Meatball Soup Recipes

Set the pot to simmer with these recipes for meatball soup, including turkey meatball soup, spaghetti and meatball soup, Swedish meatball soup and more.

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Thai Meatball Soup

1 review

This son-approved, Thai-inspired soup—with meatballs, kale, carrots and creamy coconut milk—is warm deliciousness on a chilly day. —Arlene Erlbach, Morton Grove, Illinois

Easy Dutch Oven Minestrone Soup

6 reviews

This Dutch oven minestrone soup is quick to prepare with shortcut ingredients and is ready in less than an hour....


My Grandmother Trinidad loved making this albondigas recipe. We like to serve it over tostadas sprinkled with raw cabbage. —Wanda...

Vietnamese Chicken Meatball Soup with Bok Choy

6 reviews

Throughout Vietnam there are many kinds of soups, “canh,” served all year long. I particularly love enjoying this warm, flavorful...

Meatball Minestrone

4 reviews

Just thinking about this soup simmering on the stove gets me hungry! The homemade meatballs are so tasty. —Esther Perea,...

Couscous Meatball Soup

9 reviews

This soup will warm you up and takes just 25 minutes of prep time, making it a perfect weeknight meal....

Italian Wedding Soup with Meatballs

1 review

This soup is just wonderful. It's so filling and chock-full of veggies. I first simmered up a batch of this...

Meatball Soup

This meatball soup recipe is a hearty meal. It's great for chilly days. —Sue Miller, Walworth, Wisconsin

Hungarian Pepper Soup with Romano Crisps

This is my delicious version of a classic comfort food from my childhood: stuffed peppers. The cream cheese gives it...

Vegetable Meatball Soup

5 reviews

This is a delicious soup recipe that takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and is a great way to...

Southwest-Style Wedding Soup

4 reviews

I turned leftover ground chicken into meatballs and dreamed up this cozy southwestern soup. Now my Italian family asks for...

Red Curry Carrot Soup

8 reviews

With its mix of delicious colors, textures and flavors, this easy soup is something special. The meatballs make it hearty...

Chicken Escarole Soup with Meatballs

1 review

This is an old recipe from southern Italy. My mother gave it to me when I was first married. It...

Veggie Meatball Soup

12 reviews

It's a snap to put together this hearty soup before I leave for work. I just add cooked pasta when...

Slow-Cooked Meatball Soup

11 reviews

As a mother, I try to sneak as many veggies into my daughter's diet as I can. This savory soup...

White Bean Soup with Meatballs

3 reviews

It tastes like it's from scratch, but my Italian-inspired soup uses lots of shortcuts. For a meatball in every bite,...

Meatball & Pasta Soup

1 review

This power-packed soup is the perfect way to get my son to eat his spinach and actually like it. We...

Veggie Meatball Soup for 3

8 reviews

This hearty soup is a snap to put together before I leave for work. I just add uncooked pasta when...