Pacific Northwest

Sample these quintessential Pacific Northwest recipes from Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and you’ll know why PNW cooking is so easy to love.

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Grandmothers Hot Deviled Dungeness Crab Dip

Every December when Dungeness Crab season opened off the coast of Oregon, my grandmother always made this hot dip. I remember she had this old newspaper clipping with the recipe. My father then made it, and now every year I make it. It tastes the same and reminds me of the start of the holiday season.

Minty Avocado Christmas Cookies

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Best known in the Southwest, avocado cookies are becoming more popular now that avocados are available year-round. These minty cookies...

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San Francisco Cioppino

Traditionally, cioppino is made with whatever seafood was caught that day or whatever seafood is on hand. It began as...

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26 Comfort Foods All West Coasters Know

When it comes to comfort food, the West Coast is the best coast! From fish tacos to pork chili verde,...

Green Curry Salmon with Green Beans

2 reviews

Like a lot of people here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, my boyfriend, Michael, loves to fish. When we have...

Grilled Salmon Steaks

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This is a terrific way to fix grilled salmon steaks, and it's so easy to do. The marinade mellows the...

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Contest-Winning New England Clam Chowder

145 reviews

This is the best New England clam chowder recipe, ever! In the Pacific Northwest, we dig our own razor clams...