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Chai Tea Latte Recipe

Chai Tea Latte Recipe

My family loves this comforting tea, especially on cold days instead of cocoa or when they're feeling under the weather. I simplified the recipe by using the filter basket of our coffeepot. It's delicious and great after dinner! —Julie Plummer, Sykesville, Maryland
TOTAL TIME: Prep/Total Time: 15 min. YIELD:2 servings


  • 2 individual tea bags
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons refrigerated French vanilla nondairy creamer
  • Whipped topping and ground nutmeg, optional


  • 1. Place the tea bags, cinnamon, ginger and allspice in the coffee filter of a drip coffeemaker. Add water; brew according to manufacturer's directions.
  • 2. Meanwhile, in a small saucepan, combine the milk, brown sugar and creamer. Cook and stir over medium heat until heated through and sugar is dissolved. Pour milk mixture into mugs; stir in tea. Dollop with whipped topping and sprinkle with nutmeg if desired. Yield: 2 servings.

Nutritional Facts

1 cup: 223 calories, 6g fat (2g saturated fat), 12mg cholesterol, 65mg sodium, 39g carbohydrate (37g sugars, 1g fiber), 4g protein.

Reviews for Chai Tea Latte

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angmclanc User ID: 3282588 267774
Reviewed Jun. 8, 2017

"So delicious and addictive."

Kaitlyn User ID: 9073882 261072
Reviewed Feb. 9, 2017

"This recipe is spot on! It took me maybe 10 minutes total to make it. i was fresh out of allspice, but it's wonderful even without. Just a small recommendation: lessen the amount of brown sugar so that that gooey residue isn't at the bottom of your cup. :)"

Ezmari User ID: 8909913 252446
Reviewed Aug. 10, 2016

"I stumbled across chai lattes for the first time last night as I had a migraine and went to dunkin donuts for a regular hot latte the cashier mistakenly thought I said chai latte. When I took my first sip I was in love. I've tried chai tea but never in a latte. My 9 year old says it taste like Christmas. So glad I found this recipe to enjoy with my family. I might just quit coffee all together with this recipe."

Galpalcal User ID: 8901990 251933
Reviewed Jul. 27, 2016

"Tastes like it's straight from the cafe! Made this in Mozambique during my Peace Corps service and it reminded me of home. Rich and creamy but not in the least heavy and perfectly spiced! I created an account just to rate this recipe because it's honestly that good (:"

j.shipman371 User ID: 8845761 247545
Reviewed Apr. 27, 2016

"Tastes amazing! It was so easy to make. I didn't have any black tea bags so I used the loose Oprah Chai Tea from Starbucks- about two or three teaspoons. The only reason I'm not giving this recipe five stars- and it may be my own fault- is because after I poured the milk mixture into a mug, there was some sort of lumpy residue at the bottom of the pan. It didn't hurt the recipe any, I'm just curious as to why there was a residue left. I'm new to the kitchen, so if anyone knows why this is, I'd love to know!"

dorme01 User ID: 6297098 245695
Reviewed Mar. 20, 2016

"My 14 yard old daughter loves hot chai tea lattes. She was feeling under the weather so I made her this recipe. She said it's better than any of the big chain stores (and a lot cheaper). It's super easy to make with ingredients commonly found. From now on this will be my go-to recipe."

Cavemanz User ID: 8696244 241643
Reviewed Jan. 13, 2016

"Very good and easy to make.

I don't have coffeemaker so I boiled water poured it over tea cinnamon ginger allspice in large glass, brewed it for 4 mins, then poured the milk mixture over it. (I subbed out the 2 table French vanilla non dairy creamer for 2 tablespoons half and half 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract)"

DeboraLZ User ID: 7556927 240809
Reviewed Jan. 1, 2016

"I did as another reviewer suggested and too the tea out of the bags and missed the tea with the spices. This recipe is really good!"

az_jill User ID: 5181702 238720
Reviewed Dec. 4, 2015

"Very delicious & easy, would make a great holiday drink for yourself and/or company. As someone said, very adaptable, I used coconut milk, pumpkin pie spice, coconut palm sugar (healthier & 1/2 the amt.). Makes you want to sit down, take a deep breath and say ahhhhhhh!

Great job Julie, thank- you!"

vewebber58 User ID: 998755 220236
Reviewed Feb. 11, 2015

"So good!! I'm not crazy about the gooey cinnamon residue at the bottom of the cup, but it tastes so wonderful, it's not a factor in how I rated it. I do cut down on the sugar, and used snickerdoodle flavored coffee creamer because I didn't have vanilla.....LOVE the taste of it with the snickerdoodle creamer, and will continue to use it. I may experiment with other flavors of creamer also. Thanks for a great recipe!! (Another thing.....I tried using my coffee maker to make this, but prefer just to do it all in a saucepan.)"

