Roll Recipes

A good roll recipe can take any dinner from ordinary to special. Learn how to make yeast rolls so you can elevate any occasion. We’ve got the recipes and how-tos to help.

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Braided Peppery Cheese Rolls

1 review

These eye-catching braided rolls are a wonderful accompaniment to any meal. The coarsely ground pepper isn't overpowering. I sometimes like to use the dough when making hamburger buns.

Paradise Buns

"I think frozen bread dough should be called magic dough because there is so much you can do with it,"...

Bacon-Cheese Pinwheel Rolls

It's no wonder my husband adores these pinwheels. I got the original recipe from his mother. They taste great warm...

Cheesy Onion Burger Buns

These buns regularly get packed as part of my husband's lunch! I've copied this recipe for many people—one of the...

Cheddar-Bacon Swirled Rolls

I let the bread machine do the work to make these homemade rolls. Swirls of onion and bacon in a...

Twister Cheddar Rolls

1 review

As flaky as homemade puff pastry, these buttery rolls bring compliments every time I serve them. Because they start with...

Cheddar Pan Rolls

3 reviews

Thanks to the cheesy dough, these rich cheddar rolls have a gorgeous golden color and fabulous flavor. —Esther Current, Kitchener,...

Baker’s Dozen Yeast Rolls

85 reviews

A yummy honey-garlic topping turns these easy dinner rolls into something extra special. Try ’em with soups and chili. —Taste...

Jumbo Jalapeno Cheddar Rolls

3 reviews

Add some excitement to your buffet with these colorful rolls. The cheddar cheese and jalapeno flavors are mild, but everyone...

Cheddar-Squash Cloverleaf Rolls

2 reviews

My rolls started out as a basic bread recipe, and I adapted it to our tastes. They’re perfect with a...