Beef Pot Pie Recipes

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    Aberdeen Beef Pie

    1 review

    When set in the middle of the table, this hearty beef pie is the center of attention. With chunks of tender beef and tasty vegetables under a flaky pastry crust, this pure comfort food will welcome your family home. —Peggy Goodrich, Enid, Oklahoma

    Beef Stew Skillet Pie

    1 review

    Puff pastry makes a pretty topping for this homey skillet potpie. —Josh Rink, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Traditional Beef Potpie

    This is one of my family's favorite dishes. Nothing is as satisfying as a hearty slice of this mouthwatering potpie.—Beth...

    Beef Potpie

    Your sweetheart will swoon when you bring out this bubbly golden-topped potpie, a tried-and-true meal pleaser from Marian Clifton of...

    Beef Pot Pie

    2 reviews

    For more than a dozen years, this has been the No. 1 dish to serve company at our house. So...

    Beef Stew Pie

    6 reviews

    This tastes just like beef stew in a pie crust! My daughter and I serve it to our families often,...

    Pinwheel Steak Potpie

    14 reviews

    On cool nights, nothing hits the spot like a steaming homemade potpie—especially one you can get on the table fast....


    Some time ago, a co-worker brought a meat pie to lunch. The aroma was familiar—after one taste, I was amazed...

    Tasty Meat Pie

    11 reviews

    I work full time as a nurse, so I depend on quick and easy meals like this one. My sister...

    Quicker Beef PotPie

    This faster version uses a purchased pastry crust, frozen vegetables and a jar of gravy to reduce prep time...and the...

    Skillet BBQ Beef Potpie

    5 reviews

    Beef potpie is a classic comfort food, but who's got time to see it through? My crowd-pleaser is not only...

    Christmas Eve Meat Pie

    5 reviews

    When this pie is baking, my daughter says that the house smells like Christmas. This recipe evolved over the years...

    Spicy Bean and Beef Pie

    30 reviews

    My daughter helped me come up with this recipe when we wanted a one-dish meal that was different than a...

    Broccoli Beef Pot Pie

    1 review

    Twenty years ago, I ran my own restaurant. For the last 15, I've been a cook at our local school,...

    Hometown Pasty Pies

    3 reviews

    I prepare these in advance and freeze them for a quick dinner later, or to share with a friend or...

    Roast Beef Potpie

    4 reviews

    Everyone in the family will want a piece of this pie, and every home cook will appreciate a helping hand...

    Beef Potpie with Biscuits

    3 reviews

    I'm a stay-at-home mom who home-schools our three daughters, so my days are very busy. I often rely on meal-in-one...

    Vegetable Beef Potpie

    2 reviews

    This old-fashioned main dish is tried-and-true comfort food. The golden crust and savory filling make such a pretty presentation. I'm...

    Corned Beef Hash Rustic Pie

    This suppertime pie has all the yummies: homemade crust, seasoned potatoes, and lots and lots of corned beef and cheese....

    Ground Beef Potpie

    3 reviews

    A must-try for the meat-and-potato lover in your home, slices of this hearty meal-in-one are sure to satisfy. Best of...

    Favorite French Canadian Meat Pie

    12 reviews

    I’m a seventh-generation French Canadian, and my ancestors started the tradition of serving this meat pie on Christmas Eve. One...

    Pepper, Onion and Beef Potpie

    This hearty meat pie is filling, delicious and comforting. You’ll love the flaky crust, too.

    Rutabaga Pie

    3 reviews

    This is a variation of a recipe my mom used to make. I changed a few things so it's easier...

    Savory Meat Pie

    3 reviews

    A friend gave me this recipe after I had mentioned that my meat pies lacked "punch". The pie has a...

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    Beefy French Onion Potpie

    15 reviews

    I came up with this dish knowing my husband loves French onion soup. It's a good base for this hearty,...

    Beef and Mushroom Potpies

    2 reviews

    All the world loves a good potpie with its flaky crust, draped over a hearty package of meat, vegetables and...