Irish Soda Bread Recipes

Irish soda bread is a quick bread with unique flavor. Browse our traditional Irish soda bread recipes and bake a loaf for brunch or St. Patty’s Day.

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Homemade Irish Soda Bread

7 reviews

Some people consider bread to be the most important part of a meal...and this Irish bread satisfies such folks! This recipe is by far the best soda bread I've ever tried. With the addition of raisins, it is moist and delicious! —Evelyn Kenney, Trenton, New Jersey

Best Irish Soda Bread

4 reviews

This recipe is similar to the one passed down through generations of my Irish family. I rarely touch a mixer...

Moist Irish Soda Bread

7 reviews

I'm allergic to yeast, so I appreciate recipes for quick breads, biscuits and soda breads. This tender loaf that's dotted...

Favorite Irish Soda Bread

31 reviews

My best friend, Rita, shared this irresistible Irish soda bread recipe. It bakes up high, with a golden brown top...

Easy Irish Soda Bread

54 reviews

This is the best Irish soda bread I've ever had. It's lighter and softer than most others I've tried. We...

Simple Irish Soda Bread

5 reviews

It must be the luck of the Irish to get to share the scrumptious recipe for this well-known Irish bread....

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Classic Irish Soda Bread

47 reviews

This traditional Irish soda bread can be made with an assortment of mix-ins such as dried fruit and nuts, but...

Fast Irish Soda Bread

3 reviews

THIS RECIPE came all the way from Tipperary, Ireland, where my great-grandmother lived.
I have eaten Irish Soda Bread...

Onion & Garlic Soda Bread

This is one of my favorite recipes for soda bread. It's versatile, so you can make endless sweet or savory...

Quick Irish Soda Bread

Each bite of this traditional loaf is dotted with raisins. My family considers this my "best ever" bread recipe. I...