Hard Candy Recipes

Treat yourself to a hard candy recipe or two! Take a look at our collection of recipes, including a cinnamon hard candy recipes, and get tips and tricks for the best candy you’ve ever had.

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Soda Cracker Chocolate Candy

12 reviews

"My husband and I make several batches of this easy, chocolaty nut squares for holiday gifts," notes Margery Bryan of Royal City, Washington. "Most people are surprised to learn the recipe includes soda crackers."
Married for 22 years, the couple recently retired and sold their ranch. Both love to cook.

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Saltine Cracker Candy with Toasted Pecans

21 reviews

My kids and grandchildren love this saltine cracker candy recipe. The neighbor kids rush right over when they find out...

Crunchy Cracker Candy

2 reviews

When I first made this recipe, I thought I'd be stuck with lots of leftovers. But the big batch was...