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Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Recipe

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Recipe

This is an old Southern recipe that I've adapted. It's a classic, hearty breakfast that takes you on a trip to the South every time it's served. —Sue Baker, Jonesboro, Arkansas
TOTAL TIME: Prep/Total Time: 15 min. YIELD:2 servings


  • 1/4 pound Jones Dairy Farm All Natural Pork Sausage Roll
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon pepper
  • 1-1/4 to 1-1/3 cups milk
  • Warm biscuits


  • 1. In a small skillet, cook sausage over medium heat until no longer pink; drain. Add butter and heat until melted. Add the flour, salt and pepper; cook and stir until blended. Gradually add the milk, stirring constantly. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened. Serve with biscuits. Yield: 2 servings.

Nutritional Facts

3/4 cup: 337 calories, 27g fat (14g saturated fat), 72mg cholesterol, 718mg sodium, 14g carbohydrate (8g sugars, 0 fiber), 10g protein.

Reviews for Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

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Ruffshse User ID: 4225266 265689
Reviewed May. 8, 2017

"My son and i love biscuits and gravy. this is a good recipe taste almost like how my aunt made it. i add just a a few other spices to it and it is great love it."

JustaSAHM User ID: 7611552 265553
Reviewed May. 5, 2017

"It's a keeper, thank you! The only thing I adjusted is the amount of sausage. Used the entire pound package I bought and it works out great. I would never buy the packaged seasoning for this meal again.

Also, I have to use almond milk and in this recipe is great, don't notice any taste difference but does seem the need to cook it down longer before it thickens. ..just a fyi"

PrplMonky5 User ID: 6612040 264499
Reviewed Apr. 9, 2017

"This was a pretty good recipe. I think it could have possibly used some spices, but we both still very much enjoyed it. I doubled the recipe so we could have leftovers. I'd definitely make this again, maybe with a couple tweaks."

cw0855 User ID: 2571667 263347
Reviewed Mar. 11, 2017

"When my family requested this, I played around without a "recipe" as I am a very accomplished cook. This is exactly what I did, browned the sausage (we prefer the sage flavored sausage), but I also added VERY finely chopped onion and fine chopped mushrooms, about half way during the sausage browning process. It adds a lot to the flavor. Silly to "drain the fat". Just add 2 T butter, 2 T flour and add milk to desired consistency. (about 1 cup) I don't mess around with making biscuits from scratch. The ones from the tube are fine!!!!"

sharonhamilton User ID: 8344151 261862
Reviewed Feb. 27, 2017

"I make this often, I seen some say add sausage grease instead of butter, to cut down on fat and add more flavor I add a little beef base with the butter and flour, either way it's really good"

dollno5 User ID: 8231540 261852
Reviewed Feb. 27, 2017

"It would be kind to rearrange that title - maybe "Sausage gravy (for biscuits)" - to avoid the crashing disappointment visited on those of us who were totally psyched by the possibility of whipping up biscuits AND gravy in a mere 15 minutes. Alas, it was not to be... this time. The search continues."

gramcayo User ID: 5095727 261848
Reviewed Feb. 26, 2017

"Kookie and JD are correct. Can't imagine why you would want to use butter instead of the flavorful fat from the sausage. Maybe so you can control amount? No problem, just measure 2 T of sausage grease. Be careful with the added salt as sausage can be pretty salty on its own. I do like lots of pepper though."

KookieB User ID: 8859340 261843
Reviewed Feb. 26, 2017

"Have to agree with JD. Using the rendered fat from the sausage is the way to go. Tossing it out only serves to lessen the flavor but otherwise it's a typical sausage gravy recipe. Delish!"

J D User ID: 6724879 261404
Reviewed Feb. 16, 2017

"I don't understand why you drain the sausage grease only to add butter. It seems to defeat the purpose of the gravy having the rich sausage flavor being infused instead of the lack or blandness some reviewers have noted in using butter or margarine. The rendered sausage fat does just fine in making the gravy and has been the technique used for 10 generations here. Just use the recommended amount of sausage fat to brown the flour (self-rising flour makes a quicker thickening gravy) to make the gravy."

yadviga User ID: 7270661 261381
Reviewed Feb. 15, 2017

"This is a classic recipe. I brown the sausage, drain, keep aside. Do the roux, season and add the sausge back to the roux.. My roux is a two, two, two method. Equal parts of butter, flour, milk. Brown the butter/flour before adding cold milk. This can be made the night before and simply heat in the morning while the biscuits are in the oven. Wonderful!"

