You can enjoy the zesty flavors of Cajun recipes at home. Browse our Cajun cuisine for potluck ideas for a crowd and classic and healthy Cajun dishes.

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    How to Make Pain Perdu, with Leigh Ann Chatagnier

    This cookbook author found her love of food in Louisiana—and now she's sharing her favorite Cajun brunch recipe.

    Muffuletta Wellingtons

    This recipe is inspired by the muffuletta, a sandwich originating in New Orleans that's made with deli meat and olive...

    Dutch Oven Red Beans and Rice

    14 reviews

    This is a one-pot meal that's ready in about 30 minutes. It is one of my husband's favorites and uses...

    Pressure-Cooker Jambalaya Risotto

    2 reviews

    I love making this pressure-cooker jambalaya, especially when entertaining. The risotto makes it creamy and delicious. —Janice Elder, Charlotte, North...

    Pressure-Cooker Andouille Lentil Chili

    1 review

    This recipe has been in my family for a number of years, and it's still a hit today. The smoky...

    Cheesy Cajun Shrimp and Grits

    1 review

    I was born and raised in the South. A few years ago I moved to Pennsylvania, where good Southern comfort...

    Air-Fryer Nashville Hot Chicken

    9 reviews

    I live in Tennessee and absolutely love our state's famous Nashville hot chicken. To make cooking it easier, I thought...

    Pressure-Cooker Red Beans and Rice

    2 reviews

    My family loves New Orleans-style cooking, so I make this dish often. I appreciate how simple it is, and the...

    Pressure-Cooker Cajun-Style Beans and Sausage

    3 reviews

    Beans and rice make the perfect meal because they're well-balanced, an excellent source of protein, and easy to prepare. Sausage...

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    Cajun Grilled Shrimp

    The kicked-up marinade on these shrimp makes this a flavor-packed dish. Serve over rice, and make sure to squeeze those...

    Spicy Cajun Potato Salad

    8 reviews

    Here in Louisiana we have a lot of get-togethers, and if you want your dish to be chosen over all...

    Shrimp Po’Boys with Pineapple Slaw

    3 reviews

    This twist on the traditional po'boy sandwich adds flavor and veggies while reducing fat and calories. For a smoked flavor,...

    Chicken Jambalaya

    7 reviews

    This is a great easy chicken jambalaya recipe. It's great to serve at parties and it reheats well after! —Lynn...

    Shrimp Chowder

    38 reviews

    I simmer my rich and creamy shrimp soup in the slow cooker. Because the chowder is ready in less than...

    Veg Jambalaya

    7 reviews

    This flavorful entree uses convenient canned beans in place of the meat—and never lets you leave hungry. —Crystal Jo Bruns,...

    Blackened Chicken and Beans

    22 reviews

    My husband loves any spicy food, and this is one quick-fix recipe we can both agree on. As the chicken...

    Buttery Cajun Popcorn

    Cheesy and spicy, this finger-lickin' snack with just a hint of lime is downright addictive! —Beth Stengel, North Hollywood, California

    Big-Batch Jambalaya

    18 reviews

    I make this dish for football-watching parties because it feeds so many people. It leaves my mouth watering for it...

    Mardi Gras King Cake

    7 reviews

    This frosted king cake is the highlight of our annual Mardi Gras party. If you want to hide a token...

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    Blend of the Bayou

    24 reviews

    My sister-in-law shared this recipe with me when I first moved to Louisiana. It's been handed down in my husband's...

    Zippy Praline Bacon

    4 reviews

    We live on a lake and have many overnight guests, so I serve brunch often. I'm always looking for recipes...

    Cajun Shrimp

    6 reviews

    These zippy shrimp bring a lot of pizazz to the table. Use as much or as little cayenne pepper as...

    Chive-Cheese Cornbread

    7 reviews

    This cornbread goes well with any main dish. The chives and sharp cheddar cheese give it a special flavor. —Sybil...

    Cajun Chicken Pasta Bake

    13 reviews

    My family loves pasta, so I decided to get in the kitchen and come up with my own chicken pasta...

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    Cajun Beef Casserole

    28 reviews

    Your little ones who refuse to eat veggies won’t complain one bit when you bring this cheesy casserole with a...

    Bayou Okra Sausage Stew

    2 reviews

    My husband and I worked on this recipe together. We make a big pot and freeze it to enjoy all...

    Oyster Sausage Stuffing

    3 reviews

    I’ve had this wonderful recipe for more than 30 years and always use it during the holidays. It’s so rich...

    Classic Crab Cakes

    18 reviews

    Our region is known for good seafood, and crab cakes are a traditional favorite. I learned to make them from...

    Hearty Jambalaya

    14 reviews

    Mel Miller of Perkins, Oklahoma shares this meaty and satisfying jambalaya.

    Black-Eyed Pea Sausage Stew

    4 reviews

    I always wanted to try black-eyed peas. I happened to have smoked sausage on hand one night, so I invented...