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A good roll recipe can take any dinner from ordinary to special. Learn how to make yeast rolls so you can elevate any occasion. We’ve got the recipes and how-tos to help.

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Freeze-and-Bake Rolls

11 reviews

Almost any occasion's right for these handy rolls—I keep them in the freezer for Sunday meals and for company (they have never failed to taste fresh), and I've served them for everything from baptisms to family dinners.
My husband and I have three children, ranging in age from 8 to 4.

Easy Cinnamon Apple Rolls

This recipe is simplified by starting with frozen bread dough. Chopped apple contributes to the texture and taste. I like...

Seasoned Parmesan Rolls

1 review

I mix seafood seasoning and cheese into the dry ingredients and use the dough setting on my bread machine for...

Wholesome Burger Buns

2 reviews

I make this recipe on a regular basis in the summer months when we're grilling up our favorite burgers.—Loraine Thomas,...

Whole Wheat Rolls

5 reviews

These rolls rise high and are a light, fluffy and slightly sweet accompaniment to any meal.—Jennifer Martin, East Sebago, Maine

Basil Cloverleaf Rolls

1 review

Hints Audrey Thibodeau of Mesa, Arizona, "This dough will keep for 3 days in the refrigerator, so you can have...

Onion Sandwich Rolls

These tempting rolls have a mild onion flavor from handy dry soup mix. They are great with Italian meals or...

Ranch Hamburger Buns

"The dough setting on my bread machine makes it easy to prepare fresh rolls in a variety of shapes," relates...

Asparagus Ham & Cheese Rolls

4 reviews

Chock-full of fresh flavor, these scrumptious snacks are perfect to pack for a picnic or ball game. When I'm pressed...

Honey Cloverleaf Rolls

1 review

"Honeybees like to build their hives near fields of thyme," explains Eleanor Davis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. "These lovely rolls include...

Sweet Potato Pan Rolls

1 review

This tender rolls are one of my brothers favorites so I make them often. Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, they...

Grandma’s Zwieback Rolls

3 reviews

When Mother baked zweiback rolls—which means "twice baked"—she'd guard them, lest they disappear quickly! She would bake them on Sundays...

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Honey-Squash Dinner Rolls

5 reviews

These puffy dinner rolls take on rich color when you add squash to the dough. Any squash variety works. I've...

Onion Mustard Buns

5 reviews

As an avid bread baker, I was thrilled to find this recipe. It makes delectably different rolls that are a...

Yogurt Yeast Rolls

1 review

People tend to snap up these fluffy, golden rolls, in a hurry whenever I take them to a potluck. It's...

Dilly Onion Dinner Rolls

These light, golden rolls are packed with the flavors of onion and dill. The dough can also be rolled out...

Pillow-Soft Dinner Rolls

21 reviews

The dough for these rolls has a nice texture and is simple to shape. The recipe came from an old...

Morning Cinnamon Rolls

19 reviews

Convenient crescent roll dough hurries along these yummy glazed rolls. I found the recipe in a cookbook. It's great with...

Triple-Tasty Cloverleaf Rolls

Three types of dough—white, wheat and cornmeal—dress up everyday cloverleaf rolls. Pass a basket for an eye-catching addition to the...

Homemade Butternut Squash Rolls

2 reviews

My grandma loves these light moist rolls, and so do my nieces and nephews. They are a great way to...

Paradise Buns

"I think frozen bread dough should be called magic dough because there is so much you can do with it,"...

Herb-Swirled Rolls

2 reviews

These rolls make an elegant accent to any meal. They also freeze well or can be made ahead of time...

Honey Wheat Rolls

4 reviews

I saved this delicious recipe for a light wheat roll in my book of most-liked recipes. They are super easy...

Bacon-Onion Oatmeal Buns

All six of my kids are now grown and gone, but I still bake and cook every day. This is...

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Potato Refrigerator Rolls

1 review

"I started make these rolls in the 1960s because my children liked their meat or cheese separate from their bread,"...

Dilly Spoon Rolls

1 review

These cute dill-flavored rolls baked in muffin cups are a great accompaniment to almost any main course. "They're a family...

Bread Machine Crescent Rolls

2 reviews

Leftover mashed potatoes never last long around our house...I simply turn them into these easy-to-make crescent rolls!

Golden Crescent Rolls

In Indianapolis, Indiana, Bertha Johnson's tender yeast rolls have been a Sunday dinner staple for many years.

Cinnamon Buns

1 review

With a yummy cinnamon-raisin flavor and a drizzle of vanilla glaze, these tender sweet rolls are a real taste treat....