Cherry Pie Recipes

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    Grandma’s Favorite Cherry Desserts

    Pies, cobblers, cakes and more—Grandma's favorite cherry desserts are a revival of simpler days, amazing flavors and time well spent in the kitchen.

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    Cherry Plum Slab Pie with Walnut Streusel

    I love to make desserts with fruit all summer! If you use store-bought crust, I recommend stacking your two pie...

    Cherry Hand Pies

    6 reviews

    There's nothing better than a sweet, from-scratch delight like traditional cherry pie. These precious little hand pies always go fast...

    Cast-Iron Cherry-Berry Peach Pie

    I had an overabundant supply of cherries one year, so I adapted several recipes to use them up. I knew...

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    All-American Pie

    With apples, cherries and blueberries, this patriotic slab pie even tastes American. If the day doesn't call for stars and...

    Cherry Chocolate Pie

    1 review

    Package pudding mix, canned cherries and a frozen crust simplify preparation of this dessert. Friends often request it when they...

    Cherry Almond Mousse Pie

    19 reviews

    Treat your loved ones to a luscious pie with chocolate, cherries and nuts in a creamy vanilla mousse. It's a...

    Tree-mendous No-Bake Cherry Pie

    Cherries are my favorite fruit so every spring I look forward to fresh cherries. This pie contains the fresh cherries...

    Christmas Cherry Pie

    2 reviews

    Vibrant color and a medley of fruit in its filling make this pretty pie a standout. "This special dessert always...

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    Michigan Cherry Pie

    1 review

    This tart Michigan cherry pie is delicious with the streusel topping but even better crowned with a scoop of vanilla...

    Tart Cherry Pie

    2 reviews

    "My aunt and I are diabetic," remarks Bonnie Johnson of DeKalb, Illinois. "We both enjoy this yummy, fruity pie...and our...

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    Cherry and Chocolate Ice Cream Pie

    1 review

    We took cherry pie to a whole new level as a frozen treat. With a luscious layer of chocolate fudge...

    Cherry Rhubarb Pie

    I've got to share this recipe, which is a must in our house during rhubarb season. —Shirley Steele, San Jose,...

    Cherry Tarts

    1 review

    At our house, we celebrate George Washington's birthday with this cherry dessert.

    Country Fair Cherry Pie

    5 reviews

    A homemade cherry filling peeks out from a star-shaped pastry top. You can try different shapes for other occasions and...

    Almond Cherry Pie

    2 reviews

    I love trying new recipes for Christmas, but my husband can't get enough of the traditional classics-like this cherry pie.

    Little Cherry Pies

    Straight from our Test Kitchen, this version of America's all-time favorite dessert is a perfect fit for two. A can...

    Deep-Dish Cherry Pie

    1 review

    My great-aunt in Pennsylvania's a great country cook, and she gave this recipe to me. It's one of my husband's...

    Majestic Cherry Pie

    1 review

    Cherries are my favorite fruit so creating this pie featuring them was a hit in my family.—Louise Piper, Garner, Iowa

    Double Cherry Pie

    1 review

    The combination of tart canned cherries and dried cherries make this so yummy. This is the best cherry pie I...

    Makeover Cherry Pie Delight

    Chock-full of cherries, this little gem is packed with all the flavors that make cherry pie a classic, in a...

    Cherry Pie

    13 reviews

    A traditionally delicious treat is a slice of the best cherry pie recipe ever. —Frances Poste, Wall, South Dakota

    Cherry-Cream Crumble Pie

    2 reviews

    I created this yummy recipe for a cherry pie contest at the San Diego County Fair when i was first...

    Cherry Pineapple Pie

    1 review

    "My husband never liked cherry pie, until I added pineapple," says Carolyn Bartley of Curtice, Ohio.

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    Rhubarb Cherry Pie

    6 reviews

    As a young girl, I dreamed of being able to make pies like my mother. (Her rolling pin, which I...

    Raspberry Cherry Pie

    4 reviews

    No one can resist a slice (or two!) of this tart "cherry-berry" pie. Growing up, my sister and I requested...

    Cherry Blueberry Pie

    4 reviews

    Southwestern Michigan is noted for its fruit. I experimented and came up with this pie recipe that combines cherries and...

    Berry Cherry Pie

    4 reviews

    A neighbor shared this pie with me years ago, and now it has a big fan club. I'm always looking...

    Macaroon Cherry Pie

    8 reviews

    I use homegrown cherries in this bountiful pie with its unique crunchy coconut topping. But I've found that purchased tart...

    Cherry Berry Pie

    2 reviews

    Cherries and raspberries are plentiful here in Upper Peninsula. This recipe has been in my family many years. I won...