Roll Recipes

A good roll recipe can take any dinner from ordinary to special. Learn how to make yeast rolls so you can elevate any occasion. We’ve got the recipes and how-tos to help.

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No-Knead Citrus Rolls

2 reviews

Margaret Otley's flavorful homemade rolls can come fresh from the oven any morning. "Besides the fact that they don't require kneading, the goodies are ideal to start preparing the night before and then bake for breakfast," she pens from Waverly, Nebraska. "You won't have to get up at the crack of dawn, either...but the sweet filling and flaky texture will taste like you did!"—Margaret Otley, Waverly, Nebraska

Lemon Buns

These sweet lemony rolls are always a hit no matter where I take them. I enjoy baking— especially with yeast—...

Lemon-Drop Dinner Rolls

My family loves these rolls with Christmas dinner. Their lemony flavor is a nice accompaniment to turkey and all the...

Lemony Nut Rolls

My grandmother had these light, lemon rolls waiting for the men when they came in from working the fields on...

Tender Lemon Rolls

5 reviews

Light and tender, these golden rolls are filled with a lemon curd sauce and lightly glazed. A sprinkle of walnuts,...

Gooey Lemon Rolls

My mother made these hard-to-resist rolls when I was young. I always warm up after having one, and so will...

Spiced Fruited Hot Cross Buns

1 review

“Who says you should only eat Hot Cross Buns in April?” asks Alina Niemi of Honolulu Hawaii. “The bread machine...