DeborahR1955 User ID: 1027388 261216
Reviewed Feb. 13, 2017

"My husband and I love this recipe. I use it all the time."

Angel182009 User ID: 6228642 255270
Reviewed Oct. 11, 2016

"I make a double or triple batch to feed my family and everybody always wants seconds!"

Queenlalisa User ID: 15400 252606
Reviewed Aug. 13, 2016

"This was really good with my biscuits this morning. I liked that it was just enough for two."

grghns User ID: 6975241 249752
Reviewed Jun. 24, 2016

"I make this constantly and the family always asks for it."

eddie1988 User ID: 8859264 248236
Reviewed May. 15, 2016


chefheidi18 User ID: 8210724 243895
Reviewed Feb. 16, 2016

"It was good. I would have made a bigger batch."

TNbluffbaker User ID: 46423 223474
Reviewed Mar. 24, 2015

"I love the fact this recipe only makes two servings! Just enough for my husband and me. I substituted shortening for the butter, but it was still delicious!"

yuehching User ID: 224401 49997
Reviewed Jul. 29, 2014

"quick , easy and delicious. My son enjoyed it very much and asked for more. Definitely will make this again."

IngaMari User ID: 5779302 47674
Reviewed May. 7, 2014

"It was disgusting! My husband likes biscuits & sausage gravy and was not impressed. The gravy had no flavor. I used more sausage than it called for and it was still nasty."

Worshipguy User ID: 6391761 45102
Reviewed Apr. 6, 2014

"I've never been much of a biscuits and gravy person, but my kids are. So I gave this a try and it was great! My 11 year old newphew even said that it was just like nana's. To be compared to my mom's cooking was a big compliment to me."

ebramkamp User ID: 702841 51146
Reviewed Apr. 3, 2014

"Delicious, stick to your ribs sausage gravy. I used hot sausage-because that's what I had on hand-and the gravy was wonderful. I also used half milk and for the remaining half I used half and half. I did this because if I'm going to eat rich sausage gravy I am not going to skimp. This is definitely going to be made again."

raina2002 User ID: 5173501 49996
Reviewed Nov. 4, 2013

"I made this for a breakfast tailgate we had. What a hit! Everyone said it was better than any restaurant biscuits and gravy they've ever had!"

shortbreadlover User ID: 960739 16691
Reviewed Aug. 10, 2013

"biscuits and sausage gravey is one of my family's favorite sunday morning breakfasts. this one is really great. i would add more sausage to it and make it with cream or half and half. but then we like the rich fattening dishes for ssunday breakfast"

pkaiser58 User ID: 2376280 46126
Reviewed Apr. 1, 2013

"I made this for an Easter breakfast at church and while folks were eating, one of the members came back to the kitchen to shake my hand and thank me for making it! His wife said they'd been searching for a good sausage gravy recipe for 10 years - I happily gave them the printout for this one. Simple and delicious."

dkmarvin User ID: 5101519 25880
Reviewed Feb. 10, 2013

"Fabulous recipe as written and easy to double. I used Bisquick baking mix for biscuits. Will definitely be making again."

Ms.C User ID: 4717837 21169
Reviewed May. 19, 2012

"WOW!!!! So simple."

Annie216 User ID: 6416794 23314
Reviewed Feb. 13, 2012

"Loved this recipe."

brendadawn User ID: 1873663 49993
Reviewed Jan. 19, 2012

"Fantastic recipe and SO easy to make! I made the recipe for 2 pounds of sausage and fed it to a bunch of college guys. They LOVED it and even licked the leftover gravy out of pan when the biscuits were gone! Twenty-four full-sized biscuits was about perfect for my 2 pounds of sausage."

ValerieMS User ID: 4364700 51417
Reviewed Jan. 17, 2012

"I learned to love Sausage Gravy when I lived in Texas many years ago. I've tried a dozen recipes since moving to Pennsylvania and this one is Excellent!"

ctmom05 User ID: 981118 23311
Reviewed Dec. 13, 2011

"I made this for the very first time tonight; biscuits cut in half thru the middle, an over easy egg on top of that, and the sausage gravy over all.

