Cabbage Casserole Recipes

Cabbage casserole recipes are comforting and delicious. Learn how to make the best—from stuffed cabbage casseroles to healthy versions.

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Cabbage Casserole

16 reviews

Even those who don't care for cabbage will enjoy it made this way. The tangy, creamy cabbage casserole goes exceptionally well with pork roast. —Ruby Williams, Bogalusa, Louisiana

Cabbage Cheddar Casserole

4 reviews

The flavors really blend well in this casserole. The crunch of the cornflakes adds to the texture contrast.

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Creamy Broccoli Cabbage

5 reviews

"My kids hated cabbage," recalls Lee Silvey of Snohomish, Washington. "But when times were hard, I wanted to make the...

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Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls

12 reviews

This marvelous meatless entree comes from my 89-year-old grandmother, who cooks a lot with grains, particularly bulgur. The zucchini is...

Scalloped Cabbage

24 reviews

My mother always made this dish as a treat, and now I do too. The combination of ingredients is just...

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Scalloped Creamy Cabbage Casserole

I always read the food section in newspapers and magazines. If I find a recipe that I think my family...

Cheddar Cabbage Casserole

2 reviews

Even those who don't generally care for cooked cabbage seem to like it this way.—Mildred Fowler, Thomaston, Georgia

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Cabbage Au Gratin

3 reviews

I think this recipe is the perfect example of "Mom's Sunday Best". It was a favorite with me and my...

Scalloped Cabbage Casserole

6 reviews

I've taken this dish to many church dinners and receive good comments every time. If your children won't eat cabbage,...

Au Gratin Cabbage

9 reviews

MY HERITAGE is Russian, and I have always loved cabbage. My husband didn't like it at all - until I...