March 30 - Healthy Cooking April/May 2010 Issue

Celebrate the season's bounty with simple ways to save money and eat well, makeover miracles, gluten-free marvels, and more

March 30 Healthy Cooking April May 2010 Issue

March 30 Healthy Cooking April May 2010 Issue

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Spring Forward and Eat Right!


Celebrate the season's bounty with simple ways to save money and eat well, makeover miracles, gluten-free marvels, and more

On newsstands March 30, 2010—Greendale, WI: Strawberries, blueberries, spinach, asparagus, peas... The first produce of spring puts a spring in our steps as we leave winter behind and refocuses our New Year's resolutions to eat better and healthier. The May 2010 issue of Taste of Home Healthy Cooking celebrates the year's first bounty with 165 fresh, fun recipes and tips that will have your whole family springing forward to the table to eat right. Plus, the issue is light not only on calories but also on time and your wallet: 30 dishes take less than 30 minutes and a special feature is loaded with recipes and ideas for cutting costs while eating healthfully and seasonally.

Eating Right without Breaking the Bank? Mission Possible! (page 40)
We've all heard this before: "You can't eat healthfully and save money too." The team at Taste of Home Healthy Cooking knows this is not true: Finding deals is not hard, but what is it about budgeting that makes us yawn? We set out to find a way to make the simple ways to save money and eat well fun, and we did it: 16 delightful recipes each under $2 per serving all served up in a five-part feature called "Secret Savings to Healthy Eating." Here's how:

  • Eat Seasonally (42-43) — The freshest, most flavorful and nutritious produce is local and cheaper in springtime, filling farmer's markets nationwide. Look for what's ripe in your area and use our recipes as a guide, including Scandinavian Creamy Radish Dip, Spinach Salad with Penne, and Crunchy Broccoli Salad. And check out our online spring state-by-state produce guide:
  • Buy in Bulk (44-45) — One big package of 90% lean ground beef makes four dishes in this section such as Slow-Cooked Meatloaf and Italian Spinach Bread.
  • Season it Yourself (46) — Our Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix and Taco Seasoning Mix save money and cut sodium and preservatives.
  • Take Your Time (48-49) — Slow cookers serve up flavor and savings by tenderizing less expensive cuts of meat for our Pork Chop Cacciatore, Slow Cooker Chicken Stew, and Chipotle Shredded Beef.
  • Raid the Pantry (50-51) — Use up the last little bits of this and scoops of that like leftover coffee, applesauce, and oats to serve up Raisin Nut Chocolate Cake, Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Oatmeal Cake with Caramel Icing.

Spring "Cleaning" — Lighten Up with Our Test Kitchen Makeovers (page 20) 
Our spring cover model proves you can trim fat and not flavor: Makeover Rigatoni with Bacon and Asparagus with cream and cheese. Perfect. It doesn't sound light, but it is and yet keeps all the bacon of the original recipe. We simply discarded the grease and substituted olive oil and used half and half instead of whipping cream among other adjustments to cut 93 calories, 11g fat, and 5g saturated fat while also using whole grain rigatoni to add fiber. Our Blueberry French Toast (20) slashed 155 calories, half the fat, and 126mg cholesterol from the original by swapping in skim milk, egg substitute for some of the eggs, fat-free cream cheese, and whole-wheat buns for Texas Toast. And Savory Sausage and Spinach Pie deployed reduced fat ricotta, turkey sausage, and more to shed 132 calories, half (14g) the fat, 6g saturated fat, and, amazingly, 124g cholesterol.

Decadent Gluten-Free Baked Goods — Yes, We Said Decadent (pages 10-11)
Three million Americans suffer from celiac disease or have sensitivity to gluten. Millions more are exploring the benefits of gluten-free eating for themselves and their families. And as this issue's "Custom Fit" proves anyone can eat gluten-free and not feel like running for the cookie jar after. No one would ever guess our Gluten-Free Brownies use chickpeas instead of flour. Banana Nut Muffins use millet and sorghum flour, while Breakfast Blintzes use gluten-free all-purpose baking flour. All delicious and made with ingredients available at most grocery and health food stores. For more, check out (

So let's spring into spring! Heavy casseroles and stews be gone. Serve one of the bright and beautiful main dish salads with the warmer weather like Balsamic-Salmon Spinach Salad (8) or a quick Berry Chicken Salad (8) with strawberries and goat cheese (all low in carbs and high in taste). Savor the eight prizewinning spring produce recipes like including our winner: Teriyaki Chicken Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing from Cathleen Leonard of Woodbridge, CA (35). Try some new flavors like cabbage and fennel for the Salmon & Slaw Sliders (52) or lighten up Easter (31) with some healthful spring-fresh side dishes like Honey Mustard Carrots and Creamed Garden Potatoes and Peas. With Taste of Home Healthy Cooking, eating right is always in bloom!

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