Angel Food Cake Recipes

Bake up the perfect angel food cake recipe with the help of our Test Kitchen. Our pros can walk you through how to make a classic angel food cake, which pans to use and how to make it look amazing.

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    Avoid these steps if you want a heavenly angel food cake.

    30 of Our Best Angel Food Cakes

    Here's how to make every dessert taste like heaven.

    This Is the Angel Food Cake You Should Be Buying

    Need a shortcut for your next dessert? Before you head to the store for your angel food cake mix, see...

    15 Delicious Ways to Make Angel Food Cake from Scratch

    Making angel food cake from scratch isn't hard—beaten egg whites are the secret to that light and airy texture. Angel...

    25 Desserts You Can Make with Angel Food Cake

    These angel food cake recipes make it easy to serve a stunning dessert. Buy the cake already prepared, make a...

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    Boston Cream Angel Cake

    5 reviews

    You can prepare this delectable dessert in no time. To change this cake to your family's liking, try different flavors...

    Rainbow Sherbet Cake Roll

    1 review

    This light and easy cake roll can be prepared year-round, but it's especially nice in the heat of summer. I...

    Creamy Mango Loaf Cake

    2 reviews

    For a refreshing finale, I dresses up prepared angel food cake with a handful of items; this recipe is the...

    Lemon Angel Food Supreme

    2 reviews

    This heavenly dessert has been in our family for years. Everyone loves wedges of this delicate angel food cake topped...

    Peachy Angel Food Dessert

    I love angel food and serve it often to company. This way anyone, no matter what their diet, they can...

    Pumpkin Angel Food Cake

    16 reviews

    Here's an easy way to jazz up an angel food cake mix using canned pumpkin, nutmeg and other spices. I...

    Angel Food Cake

    13 reviews

    This angel food cake has a completely different texture than the ones made from a mix. My family enjoys it...

    Quicker Lemon Angel Food Supreme

    3 reviews

    Boxed angel food cake speeds prep time but retains the cake's home-baked taste. And the no-cook version of sauce uses...

    Cherry Angel Delight

    2 reviews

    These tempting angel food treats fly from start to finish.—Ida Wing, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

    Lime Angel Food Cake

    2 reviews

    For my husband's family reunion, I took a store-bought angel food cake and turned it into this special dessert with...

    Angel Food Cake Roll

    24 reviews

    There's always room for dessert—especially when it's this eye-catching angel food cake roll. We like strawberry yogurt in the filling,...

    Angel Food Delight

    3 reviews

    For a show-stopping ending to the meal, the delicious cake only needs four ingredients. It's so simple to make ahead...

    Homemade Angel Food Cake

    "Whipped cream and a hint of chocolate make this cake delightful," remarks Joan Schroeder of Pinedale, Wyoming.

    Toffee Mocha Dessert

    2 reviews

    "Angel food cake takes on richness and bold flavor in this special treat," pens Jean Ecos of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

    Lemonade Angel Fluff

    Katherine Stallwood of Kennewick, Washington recommends this fluffy refreshing dessert.

    Caramelized Angel Dessert

    1 review

    "This quick-and-easy treat is wonderful," assures Sharon Bickett of Chester, South Carolina. Cake slices, spread with a sweet caramel-like sauce...

    Vanilla Bean Angel Food Cake

    3 reviews

    Angel food cake is everyone’s favorite blank slate for making awesome desserts. Serve it with a simple glaze or pile...

    Light Tiramisu

    2 reviews

    "I call this my 'skinny' dessert," Jackie Newell says with a smile. "It tastes just like the traditional Italian dessert,...

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    Sherbet Angel Torte

    1 review

    For a dramatic dessert, you can't miss with this torte, shared by Amy Nichols of Brownville, Maine. "It's a wonderful...

    Pineapple Angel Food Torte

    2 reviews

    In Duncansville, Pennsylvania, Jane Lynn uses a few simple ingredients to transform prepared angel food cake into an impressive dessert....

    Orange Pineapple Dessert

    "This fluffy salad goes over well at church dinners and potlucks," relates Shirley Radtka from Massillon, Ohio. "I've shared the...

    Marbled Peppermint Angel Cake

    1 review

    Although it doesn't puff up as much as other angel food cakes during baking, the refreshing minty flavor and festive...

    Toasted Angel Food Cake

    1 review

    "A scrumptious dessert just for one is even more satisfying if it's quick and easy like this fun treat," says...

    Espresso Cream Cake

    “After a satisfying meal, I like to go with something light for dessert. This recipe combines two of our favorite...