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Buttery Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

Buttery Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

As the name implies, this is a recipe that is rich and delicious. Since you can use either fresh or frozen blueberries, you can make this cobbler year-round.
TOTAL TIME: Prep: 15 min. Bake: 40 min. YIELD:10-12 servings


  • 2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1-1/2 cups sugar, divided
  • 1/2 cup butter, cubed
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • Whipped cream or whipped topping


  • 1. In a saucepan, combine the berries, lemon juice and 1/2 cup sugar. Bring to a boil; remove from the heat. Set aside. Place butter in an 11x7-in. baking dish; melt butter in a 350° oven.
  • 2. In a small bowl, combine the remaining sugar with flour, baking powder, salt, milk and egg. Pour over melted butter. Do not stir. Spoon reserved berry mixture over batter. Do not stir.
  • 3. Bake at 350° for 40-45 minutes or until golden brown. Serve at room temperature with whipped cream or whipped topping. Yield: about 10-12 servings.

Nutritional Facts

1 each: 231 calories, 9g fat (5g saturated fat), 40mg cholesterol, 256mg sodium, 37g carbohydrate (28g sugars, 1g fiber), 2g protein.

Reviews for Buttery Blueberry Cobbler

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Debglass11 User ID: 6300479 271490
Reviewed Aug. 7, 2017

"This is possibly the best cobbler I have ever had! I made it exactly as written. The crust is cake-like, buttery, sweet and crispy around the edges. The whole thing is absolutely delicious, especially with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is, without a doubt, my new "go-to" cobbler recipe for the fall! I might even try it with peaches or apples, although the blueberries are sensational. Foolproof and perfect!

Volunteer Field Editor"

Donna860 User ID: 6482357 271429
Reviewed Aug. 6, 2017

"I got rave reviews when I took this cobbler to work. It will be added to my favorites. I did tweak it just a bit., I used 3 cups of berries, also I adjusted the flour and milk just a bit, and adjust the sugar down just bit as well. But it is an awesome cobbler!!"

Nick User ID: 9229755 270147
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2017

"Very good ' thank you !

had 2 cups blueberry and 2 cups raspberries. Essentially doubled the recipe except the egg (only used one). Added 1/2 tbl spoon nutmeg and 1/2 tbl spoon cinnamon to fruit mixture; and 1/2 tbl spoon cinnamon to dough mixture. The dough mix ;I used 2/3 cup milk, almost 3 T spn baking powder, 1 T spn salt but still ; 1 cup flour; 2 cups sugar............1 egg.
1 cups sgar for fruit mis ; 2 tbl sp lemon juice,
The topping turned out very dark brown because of the cinnamon and /or the sugar (wasn't burnt , just dark)
I haven't tried it yet (it's cooling), but it has to be delicious because I could have eaten the entire bowl of raw dough as it was."

Al User ID: 9168332 265970
Reviewed May. 15, 2017

"The rule of thumb for leavening in baking (baking powder) is 1-1/4 (1.25) tsp. of baking powder per cup of flour. That is plenty. More only adds more sodium with minimal additional leavening effect. For this recipe, I used 1-1/4 (one and one-fourth) tsp. of baking powder.

The rule of thumb for salt in bread baking is 1/4 (0.25) tsp. per cup of flour. That is plenty. I found the crust to be too salty, so I redid it (you can't remove the salt once it has been added) using 1/4 tsp of salt.
I found the filling to be a little to sweet for my taste; but instead of reducing the sugar, I added more fruit.
I don't own an 11" x 7" pan or dish. The closest thing I have is a 9"x9" baking dish. I found that 2 cups of blueberries were not quite enough filling for my taste. When you think about it, if you take 2" off the end of the 11 x 7 pan and added 2" to the side, you have a 9" x 9" pan. The volume of the 9" x 9" pan is the same as that of an 11" x 7" pan; so for all practical purposes they're the same. Using the 9"x9" dish yielded 9 servings of 3"x3".
This is a good basic recipe that needs a couple of tweaks.
With all due respect to "yumbaker" and "Toivomama", the purpose of a review is, indeed, to rate the recipe; but keep in mind that altering the recipe as needed in order to get optimal results says as much about the original recipe as does making the recipe "as is" and then commenting on it. Anyone who has made various cobblers and pies can look at a recipe and tell if it will be too sweet, too dry, or too salty (or all three) and will adjust the recipe automatically without the need to make the original recipe first and tweak it the next time it's made. People's tastes vary from person to person. Some may like the recipe straight up, with no alterations. Others may find the crust to be too salty, as I did, or that the filling needs more fruit; because, like TamC24, and me, they prefer more fruit and less crust. Again, sharing variations of the recipe and the reason for the variations in a review are important parts of rating the original recipe and pointing out areas where the original recipe might be improved for others of similar tastes who are considering making the dish."

