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    22 Harry Potter Recipes Inspired by the Wizarding World

    Pay tribute to the beloved series with these delightful Harry Potter recipes. Wizards and Muggles alike will feel the magic!

    We Just Found Out Why Saran Wrap is Less Sticky—And We’re Not Mad at All

    Ever wondered why Saran Wrap is different today than it used to be? Turns out, there's a pretty good reason...

    13 Fiddly Recipe Instructions You Didn’t Know You Could Ignore

    Do you really need to sift flour? Can you eyeball the water for a pot of rice? We debunk 14...

    18 Kitchen Gadgets Pro Cooks Actually Use at Home (Psst: Most Are $20 or Less!)

    Do professional cooks really use the fanciest gadgets in their own homes? A poll of our Test Kitchen staff reveals...

    Your Guide to Effortless Food and Drink Pairing

    Curious about the secrets behind a killer food and drink pairing? Our guide is here to break down the basics.

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    These Food Baby Names Will Have You Scratching Your Head

    From healthy to unhealthy and everything in between, these food-inspired names made us look twice.

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    What’s Up with Walmart’s New Designer Cantaloupe?

    Walmart spent two years developing a cantaloupe that tastes sweet and fresh year-round, the latest addition to a phenomenon called...

    10 Seriously Juicy Facts About Cherries

    It's time to fall in love with cherries. We've rounded up the 10 wildest facts about this beloved stone fruit.

    How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

    The dog days of summer are here. Learn the best ways to keep your pet cool and safe.

    12 Savvy Ways to Save Money at Restaurants You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    Dining out doesn't have to put a dent in your wallet. With these 12 clever money-saving tips, you can indulge...

    11 Summer Foods You Should Never Share With Your Dog—and 5 You Can

    It's backyard barbecue season! Before you give your pooch a taste of what's cooking, be sure it's OK for dogs...

    I Tried a Digital Detox & Here’s What Happened

    After reading about the pitfalls of overusing digital devices, I gave mine up for 24 hours. Here's what I learned,...

    Creative Ways to Turn Leftover Food into New Meals

    Here are a few go-to ideas for turning leftovers into another meal.

    How to Clean Grease off the Most Common Kitchen Surfaces

    Cleaning experts reveal the most efficient ways to remove stuck-on grease from the surfaces where cooking oil loves to land.

    27 People Foods to Share With Your Dog

    These dog-friendly recipes are perfect for you and your pup to share. Remember: always feed dogs human foods in moderation.

    We Tried Pepsi Fire and Here’s What You Need to Know

    Is Pepsi's new cinnamon-flavored soda a hit? Find out in this highly caffeinated review.

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    This Bread Lover Tried the Paleo Diet for a Week. Here’s What Happened.

    A Taste of Home staffer attempted the paleo diet for a week. In short, it didn't end well.

    Cleaning With Salt: 20 Must-Know Hacks for A Clean House

    Salt is an all-natural, cost-efficient way to keep your home clean. Here are 20 easy ways you can start cleaning...

    How to Travel with Kids (and Have a Blast While You’re at It)

    These moms have totally mastered the art of vacationing with kids. Read on to learn their best-kept travel tips.

    Our Staff’s Best Kitchen Storage Ideas

    With a little creativity, Taste of Home staffers know that even the smallest kitchen can be organized to work like...

    13 Surprising Facts About Avocados

    Think you know a lot about avocados? Think again.

    We Tried the New Firework Oreo Flavor, and Here’s What You Need to Know

    Oreo launched a new flavor that tastes like a firework. We were brave enough to try it.

    These Are Our Most Essential Etiquette Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

    Whether you're having company for one night or one month, a little pre-visit prep guarantees a great experience for everyone.

    10 Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Brunch Party, from Professional Event Planners

    The Taste of Home Live event team shares its best tips for hosting a brunch party. The best part? You...

    15 Secret Weapons for Parents of Picky Eaters

    Free your kiddo from her steady diet of fruit punch and Ants on a Log. These slick tricks help picky...

    14 Common Foods You’ve Been Storing All Wrong

    Storing your dairy in the fridge door? How about onions in the crisper? Spoiler alert: that's bad.

    10 Tasks You Probably Forgot to Put on Your Spring Cleaning List

    Dirt lurks in some surprising places. Make your spring cleaning extra-thorough with our checklist.

    15 Creative Ways to Reuse Glass Jars

    There's a treasure trove of organizational possibilities right in your home. Read on to learn the best ways to reuse...