Roll Recipes

A good roll recipe can take any dinner from ordinary to special. Learn how to make yeast rolls so you can elevate any occasion. We’ve got the recipes and how-tos to help.

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Basil Tomato Rolls

I made these rolls from my Aunt Ethel's recipe. The tomato herb filling rises and spills over the top of the crusty roll tops. Folks have a hard time eating just one.

Mom’s Dinner Rolls

My mother was always experimenting with recipes. She had a knack for combining the right ingredients. This is one of...

Bacon-Onion Crescent Buns

These savory crescents are a hit with everyone. They're very tasty served alongside many main dishes as well as for...

Chicken Rolls

1 review

These rolls take some time to prepare, but it's worth it! Everyone enjoys the savory filling wrapped inside a soft,...

Bacon-Onion Oatmeal Buns

All six of my kids are now grown and gone, but I still bake and cook every day. This is...

Surprise Sausage Bundles

7 reviews

Kielbasa and sauerkraut star in a tasty filling for these scrumptious stuffed rolls, which make a great dinner with soup...

Herbed Sandwich Buns

"I use the dough setting on my bread machine to make these nicely seasoned buns," relates Patty Thompson of Jefferson,...

Apple-Raisin Egg Rolls

Tender apples are rolled inside crisp egg roll wrappers for a deliciously different dessert. As fancy as these treats look,...

Green Onion Rolls

6 reviews

Better double the batch! These savory, elegant rolls will disappear fast. —Jane Kroeger, Key Largo, Florida