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Apple Pie Jam Recipe

Apple Pie Jam Recipe

Although I've been canning for years, I've never found a good apple jam recipe, so I created this one. My husband of 41 years and I love this jam so much because it tastes just like apple pie…without the crust! —Audrey Godell, Stanton, Michigan
TOTAL TIME: Prep: 30 min. Process: 10 min. YIELD:56 servings


  • 4 to 5 large Golden Delicious apples, peeled and sliced (about 2 pounds)
  • 1 cup water
  • 5 cups sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon butter
  • 1 pouch (3 ounces) liquid fruit pectin
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground mace, optional


  • 1. In a Dutch oven, combine apples and water. Cover and cook slowly until tender. Measure 4-1/2 cups apples; return to the pan. (Save remaining apple mixture for another use or discard.)
  • 2. Stir in sugar and butter. Bring to a full rolling boil over high heat, stirring constantly. Stir in pectin. Continue to boil 1 minute, stirring constantly.
  • 3. Remove from heat; skim off foam. Stir in spices. Carefully ladle hot mixture into seven hot half-pint jars, leaving 1/4-in. headspace. Remove air bubbles and adjust headspace, if necessary, by adding hot mixture. Wipe rims. Center lids on jars; screw on bands until fingertip tight.
  • 4. Place jars into canner with simmering water, ensuring that they are completely covered with water. Bring to a boil; process 10 minutes. Remove jars and cool. Yield: 7 half-pints.
Editor's Note: The processing time listed is for altitudes of 1,000 feet or less. Add 1 minute to the processing time for each 1,000 feet of additional altitude.

Nutritional Facts

2 tablespoons: 76 calories, 0 fat (0 saturated fat), 0 cholesterol, 1mg sodium, 20g carbohydrate (19g sugars, 0 fiber), 0 protein.

Reviews for Apple Pie Jam

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onebzemom User ID: 705045 255993
Reviewed Oct. 26, 2016

"After reading ALL the reviews, I made the recipe ALMOST exactly as stated. I weighed out exactly 2 pounds of peeled, sliced apples (Rome is what I had), added the 1 cup water and cooked until very tender. When I measured, it was exactly 4 1/2 cups! There were NO apples or any water left. Added the 5 cups of sugar and 1/2 tsp. butter, boiled and added a 1.75 oz. box of Sure-Jell pectin with the spices. Continued with the water bath and got exactly 7 half pints! I agree that it's a bit sweet, for my taste, but other than my not having the liquid pectin, everything in the recipe was spot on. And the jam set up perfectly. So, I'll be making this recipe again!"

whiterockhaven User ID: 8646651 238665
Reviewed Dec. 3, 2015

"As it was my first time making this recipe, I followed the directions. The jam did not set."

suzydew User ID: 6897163 233404
Reviewed Sep. 24, 2015

"do you drain the water after apples have cooked or keep it in the pan when returning the apples to it"

sunsugar User ID: 1535565 231079
Reviewed Aug. 11, 2015

"This was so good I had to make more. Everyone I've shared it with loves it. Yes, it does taste just like the all American apple pie."

MrsOwens User ID: 7095603 225359
Reviewed Apr. 24, 2015

"Yum! Will make again! No need to say more!"

piehlar User ID: 4350572 222424
Reviewed Mar. 9, 2015

"My family loves this jam! I like to use a variety of cooking apples which produces a little different texture, depending upon choices, but it has always been a no fail recipe for me! I use it on toast as well as in fruit bars and jam cake."

tabbibabi User ID: 7927432 214003
Reviewed Dec. 4, 2014

"do I have torefrigerate the jam after I make it"

creativedolan User ID: 4465854 213877
Reviewed Dec. 3, 2014

"I made this jam every year as Christmas gifts. It's ALWAYS a hit!!"

joyceisfree User ID: 1022497 40075
Reviewed Oct. 28, 2014

"I am on the east coast so our favorite apple is the Macintosh, do you think it would work with those?"

DiannMarie User ID: 8032191 16217
Reviewed Oct. 12, 2014

"I made this for the first time and tried a bit of the left over that didn't fit in the jar; I thought it was too spicy. But after letting it sit over night and having it on toast the next morning it was very good....a keeper. I was wondering though if you could use apple pie spice in place of the cinnamon and nutmeg....anyone know?"

BlondeOnTheEdge User ID: 8017914 43492
Reviewed Oct. 1, 2014

"My first time canning apple jam! So easy!

My family loves it. Made plenty to give as Christmas gifts this year.
Thanks so much for sharing the recipe! :)"

Mike Turner User ID: 1488112 16196
Reviewed Sep. 28, 2014

"My family thinks this is a keeper."

