Hamburger Casserole Recipes

Scroll through our hamburger casserole recipes to find the one that’s best for you! With hamburger casseroles with noodles, rice or potatoes, you can’t go wrong.

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      Air-Fryer Quick Tater Tots Bake

      I like to prepare this dish when I'm short on time. You can also make the bake a little fancier by assembling it in individual ramekins instead of one large baking dish. —Jean Ferguson, Elverta, California

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      25 Recipes You Can Make with a Pound of Taco Meat

      Whether you have leftover taco meat or make it in batches for busy nights, these ground beef recipes are perfect...

      Ranch Tater Tot Bake

      3 reviews

      This cheesy Tater Tot casserole is perfect to whip together when time before supper is short. Ingredients like crispy tots...

      Cheeseburger Stuffed Pasta Shells

      14 reviews

      You could call this a comfort food mashup made in heaven. Jumbo stuffed pasta shells are loaded up with cheeseburger...

      We Tried an Amish Yummasetti Noodle Casserole

      This ground beef dinner is a classic Amish recipe. I’m not sure where the name came from, but “yum” is...

      Sassy Southwest Stuffed Shells

      1 review

      When I was a child, my mom made this dish quite often. When I came across her recipe on an...

      12 Beef Dinner Recipes Made in a 8×8 Pan

      Where's the beef? We found it packed into these 8x8 dinner recipes.

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      Cheesy Fiesta Beef Casserole

      13 reviews

      Over the years I’ve tweaked this recipe to end up with a wonderful, quick weeknight meal. Feel free to spice...

      One-Pot Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta

      10 reviews

      When the weather's too chilly to grill, I whip up a big pot of this cheesy pasta. Believe it or...

      Slow-Cooker Tater Tot Casserole

      9 reviews

      What's not to love about classic Tater Tot casserole—especially when it's made in the slow cooker? You'll want to...

      Slow-Cooker Spanish Rice

      1 review

      Here's an economical dish with authentic Tex-Mex flavor. Even the little ones will go for this Spanish rice. —Sharon...

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      Spaghetti Squash Meatball Casserole

      11 reviews

      One of our favorite comfort-food dinners is spaghetti and meatballs. We're crazy about this lighter, healthier version that features so...

      Saucy Beef Casserole

      Fairwater, Wisconsin's Ferne Spielvogel relies on canned soups and crunchy chow mein noodles to flavor this hearty ground beef bake....

      Potato Beef Casserole

      5 reviews

      This comforting casserole from Sandra Jongs of Abbotsford, British Columbia is a snap to prepare. "To give this meat-and-potatoes meal...

      Beef Pot Pie

      2 reviews

      For more than a dozen years, this has been the No. 1 dish to serve company at our house. So...

      Stovetop Hamburger Casserole

      21 reviews

      This is quick comfort food at its best. Hearty and mildly seasoned, it's a fast supper that everyone in the...

      Slow-Cooked Pizza Casserole

      10 reviews

      A friend from church gave me the recipe for this satisfying slow-cooked casserole. It's always one of the first dishes...

      Hamburger and Potato Casserole

      1 review

      This recipe is such a hit it's "traveled" all over the country! My mother originated the recipe in Pennsylvania...I brought...

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      Ground Beef ‘n’ Biscuits

      15 reviews

      "This recipe was given to me by a good friend when I got married, and I have used it many...

      Cheesy Lasagna

      5 reviews

      The four different types of cheese make this lasagna a real crowd-pleaser. You can vary the amount of mozzarella, Monterey...

      Biscuit Pizza Bake

      16 reviews

      This recipe provides all the flavor of traditional pizza in a convenient casserole. It is packed with ground beef, pepperoni...

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      Chili Mac Casserole

      32 reviews

      This cheesy casserole uses several of my family's favorite ingredients, including macaroni, kidney beans, tomatoes and cheese. Just add a...

      Beef Taco Pie

      21 reviews

      I combine taco fixings with biscuit mix to create this zippy taco pie recipe. You can make it as mild...

      Cabbage Wraps

      3 reviews

      This is a delicious recipe for traditional cabbage rolls. In summer when tomatoes are plentiful, I use peeled fresh tomatoes...

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      Beefy Hash Brown Bake

      4 reviews

      A topping of french-fried onions provides a little crunch to this meaty main dish from Rochelle Boucher of Brooklyn, Wisconsin....

      Beef Potato Casserole

      6 reviews

      "I sometimes add chopped onion when browning the ground beef for this fast-to-fix main dish," relates Shirley Goering of New...

      Cheddar Beef Bake

      2 reviews

      Kids love this saucy noodle casserole and moms love the east of preparation. You can use whatever type of small...

      Creamy Beef Casserole

      2 reviews

      My mother and I own and operate a small baking business, so I have little free time to spend in...

      Pepperoni Pasta

      11 reviews

      I found this recipe in a cookbook from my mother's sorority. For a fun look, substitute half of the rotini...

      Green Bean Beef Bake

      1 review

      This recipe has been in our family for ages. We take it to just about every get-together...folks always rave about...