Hunting Recipes

Let the thrill of the hunt carry into the kitchen
with these hearty wild game recipes.

Venison Dumpling Stew Recipe

Venison Dumpling Stew Recipe


Elk Meat Chili
The longer this hearty Elk Meat Chili simmers, the better it tastes! It's a cold-weather favorite at our ranch.
—Jo Maasberg, Farson, Wyoming

Sweet-and-Sour Elk
Baked elk steaks smothered with a simple, savory sauce is a special dinner we've enjoyed for years. My husband, Ralph, and I used to do quite a bit of hunting, so I accumulated lots of terrific recipes like this Sweet-and-Sour Elk.
—Susan Bowdle, Ephrata, Washington


Moose Steak
Our family especially enjoys this tender Moose Steak in the fall and winter, when an oven meal really satisfies. The seasonings cover the game flavor wonderfully, and the tomatoes keep the meat nice and moist.
—Chris Mountain, Innisfail, Alberta

Moose Meatballs
Our family has found these Moose Meatballs in tangy sauce a great use for moose. I was glad to find a good recipe that incorporates ground moose meat, since we eat a lot of moose steaks and I like to use it differently for a change.
—Janis Plourde, Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario


Pheasant Potpie
A hearty meal in itself, this savory pie features delicious pheasant. Here in central Pennsylvania, that game bird isn't as plentiful as in times past, and so this Pheasant Potpie is a real treat. I make it for special occasions.
—Tawnya Coyne, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Pheasant with Cranberry Sauce
My Uncle Stanley, an avid hunter and fisherman, encouraged me to try game cooking, and this recipe is one of my successes. The tangy orange-cranberry sauce that complements the tender meat makes Pheasant with Cranberry Sauce ideal for the holidays.
—Sharon Shamosh, Rockville Center, New York


Venison Meatballs
I learned to cook game while my husband was a forestry student. We lived off the land as much as possible. I still enjoy these savory Venison Meatballs in a slightly sweet barbecue sauce. I make a big batch for an annual pool party and there are never any left.
—Sheila Reed, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Venison Dumpling Stew
Dill-seasoned dumplings top this homey Venison Dumpling Stew featuring tender venison, carrots and potatoes.
—Elizabeth Smith, Middlebury, Vermont

Shredded Venison Sandwiches
My husband hunts for deer every November, so I'm always looking for new recipes for venison. The whole family loves these slow cooker Shredded Venison Sandwiches, seasoned with soy sauce, brown sugar, ketchup and hot pepper sauce.
—Ruth Setterlund, Freyburg, Maine

Venison Taco Pie
The whole family is sure to enjoy this savory southwestern Venison Taco Pie casserole. A refrigerated biscuit crust and packaged taco seasoning make preparation easy.
—Karen Witman, N. Irwin, Pennsylvania

Wild Duck

Wild Duck Gumbo
Our family and friends just love this delightful, rich gumbo—it's such a unique way to serve this wild bird. We like that the meat is tender but not greasy. With all the wonderful spices, this Wild Duck Gumbo is a flavorful main dish.
—Doris Heath, Bryson City, North Carolina

Barbecued Wild Duck
Our three grown sons still request this finger-licking Barbecued Wild Duck each fall. Basting with the homemade barbecue sauce keeps the poultry nice and moist.
—Gloria Wedo, Slayton, Minnesota

Wild Turkey

Roasted Wild Turkey
Since we have avid hunters in our family, I will quite often prepare game. Once it's stuffed with apples and topped with a unique combination of sauces, this Roasted Wild Turkey requires no basting and cooks up nice and moist.
—Tammy Rose, Garnavillo, Iowa

Wild Turkey Rice Bake
Wild rice, turkey and vegetables are combined in a savory sauce and topped with golden crumbs in this hearty Wild Turkey Rice Bake. Cooked wild turkey can be a little dry, but not when it's prepared this way. I never have leftovers.
—Margaret Hill, Roanoke, Virginia

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