Focaccia Recipes

Don’t go digging for the perfect Italian focaccia recipe. From easy focaccia recipes to fluffy focaccia with all the seasonings, find your favorites here.

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    Cherry Tomato & Basil Focaccia

    3 reviews

    When I had 80 pounds of tomatoes, I got creative incorporating them into meals. Sometimes I slice this loaf into squares to make sandwiches with fresh mozzarella cheese and deli meats. —Katie Ferrier, Houston, Texas

    Focaccia Barese

    2 reviews

    This focaccia recipe has been in my mom's family for several generations. It's one of my most requested dishes. In...

    Chipotle Focaccia with Garlic-Onion Topping

    3 reviews

    Chipotle peppers leave some people tongue-tied; others can't get enough of the smoky heat. I came up with this recipe...

    Rosemary Focaccia

    1 review

    The savory aroma of rosemary in this classic bread is simply irresistible. This rosemary focaccia bread tastes great as a...

    Onion Focaccia

    The versatility of this bread and ease of preparation, makes it very popular in my household. It also saves me...

    Rosemary-Garlic Focaccia Bread

    3 reviews

    This bread smells wonderful when it’s baking in the oven. I make it mostly during the summer when rosemary is...

    Tomato-Herb Focaccia

    18 reviews

    With its medley of herbs and tomatoes, this rustic bread will liven up any occasion, whether it’s a family dinner...

    Vegetable Focaccia

    "This popular recipe began as herb focaccia but gradually came to include our favorite vegetables," writes Michele Fairchok of Throop,...

    Herbed Onion Focaccia

    1 review

    This recipe makes three savory flat breads, but don't be surprised to see them all disappear from your dinner table!

    Olive Focaccia

    When I add my own special touches to a basic focaccia recipe—including sun-dried tomatoes, olives and roasted sweet red peppers—the...

    Sage Fontina Focaccia

    These rustic loaves have plenty of sage flavor—a tasty addition to any feast.
    — Beth Dauenhauer, Pueblo, Colorado

    Herb Focaccia Bread

    This well-seasoned yeast bread adds an attractive accent to any Italian meal...and the aroma while it's baking is scrumptious. The...

    Tomato & Brie Focaccia

    1 review

    Combine tender, golden yeast bread with creamy, melted brie and tomatoes, and you've got an appetizer that guests will line...

    Cinnamon Focaccia

    1 review

    From Baldwin City, Kansas, field editor Page Alexander notes, "A cinnamon-sugar and nut topping and a drizzle of glaze add...

    Garlic Onion Focaccia

    3 reviews

    I use my bread machine to prepare the dough for this savory Italian flat bread. It's a great addition to...

    Quicker Cheesy Onion Focaccia Bread

    Turn an everyday dinner into a special meal with oven-fresh cheese bread featuring convenient bread dough. —Simple & Delicious Test...