Monarchsmomma User ID: 1811632 219162
Reviewed Jan. 29, 2015

"I changed the recipe up a bit-2 decaf black tea bags, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ginger, 1/4 tsp allspice, 1/8-1/4 tsp EACH nutmeg & cloves, 1/32-1/8 tsp cardamom, a couple of grinds of back pepper. 4 T milk, 1 1/2-2 c water, 1-2 T brown sugar & a splash of vanilla. :)"

tinawaleeze User ID: 5802217 217540
Reviewed Jan. 11, 2015

"I love this tea. Very soothing and hit the spot for my chai craving."

grandma ikki User ID: 3267712 216359
Reviewed Dec. 30, 2014

"Don't know if Audiotinker will see this but the amount of water you would pour into the coffee maker would be the amount for 2 cups, this makes 2 servings. Personally I steep the tea bags with the liquid in the saucepan then add hot water if needed. With 1 cup of water and 1 cup of milk that is pretty much the 2 servings. This is alright but I do miss some of the traditional spices I associate with Chai."

divediva User ID: 6213345 170039
Reviewed Nov. 29, 2014

"A splash of Baileys Vanilla Spice gives it a little kick and great flavor."

amyleigh79 User ID: 8125383 109340
Reviewed Nov. 28, 2014

"I didn't have ground ginger only whole. So instead I used nutmeg. It tastes very similar to eggnog. But it's delicious! New holiday traditional beverage at my house!"

baileyduke User ID: 2339360 154672
Reviewed Nov. 26, 2014

"Delicious!! Great flavor, but next time I'd use half the brown sugar. It was too sweet for me."

audiotinker User ID: 8024150 82423
Reviewed Oct. 6, 2014

"This looks great, but how much water do I pour into my drip coffee maker? 2 cups, 4 cups, 8, 10? I'm going to try 4 this morning but it doesn't specify."

tmp72 User ID: 8018045 109337
Reviewed Oct. 1, 2014

"Does anybody know how much honey to use in place of the 1/4 cup packed brown sugar? I would like to make this a little more healthier."

mel0n User ID: 7884697 98958
Reviewed Sep. 30, 2014

"This is wonderful! I do not own a coffee maker, so instead of putting the ingredients in a coffee filter, I just mixed them all in a saucepan. I combined the milk and sugar in a different saucepan, and combined them when the tea was done and the milk mixture was warm and dissolved. I added vanilla instead of creamer. I love the flavor! Even down here in hot south Florida, this might become a new staple for me!"

puzzlemad User ID: 3329799 156113
Reviewed Sep. 13, 2014 Edited Oct. 23, 2014

"You use 1 cup of water as indicated in the ingredient list.

Just now tried it and it is yummy! A little too sweet for my taste though. Next time I will cut the sugar in half or even less. Very sweet, but tastes great on our first morning of having to turn on the furnace & chase the chill away! I forgot to say that I. Also used the chai tea bags."

sassygymnast73 User ID: 7896215 135243
Reviewed Jul. 19, 2014

"I LOOOVVEEE this recipe!! it tasted like heaven in my mouthe. at first its very confusing to get the hang of. the coffee part i struggled on a little bit but once it was all mixed together i was delirious. With the brown sugar oart i didn't have any so i used white sugar with a little bit of mollassas like 1/4 teaspoon. I also didn't have allspice so i used like 1/6 of a teaspoon instead of 1/4. it tasted the same since it was all boiled away anyway!! So i hope my tips helped!! BTW it's VERY sweet so if you don't like sweet,to make it a little bit more bitter just use less sugar. I also used half and half almost completely full of the 1/4 cup and filled it the rest of the way with vanilla extract because it's all I had for my first time of making this. I added to my recipe box, so anytime i get thirsty for something not only quick, but sweet at the same time!"

MrsBronaugh User ID: 7821850 78878
Reviewed May. 26, 2014

"This drink is great! I did make some changes though... it's a pretty adaptable recipe. I used spiced chai tea (lipton brand) and added 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp of ginger. I brewed it in a one cup keurig coffee machine. Also, I used one cup of 2% milk with a little half and half, 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract, and 3 tablespoons of brown sugar all heated together on the stove. The recipe called for 1/4 cup of brown sugar, which is equal to 4 tablespoons... so I just reduced that a little. So, this is what I tried and I think it's delicious!"

