Discover our favorite Korean recipes (like Korean BBQ). We have plenty of Korean recipes for beginners that are quick, healthy and vegetarian.

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How to Make Korean Fried Chicken So It Turns Out Extra Crispy Every Time

Double frying is the secret to success for this incredibly delicious Korean fried chicken recipe.

How to Make Slow-Cooker Korean Beef

This slow-cooker Korean beef recipe is extremely versatile and a cinch to prepare. Serve it over steamed rice or wrap...

What Is a Korean Corn Dog?

Korean corn dogs are a treat that everyone deserves to enjoy!

Pressure-Cooker Bo Ssam Sandwiches

This will put all other pork sandwiches to shame. The Korean-inspired barbecue sauce provides a savory backdrop to the bright,...

How to Make Spicy Ramen

Kick up the heat of your store-bought noodles with this simple spicy ramen recipe.

Kimchi Grilled Cheese Is Trending—And We’re Obsessed

Adding kimchi to grilled cheese will literally change your life. Here's how to do it.

How to Make Cheesy Ramen Noodles

Looking for extra comfort in your bowl of ramen? Toss in a slice (or two) of American cheese to make...

Dalgona Candy: How to Make This Popular Korean Treat

My Korean mother has fond childhood memories of dalgona candy, or ppopgi, so we relived them while making a batch...

How to Make Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread

This Korean cream cheese garlic bread has a sweet cream cheese filling and savory garlic butter topping. It's delicious!

Kimchi Cauliflower Fried Rice

2 reviews

This healthier take on kimchi fried rice is one of my favorite recipes because it's customizable. If there's a vegetarian...

Kimchi Fried Rice

1 review

Forget ordinary fried rice! Kimchi fried rice is just as easy, but it packs a flavorful punch. This is a...

Summer Kimchi

1 review

Ginger enhances these spicy Korean-style pickled veggies. Spoon some on hot dogs for a real treat! —Stephen Exel, Des Moines,...

Korean Sausage Bowl

2 reviews

When we hosted a student from South Korea, she shared some of her favorite Korean dishes. We especially like bibimbap....

Gingered Short Ribs with Green Rice

11 reviews

I love the flavors of Korean cuisine, so I created short ribs for the slow cooker. The dish is beautiful,...


5 reviews

I first made this peppery beef with a recipe from my boss, who lived in Korea in the 1950s. Freeze...

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Korean Pulled Pork Tacos

8 reviews

I created this unique pulled pork recipe so we could replicate our favorite food truck tacos at home. They're a...

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Korean Beef and Rice

100 reviews

A friend raved about Korean recipes for bulgogi—beef cooked in soy sauce and ginger—so I tried it. It's delicious! Dazzle...

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Korean Beef and Rice

100 reviews

A friend raved about Korean bulgogi, which is beef cooked in soy sauce and ginger, so I tried it. It's...