Fritter Recipes

What’s a better appetizer than a good fritter recipe? Nothing. Try these corn fritter recipes, potato fritter recipes , apple fritter recipes and more!

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    Peachy-Keen Halloumi Fritters

    Use up the season's juicy, sun-ripened peaches in this corn fritter recipe filled with gooey Halloumi cheese and sweet onions. These fritters are decadent and slightly sweet, and homegrown herbs add a fresh taste. The addition of prosciutto makes this recipe feel fancy with little effort. —Chainey Kuykendall, Richmond, Virginia

    Green Chile Corn Fritters

    This is a crispy side dish, appetizer or snack to add to a Mexican meal. The corn fritters also go...

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    Air-Fryer Chickpea Fritters with Sweet-Spicy Sauce

    1 review

    Chickpeas are a common ingredient in many dishes in Pakistan where I grew up. I incorporate the tastes of my...

    Air-Fryer Apple Fritters

    6 reviews

    An air fryer makes these easy apple fritters healthier than old-fashioned fritters, yet they are still just as delicious. They're...

    Old Tavern Corn Fritters

    4 reviews

    Two co-workers who also subscribe to Taste of Home helped me convince the owners of The Old Tavern, Gary and...

    Orange Fritters

    My daughter made a citrusy version of apple fritters for 4-H demonstrations at our county and state fair. This crowd-size...

    Chipotle Corn and Cranberry Fritters

    This is a unique appetizer that will get rave reviews at your next party. The perfect mix of sweet and...

    Chicken Corn Fritters

    2 reviews

    I've always loved corn fritters, but they weren't satisfying as a main dish. I came up with this recipe and...

    Apple Fritter Rings

    5 reviews

    These old-fashioned fried apple rings are the perfect way to end an inexpensive meal. —Bernice Snowberger, Monticello, Indiana

    Pear Fritters

    1 review

    "My husband and I enjoy these fritters with morning coffee," writes Kelly Cox, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

    Peppered Corn Fritters

    The addition of cumin complements the corn and peppers in these fritters that will be eaten up as quick as...

    Buttermilk Berry Fritters

    Your family's mouths will start watering when they dream about the crispy outside and soft inside of these fantastic fritters....

    Lemon Ricotta Fritters

    2 reviews

    These mouthwatering fritters are golden brown outside, soft and cakelike inside, and have a lovely citrusy and creamy flavor from...

    Ham ‘N’ Corn Fritters

    2 reviews

    This old-fashioned recipe's pretty golden fritters are a perfect addition to any down-home brunch. You'll be amazed at how quickly...

    Confetti Carrot Fritters

    Crispy, sweet and savory, these delicate fritters are a fun twist on the traditional fruit-filled variety. They're yummy served with...

    Caramel Covered Banana Fritters

    "This is my family's favorite twist on a banana split," says Heidi Duquette of Morrisonville, New York. "It's delicious on...

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    Carrot Zucchini Fritters

    4 reviews

    I'm always looking for flavorful recipes that increase my veggie intake without being saturated in cheese or cream sauces. This...

    Carrot Fritters

    2 reviews

    Crispy and mild-flavored, this fun finger food always gets snatched up quickly. If there are any leftovers, they reheat well...

    Banana Fritters

    Soon after I made these fritters for the first time, my husband began requesting them on a regular basis. I...

    Spicy Pumpkin Fritters

    3 reviews

    My husband is a lifelong veggie hater, but he tried these deep-fried pumpkin bites and fell in love. Serve them...

    Corn ‘n’ Ham Fritters

    —Nancy Foust, Stoneboro, Pennsylvania

    Zucchini Fritters

    28 reviews

    One day I wanted to serve zucchini as a side dish—but I didn't have the time to slice and deep-fry...

    Sliced Apple Fritters

    Apple lovers will love these! They're good for breakfast or any meal.

    Chickpea Fritters with Sweet-Spicy Sauce

    1 review

    Chickpeas are a common ingredient in many dishes in Pakistan where I grew up. I have combined the light spice...

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    Marina’s Golden Corn Fritters

    4 reviews

    Just one bite of these fritters takes me back to when my kids were young. Nowadays for our get-togethers, I...

    Sugary Apple Fritters

    10 reviews

    My kids love these fritters year-round, but I get even more requests in the fall when there are plenty of...

    Yummy Zucchini Fritters

    16 reviews

    You will not believe how fast these disappear. Even confirmed veggie-haters devour these tasty snacks as fast as I can...

    Orlando Orange Fritters

    4 reviews

    In later years, when Mother at long last retired her faithful old country stove, she moved to Florida. When grandchildren...

    Clam Fritters

    10 reviews

    We had clam fritters every time we went to Rhode Island. I looked for a recipe and finally found this...

    Lemon Risotto Fritters with Lemon-Cilantro Dipping Sauce

    I love LEMON and anytime I make sometime I like -- then it's special to me.