Spritz Cookie Recipes

Get creative in the kitchen with all of our best spritz cookie recipes, from old fashioned favorites to new goodies you just can’t keep in the cookie jar.

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    How to Make Spritz Cookies for the Holidays (or Any Day)

    Spritz cookies are a holiday classic and a must for any cookie tray. Learn how to make these treats (they're really easy!) and enjoy them during the holidays (and all year 'round).

    Our Favorite Spritz Cookie Recipes

    Spritz cookies are fun and delicious! The shapes, flavors and decorations you can use are practically endless, but these recipes...

    Orange Spritz Cookies

    5 reviews

    Brown sugar gives these spritz cookies a lovely light caramel tint. This variation has a rich buttery shortbread taste and...

    Spice Spritz Cookies

    4 reviews

    Tempting at a tea party or on any cookie tray, these crisp confections have a tantalizing twist—you perk them up...

    Nutty Orange Spritz Strips

    While living in Wisconsin years ago, I participated in an annual cookie exchange with my co-workers, and the other women...

    Buttery Yeast Spritz

    2 reviews

    Yeast may be an unusual ingredient for cookies, but the buttery flavor is fabulous. These were my mother's favorite cookies...now...

    Lime Spritz Cookies

    8 reviews

    The refreshing citrus flavor in these pressed cookies comes from lime gelatin. They're easy, festive and delightfully different— always a...

    Chocolate-Dipped Spritz

    4 reviews

    Some of my sisters and I get together for a weekend during the holidays to do nothing but bake cookies....

    Chocolate-Filled Spritz

    I found this delicious cookie recipe years ago. Over time, I decided to liven them up with a creamy chocolate...

    Cinnamon Spritz

    2 reviews

    With lots of cinnamon flavor, these rich buttery cookies are similar to a classic Snickerdoodle. The dough is so easy...

    Cream Cheese Spritz

    11 reviews

    A hint of orange and cinnamon highlights these Christmastime classics. I like to add colorful sprinkles before baking them. The...

    Dipped Pecan Spritz

    2 reviews

    With their pretty shapes, these treats look lovely at the center of the cookie plates I arrange for all our...

    Gingerbread Spritz

    2 reviews

    I get so busy during the Christmas season that cutout cookies are a hassle. But I love gingerbread and spritz...

    Raspberry Sandwich Spritz

    2 reviews

    I started baking these Christmas classics when I was a sophomore in high school...and I and still making them now...

    Spritz Wreaths

    These make a nice addition to a cookie exchange, bake sale or gift tray.—Judith Scholovich, Waukesha, Wisconsin

    Lemon Spritz

    2 reviews

    My mother made the yummy tinted cookies at Christmastime, and she always baked a big batch. My sister, brothers and...

    Lime Meltaway Spritz

    6 reviews

    "These sweet tangy lime cookies really melt in your mouth," relates Beverly Coyde of Gasport, New York.

    Holiday Spritz Wreaths

    At only 37 calories each, you can indulge your urge to eat more than one of these delightful cookies from...

    Browned-Butter Sandwich Spritz

    1 review

    A heavenly sweet maple filling makes these scrumptious spritz cookies a little different. You can count on them to come...

    Lemon-Butter Spritz Cookies

    18 reviews

    This recipe makes a lot of terrific cookies! It's great for Christmas when all the kids and grandkids visit. They...

    Lemon Cream Cheese Spritz

    2 reviews

    We liven up ordinary spritz cookies with lemon extract and peel. Cream cheese makes every bite tasty and tender. —Taste...

    Chocolate & Vanilla Spritz

    2 reviews

    These tender treats are so cute and have a great buttery flavor. The dough is easy to work with and...

    Holiday Spritz Cookies

    5 reviews

    These crisp buttery cookies make a welcome gift or sweet party treat. Color the dough in Christmasy hues and use...

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    Buttery Spritz Cookies

    52 reviews

    This tender spritz cookie recipe is very eye-catching on my Christmas cookie tray. The dough is easy to work with,...

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    Almond Spritz Cookies

    9 reviews

    This almond spritz cookies recipe can be left plain or decorated with colored sugar and frosting. In our house, it...

    Peanut Butter Spritz Fingers

    My family loves this peanut butter fingers recipe because they satisfy the need for chocolate and for something crunchy, sweet...

    Fruit-Filled Spritz Cookies

    6 reviews

    From the first time I baked these cookies, they've been a divine success. Old-fashioned and attractive, they make a perfect...

    Swedish Spritz Cookies

    5 reviews

    Every Christmas, my daughter and I have a 1-day cookie-making spree. We roll out more than 60 dozen cookies, including...

    Chocolate Spritz Trees

    I like to decorate these tasty chocolate morsels with a bit of chocolate or vanilla icing. In a pinch, confectioners'...

    Almond Cream Spritz

    11 reviews

    Love spritz cookies at Christmastime? Try this version featuring almond-flavored dough. Sprinkle them with colored sugar for the holidays or...