It was delightfully delicious! Altho I can't eat fattening foods like this too often, I know I will be making it again and again!"

marciedarcie User ID: 3127814 21769
Reviewed May. 2, 2011

"My family loves it!"

yayitzvi User ID: 5866138 26342
Reviewed Mar. 19, 2011

"so easy to make and my husband LOVED them!"

jicook13 User ID: 5843439 25869
Reviewed Mar. 14, 2011

"i love it, but i make 1 pound of sausage and use half for the recipe and freeze the other half for next time"

pmlloyd User ID: 4287101 21768
Reviewed Jan. 27, 2011 Edited Feb. 27, 2017

"Amazing! I've always been a huge fan of biscuits and gravy at restaurants, but never found a homemade recipe i like. This one beats any restaurant!"

marisatoddbarton User ID: 4315925 16690
Reviewed Jan. 16, 2011

"Better than restaurant B&G by far. Used majority half and half, some milk and doubled the meat. A meal I will only make once a year - super yummy but super unhealthy!"

kkutz User ID: 4198388 53038
Reviewed Aug. 19, 2010

"i used 1 pound of hot sausage and 1 pound reg. bob evans sausage, times this recp. by 4 it was really good and really easy my family loved this and i will be making this again!!!"

MelissaV81 User ID: 1221953 21145
Reviewed Jul. 4, 2010

"This was my first attempt at making homemade gravy for biscuits. It was easier than I though and very delicious! Even my son who is a picky eater loved it and asked me to make it again. Thanks for the great and easy recipe!"

lizeck User ID: 2156690 25868
Reviewed Apr. 4, 2010

"I made this for my family. I had never made gravy before and was afraid it would be difficult, this was really easy. I made this for a big group and used 1 lb sausage and 4x'd the rest of the ingredients. It turned out great! I will definitely make this again."

kar52 User ID: 1298672 45101
Reviewed Nov. 5, 2009

"I have made sausage gravy for years,I like to put red chili flakes in mine and simmer for awhile to let the flavor of the sausage flavor develope more."

justgottabezen User ID: 4387974 45093
Reviewed Nov. 5, 2009

"i make this all the time. its great!"

Lin-Dser User ID: 787535 51416
Reviewed Sep. 28, 2009

"This was the first time I've made gravy. I've always been a little intimidated to try, but this was really easy and good. I'll definitely make it again."

justgottabezen User ID: 4387974 21767
Reviewed Sep. 10, 2009


AllieD23 User ID: 4175706 25721
Reviewed May. 25, 2009

"This is THE best gravy recipes I have ever tried. Anyone that I have ever made it for absolutely loves it."

JMDRN09 User ID: 2599423 45092
Reviewed Dec. 23, 2008 Edited Feb. 27, 2017

"Just a health note here.  I understand that some people need to watch their carbs due to health reasons (diabetics, weight loss) but it should be noted if dieting it is not a good idea to limit yourself to carb free foods only since most are very high in fat and cholesterol which could clog your arteries and possibly cause cardiac problems, high blood pressure, etc.  I also understand that weight loss is quick but really unhealthy and limited since when you resume regular eating habits the weight comes right back. Moderation is the key and high complex carbs are the way to go.  Your body takes longer to digest and they do not raise your body's insulin levels quickly as simple carbs do.  Also one more quick tidbit on the low-carb diet thing your body leaches calcium out of your bones when it works so hard to break all that protein down.  Moderation again is the key- it will be intersting in a few years to see how the rate of osteoporosis rises in women who were on the Adkins Diet.  Ok, I will get off my soapbox now.  This was a good, easy recipe.  Carb free or low carb-no not really.  Not even a complex carb at that but if you are able to enjoy carbs at will it is quite satisfying.  We used skim milk which hopefully helped in the total caloric count:)"

JMDRN09 User ID: 2599423 51414
Reviewed Dec. 23, 2008 Edited Feb. 27, 2017

"Hubby wanted to make biscuit & gravy for breakfast-told him to jump on TOH and find a recipe. He is not a cook by no means but it turned out good! Real good mild flavor, not too peppery if you don't care for the spice. I prefer to add some pepper myself. easy and fast. Used Jimmy Dean's sage breakfast sausage with day old Pillsbury Grand's Biscuits-yum!"

nanato20 User ID: 2340460 16688
Reviewed Oct. 6, 2008

"biscuits and sausage gravy nutrient information is with out the biscuit!!!"

CookieCarol User ID: 1452995 46121
Reviewed Feb. 18, 2008

"And they are calculating WITHOUT the biscuit."

meritt User ID: 273926 49991
Reviewed Feb. 17, 2008

"PS: I LOVE biscuits and gravy... love it! And this looks like a very typical recipe for it, (yum!) but I shudder to think of people to new low carbing that make this and think it's ok."

meritt User ID: 273926 23309
Reviewed Feb. 17, 2008

"How can this be tagged low carb? Made with milk and flour this is absolutely not a low carb gravy, and the mere fact that it's served with biscuits is almost shocking that it got tagged as a low carb recipe."

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