TamC24 User ID: 9147850 264894
Reviewed Apr. 20, 2017

"Researched many recipes as usual. Found this one and thought it sounded good. I read the reviews as I always do. Decided to follow the recipe as written. WONDERFUL taste. I used fresh blueberries and fresh squeezed lemon for the juice. I cooked the berries whole. I would suggest doubling up on the amount of berries though. I had a little over 3 cups of fresh berries and it wasn't enough for my taste. I prefer more fruit than breading/filling. I didn't have an 11x7 pan, thought a 9x9 was too big, used a 9" deep dish pie stone. Don't use anything smaller than the 11x7 as it rises and bubbles/oozes out the sides. :) Mine didn't look like the photo but it was delicious. VERY easy to assemble (I had to keep reading the simple recipe to make sure I wasn't missing something - it was that easy). I used unsalted real butter as that is what I bake with. Had I used the suggested size pan then maybe the breading/filling would have dispersed more evenly. I usually don't eat many blueberries, but this is so good that I find it's hard to stay out of it. Definitely a keeper recipe."

Loiscooks User ID: 3656565 249988
Reviewed Jul. 1, 2016

"This is very good. I cut down on the sugar after reading comments from others. I was a little hesitant to try this recipe, but I am glad I did. I will make this again. Very good."

gunslinger User ID: 544392 248070
Reviewed May. 10, 2016

"I had some blueberries in the freezer I wanted to use up and found this easy cobbler. We ate it with ice cream on top and it was delicious!"

mcdudette User ID: 8789009 244710
Reviewed Feb. 29, 2016

"2 stars. I followed the recipe exactly, and I thought it was way too sweet and too salty. If I made it again, I would make the following alterations: use unsalted butter, less salt, and 1/3 of the amount of sugar.

That being said, my roommate loved it and enjoyed the contrast of the sweet and salty."

tallyrachel User ID: 6870797 239982
Reviewed Dec. 22, 2015

"The taste is great. . Next time, I would double the amount of blueberries, as it was a little dry. I used frozen berries. Served with vanilla ice cream. Company raved about it"

Toivomama User ID: 8435241 231451
Reviewed Aug. 19, 2015

"I agree that it's rather pointless to adjust the recipe before you've tried the original and then rate your own. I gave this a 4 because I thought the berry mixture was a bit too sweet. (I'm usually the one to add more sugar to my recipes because I prefer more sweet over tart.) Not sure that I'd make this again as I love trying lots of recipes until I find the one I can't live without. Having said that, I'm sure there would be no complaining if you served this to your guests!"

Kaitlym User ID: 7721156 230867
Reviewed Aug. 7, 2015

"I made this today with fresh blueberries, what a great recipe. I followed the recipe as written ( maybe a few more berries I didn't measure them). My husband had two helpings. Definitely a keeper!"

yumbaker User ID: 8417235 227989
Reviewed Jun. 15, 2015

"It always surprises me how any one can rate a recipe but then they tell you how they changed the whole recipe or added this and that and changed the original recipe. If you don't make the recipe as it is listed then your review is useless and void to others looking to make it, Just because you may not like the original recipe and want to make changes to everything makes your review void and useless to others. Think before you post your review. I want a review of the original recipe NOT what you changed and added to the recipe!"

No_Time_To_Cook User ID: 6334849 226959
Reviewed May. 25, 2015

"Yummy... only adjustments I made were no-salt butter and only used a pinch of salt."

Crenny User ID: 8389528 226933
Reviewed May. 25, 2015

"Buttery and added sliced almonds on top of batter before i spooned on blueberries. Tum"

Nchanted User ID: 8244146 225616
Reviewed Apr. 29, 2015

"I made this according to the recipe and it was delicious! I ate it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I also liked that the cobbler was like a sponge cake and crispy on top. I too am going to add a few more blueberries next time. But this recipe still rates 5 stars!"

Ruby79 User ID: 7224930 222823
Reviewed Mar. 15, 2015

"I would give this recipe a 3.5 out of 5 for taste. I think it is yummy but could definitely use a cup or 2 more of fruit. I think you could add more fruit and lemon juice without having to use more sugar but the batter is quite sweet. I thought before I started making this that the amount of fruit called for wasn't enough but I like to try the recipe as is the first time I make it."

kckamargo63 User ID: 7981779 16085
Reviewed Sep. 18, 2014

"We really enjoyed this blueberry cobbler. My 10 year old niece, who is a picky eater, tried it and exclaimed, "I'm in love!""

delowenstein User ID: 3766053 41094
Reviewed Aug. 5, 2014

"I tried this recipe 8/5/14! IDID adjust the recipe as follows: I added 2/3 cup cold water to the blueberries along with the 1 Tbsp. lemon juice and the 1/2 sugar! I used a 12x8" baking pan and I just melted the butter in the oven for about 5 minutes! I'd added 1 tsp. vanilla extract to the batter & I'd used 3/4 cup evaporated milk since I'd had it on hand & soured it with 1 Tbsp. cider vinegar! I ALMOST forgot the egg, but in the nick of time, I was able to beat the egg and just lightly stir into the batter-the next time, I'LL KNOW TO ADD THE EGG along with the milk and sifted dry ingredients which I'd purposely done for easier distribution of the flour, sugar, leavening and salt! This cobbler WAS buttery in its appearance and really looked delicious! I needed to test a blueberry recipe and thanks to this recipe, I was able to add a new recipe to my repertoire! delowenstein"

tamarapearson User ID: 3272516 201686
Reviewed Jul. 13, 2014

"Very tasty, but I also found it to be a little spongy."