Jstratton User ID: 7732312 135241
Reviewed Mar. 24, 2014

"Fabulous! Better than Starbucks! I didn't have ground ginger, so I omitted it for 1/2 tsp allspice :)"

hchambers User ID: 7140928 157941
Reviewed Feb. 24, 2014

"I really enjoyed this, Chai is one of my favorites. I used vanilla extract instead of the creamer and it was fantastic. I personally like my coffeehouse drinks sweet so the brown sugar was just right for me but you may want to reduce it if you don't want it really sweet."

akgorby User ID: 1687783 170966
Reviewed Jan. 24, 2014

"This tea is wonderful! A tad sweet so I don't pack the brown sugar. I use pure vanilla extract in place of the creamer because that's what I have on hand. Overall, a great recipe!"

commander911 User ID: 4267922 209359
Reviewed Jan. 23, 2014

"Great recipe! To @Johnsushi who is looking for suggestions on how to make this recipe stronger spice-wise... use the suggested spices in the recipe that you are currently omitting ."

LushLips User ID: 7191541 209358
Reviewed Jan. 14, 2014 Edited Apr. 26, 2014

"Using my powdered chai tea mix as a reference, I added 1/4 tsp each nutmeg, cloves and cardamom, in addition to the spices called for. I also added 1/4 tsp black pepper, as this is a known chai tea ingredient. My husband and I really enjoyed it. Quite similar to the Tazo concentrate that Starbucks uses (which we love). P.S. As one reviewer suggested, I opened the tea bags and poured out the tea. I used 3. Also, I added 2 extra Tbsp milk and about 1 Tbsp vanilla extract instead of the creamer. Yummy!"

ginrsnp User ID: 7441126 98956
Reviewed Jan. 1, 2014

"Love this drink and I don't have to go to Starbucks to get it!"

acl6221 User ID: 7525840 168724
Reviewed Dec. 8, 2013

"Just tried this recipe. Substituted 1 tbs vanilla extract for the creamer, tastes better than Starbucks. I agree about the brown sugar, I will probably use less next time as it was a tad too sweet. But overall, great recipe!"

Alyssa_N User ID: 7414868 98806
Reviewed Sep. 20, 2013

"I made this recipe for my mother-in-law when we were sick and it was amazing! The ginger is perfect for cold season because it opens up sinuses. I used honey rather then brown sugar to make it a bit healthier, I also added vanilla to the milk because I didn't have creamer."

Jonsushi User ID: 7300290 135240
Reviewed Jun. 12, 2013 Edited Feb. 6, 2014

"@commander911 I was afraid that might be way too much overkill since I'm using chai tea bags instead of the recipe's suggested regular tea bags but I'll give it a try. Thank you!

Original review below:
Great recipe. I use a little less brown sugar than recommended and it's still very sweet. I've also been using only 1 tablespoon of creamer.Question though for anyone that might see this: I'm using chai tea bags as opposed to just regular tea. So I'm also not using those additional spices because of that. Any suggestions on how to make the drink a little stronger spice-wise?"

Therecipecollector User ID: 6589507 156112
Reviewed Jun. 9, 2013

"It's really delicious and I'll be making this one a lot. The only issue was that I should have opened the tea bags and put loose tea in because it really wasn't working the other way. I may add a little bit more spices next time, but it's wonderul on it's own. Also, I didn't have vanilla creamer so I used a little extra milk and a dash of vanilla extract."

deltadawn05 User ID: 7256748 168723
Reviewed May. 9, 2013

"Very Delicious! I have tried several coffee shops Chai Tea Latte and this is the best. Not watered down. Thank you for this recipe."

godschild1977 User ID: 6873845 82415
Reviewed Sep. 19, 2012

"I am adding to my comment. If you like them problem. Stick it in a pitcher in the fridge and cool for like 20 minutes and add ice. Perfect! The person who asked how it made this a latte? Milk! Milk makes it a latte. Has nothing to do with coffee or espresso. Also, if you use skim milk its not going to be as rich or creamy. I use 2% and its perfect for me."

godschild1977 User ID: 6873845 82395
Reviewed Sep. 19, 2012

"I love this! Delicious! Tastes exactly like Starbucks. To make sure the spices are incorporated I cut off the tops of the tea bags put them and all the spices in a small bowl stired it and added to a filtered coffee pot. I added a little more water because sometimes some of the water evaporates. I added an extra 1/4 cup. I also was generous with the creamer. Probably closer to 3 tablespoons because I love my latte's creamy. Great recipe. I will make it a lot!"

beeksaustin User ID: 6830812 100708
Reviewed Aug. 24, 2012

"This is a good start, but I'll need to do some tweaking to make it richer tasting... BTW stray dog, "latte" simply means milk, therefore "caffe latte" = coffee with milk and "chai tea latte" = chai tea with milk."

azrailyne User ID: 6811508 98955
Reviewed Aug. 11, 2012

"This is absolutely fantastic and delicious. To help confusion (at least this confused me): I used 2 CHAI tea bags and I OPENED the tea bags and put them into a coffee filter with all the spices. It came out perfectly.

