Cheddar Cheese Spread Recipes

Looking for recipes for cheddar cheese spread? Taste of Home has the best cheddar cheese spread recipes from real cooks like you, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips.

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    Easy Pimiento Cheese

    Every good Southerner has their own easy pimiento cheese recipe. It's wonderful on crackers, in a sandwich with a fresh summer tomato, inside a grilled cheese sandwich or plain with some crackers. —Josh Carter, Birmingham, Alabama

    Pimiento and Cheese Spread

    1 review

    This pimiento and cheese spread is a spicy, modern version of my mother's delicious recipe. Serve it stuffed in celery...

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    Warm Bacon Cheese Spread

    22 reviews

    My friends threaten to not come by unless this dip is on the menu! The rich spread bakes right in...

    Raspberry Cheese Spread

    7 reviews

    "A party guest brought this attractive appetizer to our home, and we fell in love with it," says Jane Montgomery...

    Pimiento Cheddar Spread

    I was a theater major in college, and our director's mother always made sure we were well fed. I was...

    Carrot-Shaped Cheese Spread

    2 reviews

    Cultivate compliments with this quick cracker spread coated with crushed tortilla chips. Taco seasoning, green onions and ripe olives dress...

    Kingpin Cheese Spread

    3 reviews

    This dish a great way to start off a bowling party. The creamy spread holds its shape well and is...

    Pineapple Cheese Spread

    2 reviews

    "This satisfying snack is real treat for my husband, who's watching his weight," reports Cindy Smith of Adel, Iowa. "Crushed...

    Christmas Cheese Ball

    15 reviews

    "This rich cheese spread is delicious and wonderfully attractive," says Esther Shank of Harrisonville, Virginia.

    Starry Cheese Spread

    Horseradish gives zip to this tasty cheese star that'll add sparkle to your holiday table. The creamy mixture is terrific...

    Bacon-Broccoli Cheese Ball

    15 reviews

    Meet the Cook: Needing a quick appetizer one night when dinner was running late, I combined a few leftovers into...

    Spruced-Up Cheese Spread

    4 reviews

    A neighbor who’s a wonderful cook gave me the recipe for this zippy cracker spread. It’s easy to shape into...

    Elegant Cheese Torte

    2 reviews

    Rich and creamy, this eye-catching torte makes quite an impression. Every time I take it to a party, it receives...

    Christmas Cheese Balls

    5 reviews

    Christmas at our house just wouldn't be complete without these rich cheese balls. Friends and family ask for them every...

    Appetizer Blue Cheese Logs

    1 review

    Three kinds of cheese and some curry powder make this cheese log a little more lively than most. Swipe it...

    Rack ’em Up Cheese Balls

    This billiard-inspired appetizer with chipped beef and three kinds of cheese can be served alongside clever breadstick "cues," as well...

    Dilly Cheese Ball

    4 reviews

    The whole family devours this herby cheese spread—even my son, the chef. Serve it with your favorite crackers. —Jane Vince,...

    Baked Cheddar Bacon Spread

    6 reviews

    Potlucks at work just aren't the same without this deliciously rich spread.
    —Kathy Fehr, Fairbury, Illinois

    Hot Cheese Spread

    Served with crackers, this cheese dip is a big hit at parties any time of the year.

    Monster Curried Cheese Ball

    Don't be afraid of this cheese ball! The combination of the bold chutney and the mellow cheddar and blue cheeses...

    Sunflower Cheese Ball

    Having lived in the Sunflower State all my life, I've loved using sunflower kernels in a variety of recipes. Here,...

    Cheddar Cheese Carrot

    1 review

    If you "carrot" all about serving up a good time for your guests, plant this playful appetizer on your party...

    Curried Chutney Cheese Spread

    It's impossible to stop eating this distinctive spread once you start. I like it because it's an eye-catching dish to...

    Sesame Cheese Ball

    I came up with this cheese ball when I combined two favorite recipes. Unlike some cheese spreads that can be...

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    Make-Ahead Triple Cheese Spread

    1 review

    This simple cheese spread appeals to every palate, so I rely on it often. It's a no-fuss favorite of mine...

    Wisconsin Cheddar-Cider Spread

    3 reviews

    Real aged sharp cheddar pairs well with sweet apple cider. Serve this as a spread with apple wedges and crackers....

    Nutty Mini Cheese Balls

    Ranch salad dressing mix is the fast flavoring for these cute cheese balls. If your family isn't fond of nuts,...

    German Beer Cheese Spread

    16 reviews

    We love recipes inspired by our German heritage. This tangy spread is fantastic served alongside everything, including pretzels and pumpernickel...

    Hot Bacon Cheddar Spread

    2 reviews

    This is go-to recipe when I'm have people over. The warm, luscious dip is always quite popular.—Cara Langer, Overland Park,...

    Ultimate Cheese Ball

    1 review

    This cheese ball has been a requested favorite of family and friends for more than 30 years. If I ever...