Spinach Casserole Recipes

Find our best spinach casserole recipes, along with reviews, videos and helpful tips to make this your signature dish.

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    Spinach Egg Bake

    6 reviews

    This potluck pleaser showcases mouthwatering Wisconsin cheddar cheese. I first made this egg bake for an after-church breakfast. The big pan disappeared in a hurry!—Genny Derer, Madison, Wisconsin

    Elegant Vegetable Casserole

    2 reviews

    Please everyone at the table with this innovative and space-saving dish. Three traditional sides line up to create a tasty,...

    Tortellini Spinach Casserole

    18 reviews

    Spinach gives this popular casserole a fresh taste that will delight even those who say they don't like spinach. In...

    Baked Eggplant Italiano

    1 review

    “When my husband I decided that we wanted to lose weight, I created this main dish as a downsized substitute...

    Rice Spinach Casserole

    4 reviews

    "This nicely seasoned casserole combines popular rice and the goodness of fresh spinach," says Mathilda Navias of Tiffin, Ohio. "Topped...

    Four-Cheese Rice Casserole

    1 review

    My husband and I developed this recipe to avoid making a broccoli and rice casserole that we had relied on...

    Spinach Feta Strata

    8 reviews

    This is a fairly new recipe for me, but my family loved it the first time I made it. A...

    Veggie Lasagna

    7 reviews

    No one will even miss the meat when you serve this vegetable-rich lasagna. It has a fresh, full-bodied flavor. To...

    Green ‘n’ Gold Egg Bake

    15 reviews

    You'll need just five ingredients to assemble this healthy breakfast casserole. The firm squares have a delicious spinach flavor that's...

    Spinach Crumb Casserole

    "Even people who say they don't like spinach ask for the recipe for this cheesy vegetable bake," says Dorothy Tobison...

    Cheesy Spinach Bake

    5 reviews

    This is the best spinach recipe I've ever tasted! It's cheesy and delicious. I use the leftovers--if there are any--to...

    Egg and Spinach Side Dish

    With four young children, I'm always on the lookout for fast and flavorful recipes. This speedy side dish is a...

    Snappy Herbed Spinach

    2 reviews

    We have a small group that meets once a week for exercise and to share ideas on tasty lower-fat foods...

    Baked Creamy Spinach

    1 review

    Even folks not find of spinach find this creamy casserole irresistable. It's a favorite of my family at the holidays.

    Spinach-Stuffed Tomatoes

    2 reviews

    I refused to try spinach for many years. Then one day I found this interesting recipe and decided to give...

    Mushroom & Spinach Bread Pudding

    Want a change of pace from traditional stuffing? Try this savory bread pudding loaded with spinach and cremini mushrooms. It's...

    Creamy Parmesan Spinach Bake

    9 reviews

    My creamy, comforting side dish wonderfully rounds out any holiday dinner. Just a little of this rich casserole goes a...

    Spanakopita Casserole

    12 reviews

    This traditional Spanakopita Casserole features spinach and feta cheese. You can serve it as a side dish or meatless main...

    Spinach Mashed Potatoes

    1 review

    A lot of folks say they don't like spinach—until they try this super side dish. Everyone who has ever tasted...

    Spinach Hash Brown Frittata

    I love this recipe for its ease! Make it the night before, cover with plastic and pop it in the...

    Autumn Torte Rustica

    21 reviews

    The wonderful flavor and lovely look of this cheese and vegetable pie is worth the bit of extra effort it...

    Supreme Green Vegetable Bake

    4 reviews

    My paternal grandmother passed this recipe down to me. She also offered comments on different ways to prepare this dish,...

    Spinach Souffle Side Dish

    5 reviews

    You just can't make an easier, more delicious side dish than this. It's great with beef, pork and lamb, and...

    Garden Vegetable Quiche

    6 reviews

    Make your next brunch special with this fluffy, deep-dish quiche. Fresh rosemary enhances this delightful egg dish that's chock-full of...

    Upside-Down Meatless Pizza

    1 review

    I experimented with a recipe for upside-down pizza and make it into a meatless dish. It turned out very tasty.