I also used soymilk and added 1/2 tsp of vanilla instead of creamer and reduced the brown sugar.
Very delicious."

mollyhcarter User ID: 4873153 170965
Reviewed Mar. 3, 2012

"This is delicious. I used truvia instead of brown sugar and skim milk to make it low cal and low sugar."

airlandy User ID: 6088827 170964
Reviewed Feb. 18, 2012

"This recipe is fantastic, thanks for sharing!"

Meredith1975 User ID: 3486009 82394
Reviewed Jan. 18, 2012

"This tastes just like a chai latte from Starbucks! So easy and good."

auntiesesame User ID: 2669359 170215
Reviewed Jan. 5, 2012

"wow this is great!And so simple!"

Courtenay43 User ID: 3918923 98804
Reviewed Dec. 28, 2011

"Before I read any reviews I halved the spices because I like to taste them but I didn't want them to be overpowering. I also put a teaspoon of vanilla in with my milk and sugar instead of creamer. I had just discovered Chai Tea Lattes at Starbucks and wanted to see if I could make something similar at home but this to my husband and I was TASTIER than the Starbucks CTL. Thank You ToH!"

strayxdogxstrut User ID: 5418908 78855
Reviewed Dec. 28, 2011

"What makes this a latte exactly? I don't see any coffee in this, it's just milk tea."

-Ladybrinx- User ID: 1043692 109293
Reviewed Nov. 30, 2011

"This is SO yummy! Me and my kids really enjoyed it, would be a great thing to mix up and take in a thermos for sledding. I tripled the recipe, but didn't up the spices, it was still super fabulous."

michaelc0523 User ID: 4979263 109292
Reviewed Nov. 29, 2011

"This is good for a quick latte but it is not the best tasting I have had from this web site."

murrell006 User ID: 2357453 156111
Reviewed Oct. 4, 2011

"awesome, I might try cutting back on the brown sugar a little next time"

UPmomof3 User ID: 2986472 100707
Reviewed Apr. 29, 2011

"I'm thankful I came across this recipe. It is so good!!! I am a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte addict, but it is 15 miles from me and with gas prices going up, I will def. be making this A LOT!"

Em & Meg's Mom User ID: 5151697 109291
Reviewed Feb. 1, 2011

"make it at least 3 times a week! Love it!!!"

mimidee User ID: 3145686 98798
Reviewed Feb. 1, 2011

"very good. I used the Lipton Orange/Black tea bags and used some pumpkin pie spice to substitute for the cardamom. Loved it!"

maddielily User ID: 1523855 98791
Reviewed Nov. 27, 2010

"I made this recipe when it was published in the magazine. I had forgotten about it until this chilly November day and it's so good I searched for it here on the site. Make this one. It's perfect."

lorxx87 User ID: 4961832 170211
Reviewed Mar. 14, 2010

"I loved this recipe! Any kind of tea will work but I recommend using black tea. I used a french press instead of a coffeemaker and it worked just fine. I will make this again!"

bdett User ID: 1634351 78852
Reviewed Nov. 9, 2009

"I have seen Chai Tea bags at our local W-Mart and i think Krogers too ... bdett"

pats5boys_ne_57 User ID: 171468 78835
Reviewed Nov. 9, 2009

"It is as good as what I could buy at a coffee shop."

pats5boys_ne_57 User ID: 171468 170210
Reviewed Nov. 9, 2009

"It is as good as what I could buy at a coffee shop."

terribieber User ID: 3237793 173218
Reviewed Nov. 9, 2009


smfeldner User ID: 3400556 98954
Reviewed Nov. 9, 2009

"Hi snowmarshall.

totally not a dumb questions. I often have to think twice about recipes like this, as well. I'd say "regular" tea bags are fine for this recipe - as you'll be adding the chai/spice flavoring with the ginger, cinnamon & allspice.
have fun! this photo makes the recipe look absolutely delicious!"

snowmarshall User ID: 1900984 156110
Reviewed Nov. 9, 2009

"Looks terrific.... Maybe a dumb question but, do you use regular tea bags or chai tea bags?"

SWEETPEA123 User ID: 1949784 109289
Reviewed Oct. 19, 2009

"Christmas in a Cup is what I call Chai Latte! I thought there was a little too much brown sugar for my taste, but defintely fantastic tasting and much cheaper than the International Foods one in a tin! I am really glad someone came up with what was a mystery concoction to me!"

victoriafox User ID: 1103008 154669
Reviewed Jul. 25, 2009

"Really easy and delicious. ALMOST as good as StarBucks."

Julian19 User ID: 3465761 78834
Reviewed Nov. 11, 2008 Edited Nov. 19, 2008

"I agree, this was a bit sweet, but it is really delicious!!! I loved it."

CarrieK User ID: 1401286 82391
Reviewed Oct. 20, 2008

"I would suggest halving the brown sugar. It was super sweet. Otherwise a great recipe."

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