Luhagi User ID: 7378294 41079
Reviewed Aug. 19, 2013

"I have been scouring the web for an easy, yummy blueberry cobbler recipe; making my 1st one today. This one sounds perfect! And the reviews were all very informative! Will update you this afternoon!

*UPDATE: OH MY WHOLLY BERRY GOODNESS BATMAN!! AMAAAAZING!! I'm giving it 4 stars because I didn't like the "cobbler" part of the dish. I wish I would have used my peach cobbler recipe but I've never made blueberry cobbler before so I wanted something "full proof."
I may have over-mixed the batter before I poured it onto the butter....?? The flavors were all there but it was a little spongy. But the cobbler as a whole was phenomenal! I used fresh blueberries we picked yesterday and when baked into the cobbler they had the PERFECT balance of sweet & tart! Will definitely use this recipe again but will used my peach cobbler topping instead!"

kitchenwitch2 User ID: 4872105 14706
Reviewed Aug. 10, 2013

"I can't seem to post it on Face Book.I'd love to share it."

kitchenwitch2 User ID: 4872105 14705
Reviewed Aug. 9, 2013

"Very good! easy too.I added 1/2 tsp.of cinnamon to the flour mixture. That really made it better!!! You can smell the aroma as it bakes."

leavingsamsara User ID: 7315035 27994
Reviewed Jun. 25, 2013

"Excellent cobbler. Just like Grandma used to make. Not too sweet, not too buttery, just right."

Jellybean User ID: 119091 16084
Reviewed May. 10, 2013

"Delicious! Best cobbler I've ever made. I'm thinking of trying it with strawberries."

gloria1967 User ID: 6828203 27906
Reviewed Apr. 19, 2013

"I really loved this, plus it was so simple to make"

laceyaileen User ID: 1213611 16073
Reviewed Jan. 28, 2013

"delicous! and super easy. my family loved it :P i'll definitely make it again!"

Zsaneen User ID: 5110442 201685
Reviewed Jan. 5, 2013

"Our new family favorite"

lek001 User ID: 1643465 16782
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2012

"Wonderful dessert! We loved it and will be making it many more times."

Kistibell User ID: 6802090 36957
Reviewed Aug. 3, 2012

"easy to make and a crowd pleaser- I followed the recipe exactly."

emfleming User ID: 4512655 16070
Reviewed Jul. 12, 2012

"quick, easy, and yummy....can't ask for much more than that."

jmkasprak User ID: 2880256 201684
Reviewed Jun. 18, 2012

"If you love blueberries, you'll love this cobbler. It seems odd to put the fruit on top and expect a result like the photo, but it works. It is similar to the "Southern Peach Cobbler" recipe found on this site."

lurky27 User ID: 1251896 36954
Reviewed Jan. 25, 2012

"Delicious! Great dessert to serve company.

~ Theresa"

zipdiz User ID: 2536962 40055
Reviewed Aug. 25, 2011

"How easy can you get? I use Splenda instead of sugar. I think I will try this with plums and some other seasonal fruits as well. Just plain YUM!"

mrsr1211 User ID: 2022598 40054
Reviewed Feb. 13, 2011

"This cobbler is delicious!"

jmvander2 User ID: 4431023 27752
Reviewed Aug. 19, 2010

"Absolutely delicious. I like to serve mine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream versus the whipped topping. Next time I make this I may add a few more blueberries though."

CookieCarol User ID: 1452995 16068
Reviewed Jul. 8, 2010

"The blueberries will sink to the bottom, the crust will rise to the top and It won't be upside down anymore. It's GOOD!!!"

geomar User ID: 4752394 38431
Reviewed Jul. 8, 2010

"the way this recipe is written,it's upside down. Am i missing something ????"

happycamperz User ID: 1799257 27751
Reviewed Apr. 15, 2010

"This recipe works well with blackberries too!"

mother of 3 User ID: 1726536 40053
Reviewed Dec. 26, 2009

"This was simple to prepare and the pan contents disappeared at a small fellowship we attend. The cook has to avoid sugar, so I don't know how great it tastes."

smm_68 User ID: 1106439 41078
Reviewed Nov. 4, 2009

"This is, hands down, the best Blueberry Cobbler Recipe I have ever made. I have requests for this dessert so much, that I keep blueberries in my freezer year round. Lucky for me I have a Michigan Blueberry connection. Love this recipe!!"

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