Linzer Cookie Recipes

Packed with sweet jam, these linzer cookie recipes are perfect for the holidays. Learn how to make classic Austrian linzzer cookies, chocolate linzer cookies and more.

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Cardamom-Blackberry Linzer Cookies

4 reviews

Deeply spiced cardamom is the perfect match for the jam of your choice in this family-favorite sweet treat. — Christianna Gozzi, Astoria, New York

Linzer Cookies

7 reviews

This specialty cookie takes a little extra effort, but the results are sweet! They really help to make the holidays...

Sweetheart Coconut Cookies

3 reviews

Ruby red jam and coarse sugar add a festive look to these crisp sandwich cookies that are the perfect gift...

Chocolate Linzer Cookies

1 review

Living in the town of North Pole, it's no surprise that I enjoy Christmas baking! My mom and I used...

Hawaiian Dream Cookies

2 reviews

These cookies are lovely as they are, but I'll sometimes use a light-colored sanding sugar for the top: First, lightly...

Linzer Tarts

3 reviews

With a creamy chocolate and hazelnut filling, these decadent Christmas cookies look and taste amazing. Guests will never guess how...

Raspberry Linzer Cookies

7 reviews

These wonderful cookies require a bit of extra effort to make and assemble, but the delight on the faces of...

Jam-Filled Wreaths & Hearts

1 review

I make these beautiful wreath-shaped cookies with jewel-red centers every Christmas. The dusting of powdered sugar gives them a snowy...

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Heart-Shaped Cookies

9 reviews

This specialty cookie takes a little extra effort, but the delectable results are well-worth it. I bake the tender jam-filled...