top next time to dress them up a little. But they are fantastic even with out!"

tsweetser User ID: 7078017 37835
Reviewed Jan. 9, 2013

"A great, simple recipe with very tasty results. I used the original recipe the first time I made them and they were a little eggy for us. I used 1 egg white and 1/4 a cup of sugar the second time and they came out just as good, so if you're looking to cut back on the sugar that's a good option."

tktaark User ID: 4459530 42487
Reviewed Jan. 5, 2013

"very quick and easy. Very delicious"

kay1234 User ID: 7049708 40555
Reviewed Dec. 21, 2012

"based on the other ratings i will give you 5 stars lol. i was just wondering if the coconut should be sweetened or unsweetened, i am guessing that it is unsweetened on the fact that there is sugar in the recipe but i wanted to make 100% sure, thanks"

Baking_and_sewing User ID: 1170336 40554
Reviewed Dec. 20, 2012

"Very easy to make and was very good. This is a keeper."

khingle User ID: 6186162 71627
Reviewed Dec. 17, 2012

"These are very moist and delicious! My husband loves them and he's not even a huge fan of coconut! I used a mini cupcake pan to ensure that the egg white did not run out of the coconut and they came out perfect!!! A little red and green sugar gave them a pretty holiday look."

Natasha66 User ID: 7038890 17695
Reviewed Dec. 15, 2012

"The cookies came out perfectly. They were fast, and looked very pretty. However, for my own gluttonous and rather bruttish tastes (giggle) I wanted them a little sweeter and a bit more moist (this would probably mean adding some fat like condensed milk). They ARE delicious, though. I'll make them again and I probably won't change a thing since it was so easy and it saves adding more fat. Thank you!"

maria phillips User ID: 6961715 14072
Reviewed Dec. 12, 2012

"I have had store bought macaroons here and there-I am 48 years old and never made them before-I found this recipe -EXCELLENT and so easy to make- one batch got a bit browner, and it was still amazingly good. Thanks for sharing this recipe."

nanaof3boys User ID: 7007467 12545
Reviewed Dec. 5, 2012

"I was looking for a quick and easy yet delicious macaroon recipe and I found it. My husband loved it! I followed the recipe to the letter and all I can say is I will have to double the recipe next time, just not enough with 1 batch!"

moviemar User ID: 6903340 17238
Reviewed Oct. 6, 2012

"Just made this for a church event. I have already been contacted by 3 people for the recipe. Double the recipe, it is that good! I made as directed except I started by beating the egg whites a bit then added all the other ingredients one at a time, ending with the coconut. I used almond extract instead. I used two teaspoons to drop and form the small mounds on parchment paper instead of greasing the pans. At 20 minutes they were perfect! Thanks for a recipe I am proud to share."

talon49 User ID: 5185084 44797
Reviewed Jul. 22, 2012

"quick & easy to make. In my over they were done in 15 mins. Lightly browned & crunchy on the outside & soft & chewy on the inside. I combined the mixture in the bowl using a fork. Instead of using a teaspoon to drop cookies onto baking sheet, I used 1/2 tablespoon instead. The cookies came out a nice size. I cooked the cookies on parchment paper. These cookies are delicious."

kitchenclutz User ID: 6625688 201827
Reviewed Apr. 2, 2012

"I followed this recipe exactly as instructed. I didn't beat the egg whites. I didn't add chocolate or pecans or any other bells and whistles. The macaroons were crunchy around the edges, fluffy and moist on the inside and simply delicious. I mixed everything rapidly in a little bowl, by hand, and popped the dollops into the oven for 20 minutes. Hey presto! Macaroons that would give Earth Fare's a run for their money. My husband loved them. Thank you so much for sharing this -- you deserve that first-place ribbon."

649TRoberts User ID: 6344323 201826
Reviewed Jan. 8, 2012

"easy & good. I did whip the egg whites. I got 1 dz. Ping pong ball size macaroons."

bznest User ID: 6342580 34945
Reviewed Dec. 31, 2011

"Such an easy recipe and without condensed milk, it's a snap! I added an extra TBSP of flour to avoid the liquid spreading at the bottom. They are PERFECT! This is my new 'go to' recipe!"

willyoubemyfriend User ID: 3916802 17990
Reviewed Dec. 24, 2011

"These were lovely, I made a batch for my sewing group, they love macaroons and they said that they were wonderful. My husband "hates" coconut and he ate 3. Would make again for any one who loves coconut. Sent the recipe to my sister and best friend."

carolynstowers User ID: 4001197 17235
Reviewed Dec. 23, 2011

"This is the recipe I've been looking for as mcheleclow has said don't need concensed milk. Very goood. By the way the batch does need to be doubled when you cook the recipe. The first batch I cook as according to the recipe they were excellent but the egg white seem to run out of the cookie. The next batch I beat the egg white slightly and added a little coconut flavoring alone with the vanilla. They came out perfect and tasted a little better. This is a delicious cookie. The first batch I removed from the oven 1 hour ago and my husband has eaten almost half of the first batch."

micheleclow User ID: 6777152 44790
Reviewed Aug. 13, 2011

"These were so, so delicious, but even though I doubled the recipe, it only made 13 (I did drop them bigger then a tsp) and they had to cook at least 10 min. longer. I used this recipe because it didn't call for sweetened condensed milk. I guess next time I'll have to double it again."

lsneri User ID: 5948159 17988
Reviewed Apr. 23, 2011

"This was a quick and easy recipe and absolutely delicious! I will absolutely make this recipe again!"

ppolen User ID: 1614953 71626
Reviewed Dec. 5, 2010

"Note: the picture shows the macaroons as much larger than the suggested "rounded teaspoonful." I didn't much care for such small macaroons. So, when I make them again, they will be closer to the size indicated in the photograph.

However, they tasted great! I have no problem with the flavor."

2dogsrule2 User ID: 4479281 37834
Reviewed Mar. 25, 2010

"This recipe didn't call for pecans??"

elisa User ID: 1925350 44746
Reviewed Feb. 13, 2010

"These were awesome...just the right amount of crispiness on the outside and chewiness on the inside. *I omitted the pecans because I didnt have any and they were still delicious. *Didn't beat the egg whites. I think the recipe size was perfect! If you are someone who tracks your portion sizes then this recipe will make more than enough :)"

CNCFemale User ID: 3554707 71613
Reviewed Dec. 15, 2009

"I found this in TOH Ultimate cookie collection cookbook. (pg 81). THESE ARE FANTASTIC! the ONLY thing i do a lil different is i add some chopped pecans to them mix before baking! AWESOME WITH OR WITHOUT. so soft and moist! i noticed another reader asked, and i will say i did NOT beat my eggwhites previous to putting them in the bowl. i simply mixed it EXACTLY how the directions say. i used medium speed on a stand mixer for a couple minutes till it looked good. if you let the mix sit for too long, though, make sure you stir it before spooning them out as the sugar and liquid tends to sit on the bottom of the bowl. also, my cookies did have some liquid spreading but it was GOOD STUFF. i baked them till they were VERY lightly brown on top and golden brown at the very bottom edge. i used parchment paper and never greased it once, and used it for a quadruple batch... as i make my cookies bigger than everyone else, i found this recipe didnt make many cookes. MY NEWEST MACAROON RECIPE AND ITS A FOREVER KEEPER!"

sway User ID: 2606047 12544
Reviewed Sep. 11, 2009

"Are the egg whites beaten?"

FIFIG User ID: 4386054 42908
Reviewed Sep. 11, 2009


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