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Looking for coleslaw recipes? Find coleslaw recipes for an addition to your meal including coleslaw dressing recipes, creamy coleslaw recipes, and more coleslaw recipes and ideas.

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Dolly Parton’s Coleslaw Is the Summer Side Dish You Need

This Dolly Parton coleslaw recipe from Dollywood's 1989 cookbook has a secret ingredient: pickles!

Copycat KFC Coleslaw

7 reviews

We love going to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Although we enjoy the chicken, we actually go for the coleslaw. We buy...

Strawberry-Pineapple Coleslaw

4 reviews

Sweet fruit, a tangy coleslaw dressing and colorful crisp cabbage make a wonderful combination to share with others. I think...

Coleslaw Waldorf Salad

Potlucks tend to have a lot of heavy dishes, so this bright, fresh Waldorf salad coleslaw recipe is a welcome...

This Easy Coleslaw Recipe Belongs in Your Recipe Box

This tangy, easy coleslaw recipe is just begging to be your next picnic side dish or barbecue topper.

Cucumber Coleslaw

4 reviews

I created this cucumber coleslaw recipe so I could use a julienne peeler I received as a gift. I had...

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Farmhouse Apple Coleslaw

16 reviews

A friend from church gave me this apple coleslaw recipe that her grandmother handed down to her. The flavors complement...

Fennel-Jicama Salad

3 reviews

This crunchy jicama salad contains no mayonnaise, making it a great dish to pass. Mint adds a refreshing flavor, but...

Caribbean Island Coleslaw

7 reviews

After trying a similar version of this coleslaw while visiting the island of St. Kitts, I returned home and wanted...

Thai Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

3 reviews

I created this salad to replicate one I tried on a cruise several years ago. It goes over very well...

45 Recipes with Coleslaw Mix to Make For Dinner Tonight

Put that pack of shredded veg in your fridge's crisper drawer to work in these tasty sandwiches, salads, soups and...

24 of the Best Coleslaw Recipes Ever

Any one of these coleslaw recipes will add extra crunch and color to your next cookout, barbecue or weeknight dinner.

Cabbage and Rutabaga Slaw

This is a favorite crunchy slaw that's a perfect way to use cool-weather veggies. We love it as a side...

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How to Make Coleslaw That’s Perfect for Barbecue Season

Creamy, tangy-sweet coleslaw is the perfect partner to any barbecue or meaty sandwich. Our Test Kitchen teaches you how to...

Sweet Pepper Cabbage Slaw

A simple cooked dressing and red pepper give this cabbage mixture a delightful sweet flavor. It’s perfect for parties and...

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Sweet ‘n’ Sour Coleslaw

Barbara Keith’s Sweet 'n' Sour Coleslaw comes together in just five minutes and brings bright flavor and crunch to the...

Poppy Seed Slaw

4 reviews

This colorful side can be put together in minutes for a tasty accompaniment to any backyard barbecue. —Mary McRae, Coldwater,...

Basil Dill Coleslaw

5 reviews

I was introduced to basil when I married into an Italian family. I loved the aromatic fragrance and flavor of...

Sauerkraut Slaw

3 reviews

This sweet crunchy combination marinates overnight, so it's handy to make ahead of time. "It's often served at barbecues and...

Raisin Coleslaw

3 reviews

Using purchased shredded cabbage cuts prep time for this salad. If you don't care for raisins, chop up some dried...

Ranch Coleslaw

5 reviews

From El Dorado, California, Mellanie McCreary shares this perfect last minute side dish. "When I was a newlywed, I came...

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Make-Ahead Coleslaw

A blend of vegetables adds pretty color and pleasant crunch to this coleslaw. It's nice to rely on do-ahead dishes...

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Mediterranean Broccoli Slaw

“The kalamata olives give an extra zip to this slaw, but for convenience, a 4-ounce can of sliced black olives...

Overnight Slaw

10 reviews

Think of slaw as a side for all seasons—but especially summer—and for all entrees. Fix this recipe ahead, and don’t...

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Texas Two-Step Slaw

10 reviews

Shared by Sharon Wencel of Austin, Texas, this quick and colorful slaw is laced with ranch dressing. “It's a family...

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Tangy Coleslaw

5 reviews

If you’ve been searching for the perfect coleslaw recipe, you can stop right here. This one has a terrific crunch,...

Broccoli Slaw with Lemon Dressing

11 reviews

Our family absolutely loves broccoli, so I'm so happy there's finally a slaw mix in stores that uses broccoli stems....

Southern Coleslaw

11 reviews

Lime and cilantro add refreshing accents to this tangy, yummy slaw. It's perfect for a summer get-together.—Laurel Leslie, Sonora, California

Pickled Cabbage

2 reviews

My mother picked up this pickled cabbage recipe in Pennsylvania, and as long as I can remember, there was always...

Thai Chicken Coleslaw

2 reviews

My love of Thai peanut sauce inspired this tasty salad creation that always has me going back for seconds. It...

Crunchy Asian Coleslaw

5 reviews

This flavor-packed twist on traditional creamy coleslaw makes a perfect complement to the Thai shrimp. The light, tangy vinaigrette enhances...