TasteOfHome_Food_Editor User ID: 7103587 43615
Reviewed Sep. 22, 2014

"Hi Ceege, we have verified with a number of experts that the processing time would be the same time listed in the recipe.

susieQTee, yes, you would store it in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 weeks."

susieQTee User ID: 4727423 39370
Reviewed Sep. 16, 2014

"I'm extremely new to canning. I have a question that I think the info for should've been included in the instructions for us canning newbies: can anyone tell me once a jar is opened does it get stored in the fridge, and, for how long will it last once opened? Thanks ahead of time to all my other ToH reviewers :)"

Ceege User ID: 730520 43488
Reviewed Sep. 15, 2014

"Question to the editor. Is it okay to make this jam in pint canning jars? If so, does the processing time need to be increased? I am fairly new at canning and don't want to do anything that would ruin the jam or waste the apples. I only have pint size jars and really do not want to purchase a lot of the 1/2 pint size. Thanks for your help."

coppock User ID: 7951072 40074
Reviewed Sep. 12, 2014

"made 7 half pints of this apple pie jam...Delicious! best apple jam I ever had. will be making more of it for the winter months. thanks for this recipe"

Jan2 User ID: 116031 17991
Reviewed Jan. 10, 2014

"This is wonderful. After it had cooled down, tried the leftover in the dish, thot it was way too spicy..ohoh. The next morning DH said it was delish. He'd had it on ice cream, and on his toast this am. So i had it on toast..yes a keeper. Not overly spicy at all, and i even used the mace. I'll be making it again. Just won't be eating it by the spoonful!"

Hometulip User ID: 5958225 13853
Reviewed Nov. 14, 2013

"Today I made 3 different types of Jam for Holiday gifts, the Apple pie Jam was hands down the best. In fact I plan to make more and not give them away, this is the best apple jam recipe ever. Really does taste like apple pie. I did not alter the recipe in any way, try it as is, it is wonderful."

luvbears59 User ID: 786163 43487
Reviewed Nov. 9, 2013 Edited Nov. 13, 2013

"Made this and it is delicious. I have shared this recipe with many friends.

I was wondering if you have a version that is no sugar or less sugar? Thanks"

Audrea_S User ID: 4255076 43483
Reviewed Sep. 28, 2013

"I've made this twice. Everyone that's tried it, loved it. Makes a pretty gift. Thank you for sharing"

zaxoma User ID: 135704 39369
Reviewed Sep. 23, 2013

"Made this yesterday an had some on toast this morning..very tasty! Used Golden Delicious apples but will use Cortlands next time...definitely a keeper recipe."

craftygrl46 User ID: 6383695 46694
Reviewed Dec. 9, 2012

"omg its so good, taste like apple pie, good on anything even ice cream"

rudycat2 User ID: 3926329 18085
Reviewed Nov. 15, 2012

"This is so good! making another batch for Christmas presents"

jbielinski User ID: 1767019 39352
Reviewed Sep. 22, 2012

"A little putzy but well worth the time spent making it! Haven't tried it yet but it looks very nice in the jars and would make great gifts!"

mamajj User ID: 6866151 19369
Reviewed Sep. 21, 2012

"I made it for my kids and they loved it, this is a keeper for sure."

novascotiagirl9 User ID: 6864400 16195
Reviewed Sep. 16, 2012

"quick question when I am done cooking the apples do I leave the water in the pot when returning it to the pan???"

Suzie User ID: 13052 16194
Reviewed Sep. 12, 2012

"Actually I have never made this recipe but definitely want to try it. It sounds wonderful. What I am wondering if it I can just freeze it instead of sealing in a hot bath?"

VictoriaElaine User ID: 3422096 16189
Reviewed Sep. 5, 2012

"The apples I used were small, so I used a scale & weighed out 2 lbs, which ended up being around 8 or 9 apples. Followed the recipe exactly, but didn't use the mace. I ended up with exactly 6 half pints. This jam is so tasty & it really does taste like apple pie! Will make a great Christmas gift!"

udderlymooving User ID: 754847 39349
Reviewed Dec. 27, 2011

"I make jam to sell to raise money for my Susan G Komen 3day for the Cure so I decided to try this recipe for the holidays and it is AWESOME! I made it with liquid pectin like it says and it is perfect! I am not sure why the one person above couldn't get it right but this is easy and I wouldn't change a thing!"

OrangeMaple23 User ID: 4644215 17989
Reviewed Dec. 26, 2011

"This is a GREAT recipe for Christmas gifts. Everyone i have given this too LOVES it and wants the recipe. I will definitely be making this next year."

aloha_todos User ID: 6406327 46693
Reviewed Dec. 15, 2011

"I made two batches. In both batches I had to nearly double the amount of apples to get to the 4 cups after cooking. The first batch turned out great, but on the second batch, I realized the recipe calls for liquid pectin. The first time I used the powder and it turned out great, but I do not want to make it that way as I want to ensure the sugar and other ratios are correct for best canning practies...even though food born illnesses are rare with sugared items, I'm not risking it. So the second time I used the liquid pectin and it did not set even after a few weeks. I'm an avid cook and canner and am searching online for a better recipe for this."

