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Looking for gravy recipes? Find great tasting additions to your meal with gravy recipes including turkey gravy recipes, brown gravy recipes, and more gravy recipes and ideas.

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    20 Slow-Cooker Recipes That Taste So Much Better Doused in Gravy

    Every meal tastes better with gravy! Give these tasty, gravy-doused slow-cooker recipes a try.

    Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy Recipe

    My family loves gravy, so I can never have enough homemade gravy on hand for a holiday dinner. The...

    How to Make Gravy

    Our Test Kitchen shows you how to make gravy from scratch for your tastiest dinner yet.

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    20 Gravy-Soaked Southern Dishes We Love

    These Southern gravy-soaked recipes will take you back to Sunday meals at grandma's house.

    How to Make a Roux

    Roux is the foundation of some of your favorite dishes: gravy, macaroni and cheese, chowders, gumbo and more. We'll show...

    8 Mistakes You’re Probably Making with Homemade Gravy

    The process of learning how to make gravy is fraught with mistakes. Here's how to fix 'em!

    13 Ways to Use Leftover Gravy

    Gobble up that extra gooey goodness with these leftover turkey gravy recipe ideas!

    This Secret Gravy Trick Will Save Your Holiday

    Looking for the one way to make sure homemade gravy turns out perfectly for your feast? A restaurant chef shares...

    14 of Our Best Thanksgiving Gravy Recipes

    Make your own gravy from scratch! We've got plenty of delicious Thanksgiving gravy recipes to choose from.

    Drop Biscuits and Gravy

    3 reviews

    "We enjoy these flaky biscuits covered with creamy gravy not only for breakfast, but sometimes for dinner," reports Darlene Brenden...

    Kettle Gravy

    2 reviews

    This recipe can be used to thicken pan juices that form when meats are braised or cooked in a covered...

    Pantry Mushroom Gravy

    Keep these ingredients on hand to when you want to make gravy for recipes that don't make pan drippings. This...

    Jazzed-Up Gravy

    When there's no time to make gravy, or you run out of gravy to serve with leftovers, try this lifesaver...

    Simple Turkey Gravy

    3 reviews

    A traditional from-scratch gravy recipe will work for any roasted meat or poultry. Switch up the herbs to fit your...

    White Sausage Gravy

    1 review

    A Southern specialty, this hearty pork sausage gravy uses sausage drippings, milk and flour to make a thick creamy gravy...

    Holiday Turkey Gravy

    1 review

    I make this recipe a day ahead so I can get the food on the table faster on the big...

    Perfect Gravy

    My old fashioned gravy is the finishing touch to my family's holiday meal. Sliced turkey and mashed potatoes just wouldn't...

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    Mushroom-Rosemary Turkey Gravy

    1 review

    This smooth, rich gravy with an earthy mushroom flavor will complement turkey, pork, beef or potatoes beautifully! Cathy Tang -...

    Low-Fat Gravy

    2 reviews

    With this special sauce, folks on restricted diets don't have to pass on the gravy. Instead, they can say, "Please...

    Cheesy Sausage Gravy

    1 review

    I appreciate the make-ahead convenience of this breakfast dish shared by a friend many years ago. I've served this to...

    Creamy Onion Gravy

    You don't need to worry about having enough pan drippings from your turkey to make this gravy from our Test...

    Tangy Cranberry Gravy

    My husband and I first tasted this deliciously different gravy at my aunt’s house one Thanksgiving. Now I make it...

    Mushroom Sour Cream Gravy

    2 reviews

    My grandma made this gravy every Thanksgiving to drizzle over sliced turkey and stuffing. When I have leftover turkey and...

    Thanksgiving Gravy

    “Each of my granddaughters asked for my Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes when they got married,” notes Iola Egle, a field...

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    Sausage Gravy

    21 reviews

    This savory sausage gravy is a specialty amount country folds in our area. It's best served over fresh, hot biscuits....

    Apple Butter & Onion Gravy

    1 review

    This onion gravy recipe is so creamy and good I could eat it like soup. But it's best draped over...

    Grandma’s Turkey Gravy

    4 reviews

    Here’s a stress-free recipe that’ll impress Grandma herself! Seasonings and a shallot add wonderful flavor` to this velvety gravy, which...

    Old-Fashioned Tomato Gravy

    7 reviews

    My mother-in-law gave me this tomato gravy recipe. It's her very favorite breakfast. We—my husband, our two sons and I—also...

    Quick Sausage Gravy

    5 reviews

    I thought everyone knew how to make sausage gravy until my husband, George, and I served it for a breakfast...

    Country Sausage Gravy

    3 reviews

    The men in my family love this truly country breakfast dish because of its hearty flavor. I love it because...