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    Red Velvet Pound Cake

    1 review

    This delicious red velvet pound cake is the perfect combination of flavors. Make sure the cake has cooled before icing it; for extra crunch sprinkle some roasted pecans on top. —Robin Smith, Old Fort, North Carolina

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    Key Lime Pound Cake

    12 reviews

    This Key lime pound cake was inspired from a basic pound cake recipe that I like to play around with....

    Double Chocolate Espresso Pound Cake

    2 reviews

    Two of my biggest loves in life—chocolate and coffee—come together in this velvety pound cake. Grate some extra chocolate on...

    Butter Pound Cake

    1 review

    Whether garnished with fresh berries and sprigs of rosemary or just served plain, this rich cake is fabulous. It bakes...

    23 Pound Cake Desserts That Start with Store-Bought Cake

    Prepared pound cake can be a time-saving and extremely useful ingredient when you need a tasty treat on the double....

    Little Dixie Pound Cake

    4 reviews

    When my great-grandson and I eat dinner together, we're always happy to share this delightful dessert.—Ruby Williams, Bogalusa, Louisiana

    Peach Pound Cake

    16 reviews

    Our state grows excellent peaches, and this is one recipe I'm quick to pull out when they are in season....

    Mousse-Topped Pound Cake

    A smooth creamy filling with a mild cocoa flavor is spread on layers of pound cake, then topped with sliced...

    Easy Chocolate Pound Cake

    2 reviews

    —Cynthia Allen, Buffalo, Texas

    Eggnog Pound Cake

    3 reviews

    When you're having company, this cake—served with a custard sauce and a dash of nutmeg—inspires oohs and aahs.

    Million-Dollar Pound Cake

    4 reviews

    We've always included pound cake on our family menus, and through the years, I've tried many recipes, I can honestly...

    Black Walnut Pound Cake

    4 reviews

    I still remember my grandmother making this cake when I was a child...oh, how good it smelled and tasted!

    Almond-Lemon Pound Cake

    4 reviews

    This lemon-almond cake is the first cake I learned to make more than 30 years ago, and it’s still a...

    Pound Cake S’mores

    1 review

    This dessert requires almost no effort and there are no leftovers. These s'mores taste as good as the campfire version...

    Orange Date Pound Cake

    2 reviews

    Loaded with chewy dates and crunchy pecans, this cake is a "must" to take to family gatherings. The sweet and...

    Holiday Pound Cake with Strawberry Topping

    6 reviews

    We top off our Thanksgiving feast with this mellow, tender cake dressed up with a strawberry topping. Pound cake is...

    Caramel Pecan Pound Cake

    2 reviews

    My state is known for the delicious pecans it produces, so this recipe definitely represents Georgia. The pecan flavor comes...

    Pound Cake with Sherbet

    1 review

    Her fast finale, Pound Cake with Sherbet, is easy to assemble and sure to get compliments. "It's lusciously light and...

    Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

    32 reviews

    My mom has been making this chocolate chip cake recipe for 30 years. Topped with a chocolate glaze, it is...

    Golden Lemon Pound Cake

    4 reviews

    Years ago, while pastoring a church in New Mexico, I worked in a nursing home. For a Christmas party, I...

    Bananas & Cream Pound Cake

    16 reviews

    This banana pound cake got me a date with my future husband. At a church event, he loved it so...

    Coconut Pound Cake

    2 reviews

    This proven pound cake turns out perfectly moist every time. It doesn't need any frosting, just a dust of confectioners'...

    Grand Marnier Cranberry Pound Cake

    3 reviews

    This is a bit different than the usual pound cakes I've prepared. The combination of cranberries and orange liqueur is...

    Grilled Peaches & Pound Cake

    Brush up on grilling dessert with fresh peaches and pound cake. Store-bought cake makes it quick to prepare, and the...

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    Shamrock Cutout Pound Cake

    17 reviews

    My son Gabriel loves surprises inside cakes, like seeing a shamrock when this cake is sliced. Everyone wants to know...

    Chocolate-Cola Pound Cake

    1 review

    “This rich, delicious pound cake gets Southern flavor from pecans. This type of dessert is served at many Southern family...

    Taste-of-Summer Light Pound Cake

    This delicious, reduced-calorie pound cake brings the bright look and taste of summer to your table year-round. —Jill Bellrose, Portland,...

    Family Secret Chocolate Pound Cake

    This cake has been a longtime family favorite—I've been making it for 25 years.

    Ginger Pound Cake

    When I need to take a cake to a potluck dinner in fall, this is the recipe I reach for....

    Raisin Sauce for Pound Cake

    1 review

    This home—style dessert that takes just moments to prepare. “I often substitute white cupcakes for the pound cake,” says Charlene...