Koswlb User ID: 6190223 16188
Reviewed Oct. 29, 2011

"We made 6 batches of this jam. Excellent."

favcooker User ID: 3533088 42587
Reviewed Oct. 22, 2011

"Was easy to make and my husband loved it, especially on ice cream."

the4taals User ID: 2858961 43482
Reviewed Oct. 18, 2011

"I doubled the apples and spices, halved the water and sugar, used half brown sugar, really tasty, may even reduce sugar to 1/4 next time."

Saybeebisber User ID: 6255487 13850
Reviewed Oct. 18, 2011

"Just finished making this recipe for the second time. I cut the sugar to 3 1/2 cups as it was too sweet for my taste. My husband loves it over pancakes. My supply is dwindling, I just hope I will have enough for Christmas gifts. From now on I plan to have plenty on hand for giving. It's a keeper for years to come TOH, you're the best."

Koswlb User ID: 6190223 16186
Reviewed Oct. 4, 2011

"We have made two batches of this jam in the last few days. Yummy! Worth the time and effort. Left out the mace."

carol ann a User ID: 1811009 18083
Reviewed Sep. 21, 2011

"Wonderful recipe. We love it. We have a large tree of Grimes Golden Apples to work up. Thanks for the recipe. WV."

chefandersen User ID: 5103456 40071
Reviewed Aug. 20, 2011

"This was really good. Since I have kids though, I made some adjustments. I added an entire can of apple juice concentrate, no sugar, and a can of apple sauce. I tastes just like apple pie filling. I am going to be making this as gifts for the holidays."

standswithspirit User ID: 5648023 19376
Reviewed Jul. 24, 2011

"i made this recipe one day and brought the jam with me to a native american gathering. It recieved RAVE reviews. I only added 1/2 the sugar it called for. Everyone wants the recipe. Thanks to the original maker and to the taste of home publishers for posting this recipe. :-)"

PurpleMariposa User ID: 4903713 16176
Reviewed Apr. 30, 2011

"I actually haven't made it yet but, I'm sure after reading all the good reviews I will want to make it again. I am just wondering like some of the others if it can be made like a freezer jam. I can hardly wait to try it. Thank you for inventing and sharing this recipe."

millertand User ID: 4611030 202007
Reviewed Mar. 5, 2011

"I was wondering if jars can be sealed by turning them upside down instead of using the water canner,"

flanagan User ID: 2880596 73529
Reviewed Nov. 18, 2010

"This is delicious! It is good on toast to pork chops! The only thing I would not do again is make it in an iron dutch oven. It has a hint of the minerals of the pot. Still great though. Am going to make it again and give as Christmas presents."

Lynsue User ID: 4504275 46691
Reviewed Nov. 10, 2010

"Would also like to know if this can be putup by freezing also. Would love to make this."

RomaSmith User ID: 2619225 40068
Reviewed Sep. 22, 2010

"Would like to try this, but don't know how to can. Can this be preserved by freezing??????"

Jean L User ID: 487836 17987
Reviewed Sep. 13, 2010

"I followed recipe and thought it was way too sweet. will cut down on sugar next time."

tabbyj14 User ID: 5347647 17984
Reviewed Aug. 16, 2010

"i love this recipe...I have usually dont eat it on toast but warm it up some and put it on my icecream :)"

Vicki Estes User ID: 3461542 202006
Reviewed Jan. 19, 2010

"I've made this 2 years in a row and given it for holiday gifts. Everyone loves it. I made the mistake of leaving the water in after cooking the apples and even though it was more like a sauce it's still wonderful as a topping or addition to fat free plain yogurt."

flowerjunkieZ5Ohio User ID: 2221315 13802
Reviewed Oct. 29, 2009

"This is a great recipe!!! My son absolutely loves it. Also gave a jar to a friend and her dad loves it and requested the recipe. This will become a yearly addition to my pantry. Thanks for the great recipe."

grandmagoofy User ID: 4071030 16153
Reviewed Sep. 17, 2009

"love this web site so much"

grandmagoofy User ID: 4071030 42586
Reviewed Sep. 17, 2009

"have so many apple from our tree, thank for this help me love anything fresh from garden"

Toni Anderson User ID: 3311959 43481
Reviewed Sep. 5, 2009

"Can't wait to try  this! I am also thinking some for gifts!.

Gommy of 4"

6origer15 User ID: 2383554 202005
Reviewed Sep. 4, 2009

"I haven't tried this recipe yet, sounds yummy tho. Can I subsitute

Splenda for the sugar? My husband is a diebetic."

RD2Cook User ID: 1012768 19367
Reviewed Oct. 7, 2008

"This is delicious! I just made it and I'm already working on another batch to give for holiday gifts."

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