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Hearty Hunter’s Stew

12 reviews

Moist, tender meat and thick, rich gravy are the hallmarks of my classic recipe simmered in a cast-iron pot. —Joyce Worsech, Catawba, Wisconsin

Garlic Mushroom French Beef Stew

Special and sensational are words that come to mind to describe this stew. One bite and you'll know why. It...

Italian Vegetable Bowl

I love to fix this hamburger vegetable stew on chilly fall and winter days. The tasty variety of ingredients and...

Hearty Baked Stew

1 review

My mother has been making this stew since the 1940s and prepared it for our family many times through the...

Quicker Mushroom Beef Stew

2 reviews

Forget beef stew that takes all day to prepare. This version is just as tasty and it’s ready to eat...

Baked Vegetable Beef Stew

4 reviews

"When my granddaughter was 3, she had a bear that sang a song about 'root stew'," recalls Alice McCabe of...

Herbed Beef Stew with Puff Pastry

Guests will be so surprised by the taste of this special dish. Puff pastry makes this dish seem fancy so...

Hearty Skillet Stew

2 reviews

A sweet sauce enhances the beef and vegetables in this hearty stew from Karlene Endicott of Greenwood, California. “I got...

Irish Beef ‘n’ Carrot Stew

1 review

My husband was born on St. Patrick's Day, and this is the special meal I make to celebrate that occasion....

Meatball Garden Stew

1 review

This dish was a favorite of Mom's. She passed the recipe on to me when I got married. Now it's...

Contest-Winning Gone-All-Day Stew

10 reviews

This healthy stew is one of my husband's favorite meals. I always use fresh mushrooms, and I toss low-sodium bouillon...

Vegetable Meatball Stew

2 reviews

Meet the Cook: People who try this comment on how much they love the sweet potatoes. But they can never...

Tangy Beef and Vegetable Stew

6 reviews

How much does my husband like this stew? So much that he'll eat it cold! —Amberleah Homlberg, Calgary, Alberta

Baked Stew with Root Vegetables

1 review

This hearty, savory stew will fill you up without emptying your wallet! —Barb Templin, Norwood, Minnesota

Beef Stew Provencal

6 reviews

When I was young, my favorite food to order in a restaurant was beef stew. My mother and I decided...

Mushroom Beef Stew

10 reviews

Top this hearty stew with crumbled blue cheese just before serving to add a burst of flavor. Serve some now...

Meatball Stew

18 reviews

Many years ago, the Farm Journal published a recipe that became the "jumping-off point" for my version. It's as colorful...

Beef and Lamb Stew

1 review

I asked for this recipe after a recent trip to South Africa with my church. This stew includes lots of...

Burgundy Beef Stew

2 reviews

Mindy Ilar’s stew brims with home-cooked comfort. The St. Albans, West Virginia cook dresses up the dish with sirloin, turkey...

Southwestern Beef Stew

5 reviews

This zippy stew seasoned with picante sauce is great on cold winter evenings. The preparation is so easy…it’s ready in...

Loaded Vegetable Beef Stew

8 reviews

I first had this dish during a trip to Argentina a few years ago. It inspired me to recreate it...

Bavarian Meatball Stew

8 reviews

"This thick, tangy soup has been one of our favorites ever since my daughter gave me the recipe years ago,"...

Ground Beef Stew

1 review

Since I work all day, it's great to come home knowing I have a very delicious meal simmering in the...

Italian Beef Stew

2 reviews

Looking for a heartwarming meal-in-one on a nippy autumn evening? Try this hearty stew from Margaret Peschke in Hadley, New...

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Satisfying Beef Stew

9 reviews

This beef stew is so hearty and tastes even better the next day—if there are leftovers! It goes great with...

Northwoods Beef Stew

18 reviews

I live in northern Wisconsin, where we appreciate hot and hearty meals during our cold winters. Conveniently prepared in a...

All-American Beef Stew

21 reviews

My mother was born and raised in Japan and wasn't familiar with many American dishes when she married my father...

Beef Stew with Dilly Dumplings

For a comforting meal, try this savory stew from field editor Bernadine Dirmeyer of Upper Sandusky, Ohio. The combination of...

Red Flannel Stew

When I was a child, every Saturday night was red flannel night. Grandpa and I wore our red flannel long...

Hearty Busy-Day Stew

4 reviews

When I was still living in Missouri, a friend gave me all of her family cookbooks. I got the idea...